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Education Support Services Department

The Education Support Services Team (ESST) assists classroom teachers to develop and implement instructional and/or management strategies and to coordinate support resources for students as part of the Integrated Service Delivery Model (ISD).  Through a strength- based approach, our ESST strives to meet the unique needs of all students. Our overall purpose is to encourage student learning and success in schools, by providing systemic support to classroom teachers and students while also maintaining high expectations for individual learners.  

At STM we promote school wide interventions that are utilized to close educational gaps and increase overall student success. Inclusionary practices support the learning of each student through pedagogical strengths, methods, accommodations, adjustments, and approaches that are effective and respectful.  We act as an advocate and ally for each student, ensuring learning is accessible and equitable in order to  prepare students for a smooth transition after high school.





                                                      Joanne Hunter                Karen Pattman               Jon Dauphinee                 Cynthia Ashfield​         

                                                      Grade 9                                   Grade 10                            Grade 11                              Grade 12


                                                                  STA_BAKER_DAVID_EDI.jpg   STA_KNODELL_ROSS_EDI.jpg

                                                                          Dave Baker                  Ross Knodell​

                                                                       Complex Case            High School Support

Educational Assistants

Jenna Dobbelsteyn    Sharleen Gould   Heidi Mitchell     Amanda Button      Mai-Liss Kierstead

       Todd Collins       Heather Barrieau     Kirsten Kirkpatrick      Jeremy Tytler      Dawn Miller

Amy Baker      Wendy Braman      Tina Sansom    Tyler McLaughlin-Bailey    Stephanie Reardon

Brandi Clayton   Jolene Whalen     Michelle Tait    Danielle Coish    Erinn McLaughlin

Steve Martin     Andrew Nickerson    Bonnie Ferguson     Kristen Hogenbirk   Brianne Worden

Educational Support Teachers:  Guidance

                   STA_CRAFT_JENNIFER_EDI_01.jpg          stacey2.PNG        

        Jennifer Craft                         Stacey Currie​

         Last names A-K                    Last Names L-Z


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