St. Malachy's Memorial High School


The R.S. McMurray Auditorium

The R.S. McMurray Auditorium is a small proscenium theatre at Saint Malachy's Memorial High School, named after former principal, Dr. R.S. McMurray.  With seating for 381 people (299 orchestra, 82 balcony), the space is primarily used for small theatrical productions, guest presentations, and classes.
Recent renovations include a significant addition to the stage apron, cushioned seating, and a permanently installed LCD projector.
For rental inquiries, please contact the school at (506) 658-5361.

Technical Rider

  • Midas Venice 320 32 channel mixing console located @ balcony sound booth
  • Behringer SL3242FX 32 channel mixing console
  • Peavey 2 x 250 watt amp powering FOH speakers flown 10’ in front of proscenium
  • 24 send / 4 return snake from SL Wing to Balcony Sound Booth
  • 2 – Shure Beta 58 microphones
  • 2 – Audio-Technica wired vocal microphones
  • 2 - Audio-Technica wireless handheld microphones
  • Viewsonic PJ1158 LCD Projector (ceiling mounted)
  • ~120” projection screen, motorized (SR Wing control)
  • DVD/CD player (Balcony Sound Booth)
  • VGA video send – SR Wing to LCD projector
  • VGA video send – Balcony Sound Booth to LCD projector
  • Composite video send – Balcony Sound Booth to LCD projector
  • ETC Eos Nomad lighting control (balcony booth)
  • ETC Eos Remote Video Interface
  • 18 channel x 1200 watts/channel analog dimmer system
  • DMX controlled relays (5A @ 120V) in various locations around stage / balcony
  • General stage wash preset, limited specials available (not reconfigurable)
  • Small selection of RGB LED fixtures
  • 2 x Altspot 1000 watt spotlights, located Balcony Left and Balcony Right
  • House Lighting controlled SR Wing (non-dimmable)

  • ​Blackmagic ATEM Mini, 4 input video switcher
  • 2 Sony video cameras (balcony front)
  • Ability to stream directly to YouTube, Facebook, or in to MS Teams meetings
  • Podium equipped with AC, lamp, and optional side desk
  • AC drops located surrounding stage

Technical Rentals

See above - Technical Rider – R.S. McMurray Auditorium for details of available equipment.
The following fee structure is designed to allow Saint Malachy’s Memorial High School to continue offering an excellent alternative for large gatherings. These fees help us to maintain equipment without the need to draw funding from the educational budgets of the school. We thank you for your understanding and look forward to your continued patronage.
  • House Sound Equipment $40.00 / event
    • Includes one microphone on stage, podium, CD/DVD player
    • Additional Wired Microphone, add $10.00 / event
  • Wireless Handheld Microphone $25.00 / event
  • Stage Lighting (general wash) $30.00 / event
  • LCD Projector $20.00 / hour
  • Followspot $10.00 each / event
  • Technical Director $30.00 / hour
  • Student Technicians $20.00 / hour / technician
  • Communications (Radios) $5.00 / radio


  • The Technical Director, in consultation with the Renter, will determine the number of technicians required. Care will be taken to minimize this cost for the Renter.
  • Setup of equipment before the event, and striking equipment after the event will be billed at the same hourly staff rate.
  • “Per event” rental rates are up to a maximum of 4 hours. Additional charges may apply beyond that time period.
  • Hourly technician rates are based on maximum 4 hour shifts. In rare occasions when work extends beyond 4 hours without breaks, the rate shall be 1.5 times the regular rate (for only those extra hours).
  • Only STM Tech Crew members are permitted to work with the school’s lighting and sound equipment.
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