​​Academic Departments at St. Malachy's


The ​​ Science departme​nt’s focus is to teach our students to think and perform skills like a scientist. Science courses contain both classroom and lab components. While at STM, students have opportunities to perform various demonstrations, experiments, problem solve, conduct research, communicate, and collaborate with peers to enhance their understanding of Science and how it relates to the world around them. Grade 9 students survey various scientific topics and familiarize themselves with Biology, Physics and Chemistry concepts. In grades 10-12, students can specialize and take full advantage of the many programs we offer from Human Physiology, Robotics, Geography and Environmental Science to the more traditional courses. We offer science courses every semester at all levels including AP Biology, AP Chemistry, AP Physics and AP Psychology. There is something for everyone here at St. Malachy’s. 


The Math department at STM strives to create classroom environments that foster creativity, innovation, and critical thinking. As a staff, we work towards keeping our classes dynamic, engaging, and enriching.

Our school offers pathways for every student, from those that see themselves focusing on trades careers to students who aspire to go into the fields of engineering or science. Technology is incorporated authentically into our practice here at STM, whether it’s through Teams, OneNote, Desmos or the tools we use to gather data for activities and labs. The skills learned in our department are highly transferable to other domains and different work environments.

Once successfully completing Grade 9 math, students have the option of enrolling in the AP track for enriched math with the goal of getting them ready for AP Calculus in grade 12. AP Calculus allows grade 12 students to earn university credits while still in High School! Students are also able to earn credits towards community college through our NBCC Skilled Trades Math program that partners with NBCC to award credits. ​​


We value literacy at STM. Our goal is to make students into thoughtful, curious citizens who have a sense of wonder about the world and their role in it. Students have many opportunities to use their learning from class and put it into action in their every day lives. STM participates in many extracurricular endeavors involving literacy and language such as oratorial competitions, spoken word poetry performances, STM Reads, Dear Author letter writing competitions, and our annual STM Evening of the Arts.  We are respected throughout the city, the district, and the province as a leader in language arts


Graduating from the French immersion program gives access to many professional and cultural opportunities.  I believe that STM is the best place to learn French, because of the quality of our teachers, our resources, and because of the flexibility of our program. We offer a variety of course options in French including World Issues, Sciences, Family Living, Communication; all the way to AP Fre​nch. Join us, graduate from STM as a bilingual student and get ahead.    


Here at St. Malachy’s our learning opportunities come in many forms. Our Culinary Tech Lab is a space where we learn, create, and share with our peers and staff throughout the building. Students have many opportunities to learn many of the kitchen basics they will need for post-secondary learning. ​Students are proud to have taken Culinary Tech 110 and 120 at STM.


STM’s humanities courses teach students to research and collaborate with their peers to examine the most pressing issues facing the world while evaluating and proposing possible solutions. Students learn how to understand past and current events within social, political, and economic contexts. Studying humanities at STM enables student creativity, inquiry, and community engagement which align with the NB global competencies. STM’s Day of Actions of Refugee Awareness, Indigenous Rights, and Water Sustainability are just some examples of our extracurricular social justice initia​tives. 


The STEAM department at STM encompasses a variety courses from graphic art and design to metals processing. Our courses strive to teach innovation and help students think critically. Students will use the skills learned from  our courses to creatively produce solutions to real world problems for today a​​nd in their future. ​

Our STEAM teachers have continued to foster engagement in this blended environment.  They  

are constantly providing opportunities for all students to develop confidence, creativity, and interest in STEAM subjects. ​



The Phys Ed department at STM provides opportunities for learners to participate in physical activities promoting well-being and personal functional physical fitness. Through active living, learners have opportunities to self evaluate, make appropriate choices and set personal goals that enhance the quality​​ of their lives.​