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  • Week of March 18 - Course selection presentations to students begin
  • April 5th, 2024 - Due date for students to register for courses in PowerSchool (Students will complete this in Homeroom Advisory)

Grade 10 Course Selection Sheet (Working document)​
Grade 11 Course Selection Sheet (Working Document)
Grade 12 Course Selection Sheet (Working Document)​
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High School Changes - Effective for students who entered grade 9 in September 2022, and 2023.
​(Graduation requirements for students currently in grade 11, and 12 seen below)

Over the last few years, the Department of Education and Early Childhood Development has been working to improve the high school experience. 


Starting in September 2023, all students in Grades 10 through 12 will accumulate credit hours. This means, during second semester, Grade 9 students will join Grade 10 and 11 students in course selection for the next year.​


Under the current system, students are assigned a credit on the completion of a course. Going forward, a completed course will be assigned four credit hours.  (i.e., one course = four credit hours).

Those entering Grade 9 or 10 in 2023 must complete the following to apply for graduation:

  • successfully complete Grade 9
  • complete compulsory courses in Grades 10 through 12
  • accumulate 100 credit hours to apply for graduation
  • meet the requirements for the English Language Proficiency Assessment 
French Immersion Requirements:
  • ​Complete 50% of the grade 9 curriculum in French
  • Complete 40 credit hours of French courses in grades 10-12

Graduation Requirements for students currently in grade 11, and 12:


In the 20-credit system, students must:

  • meet the requirements of the prescribed common curriculum of the 9/10 program as outlined in the grades 9/10 Companion Document (completing Information Technology outcomes satisfies Computer Literacy requirements).
  • acquire a literacy credential by achieving a successful rating on the Middle Level English Language Proficiency Assessment or Reassessment.
  • attain 18 of 20 credits (including compulsory credits) as outlined in the High School Program.
  • accumulate a minimum of 5 credits at the grade 12 level.
8 compulsory credits
  • 3 Credits in English Language Arts
  • 2 Credits in Mathematics
  • 1 Credit in Modern History
  • 1 Credit in Science
  • 1 Credit in Fine Arts/Life Role Development
10 Additional Credits are required from Electives from the following clusters:
  • English
  • Mathematics
  • Science
  • Humanities
  • French Immersion
  • Health and Physical Education
  • Technology
  • Fine Arts/Life Role Development

French Language Requirements (For more information, the requirements for this certificate are outlined in Policy 309)
  • Post-Intensive French (PIF) Certificate 
    • Post-Intensive French (PIF) Certificate: Students who complete oth PIF 110 and PIF 120 are eligable for this certificate
  • French Immersion (FI) Certificiate
    • Successful comletion of the grade 9/10 FI program (50% of grade 9 and 10 courses in FI)
    • 5 French Immersion credit courses
  • Certificate of French Proficiency
    • ​Students completing any grade 12 French course are eligable to complete the French Proficiency exam administered by the Province of NB
    • More information can be found here: Language Proficiency Evaluation​

Certificate of Academic Achievement: High Honours students who take a minimum of 12 enriched courses with no mark below 75% appearing on their 11/12 transcripts are awarded a certificate of academic achievement.