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April 09
April 9 - Message to Families

Good afternoon! Today is Friday, April 9, 2021 and this is Ms. McGrath with a message for all Raiders and their families (if your child travels by school bus)

Changes to some bus routes/schedules are happening. If your child takes the bus to and from school, please make note of the District message below:

Re: Changes to Busing; Mask Use

Starting Monday, April 12, high school students will be returning to school in-person, every day. To accommodate the additional students on our buses each day, there have been changes to pick-up or drop-off times, bus stop locations, or bus numbers on some bus routes.

As of Monday, all students from grades K-12 will be required to wear a mask on the bus at all times, even when physical distancing is possible. As well, students will be provided assigned seating.

 If you are subscribed to BusPlanner you should have already received notification if your child’s busing is impacted. If you are not subscribed to BusPlanner, we encourage you to register your child here 

By registering, you can verify if your child’s stop has been changed, and you will be notified of future busing updates such as cancellations, delays, and route changes.

We do not yet have a list of the changes for RVMS but we do know that several of our buses have been affected by this change. Please take a few moments to check your child’s bus information before Monday morning.

Thank you. Have a great weekend….looks like it is going to be beautiful!!

Ms. T. McGrath​

April 06
Parent/Teacher Meetings

Good morning Raider Families!

As mentioned in my last few messages, we will once again hold Virtual Parent/Teacher Meetings this term via TEAMS. Do not call the school.

Parents must go to the link below to book an appointment. Appointments are limited to 10 minutes each.

Link to Bookings website for Parent Teacher:


This link is also posted on our school website.

Please note that each teacher has only 30 slots available. Please consider speaking only with your child’s Homeroom Teacher, or with a teacher for whom you have specific questions or concerns. Discussions are limited to academic/school work concerns only.

Teachers can also reply to quick inquiries via e-mail (see our website for a list of all staff e-mail addresses)

Meeting times at RVMS will be:

Tuesday, April 13 5:00-7:30 pm

Wednesday, April 14 8:30-11:00 am


Report Cards were sent home with your child last Wednesday, March 31. Please sign and return the last page of the report.

Thank you,

Ms. McGrath

March 30
March 30 - Message for Families

​Good evening! Today is Tuesday, March 30th and this is Ms. McGrath with a message for all Raiders and their families.

Our Term 2 Report Cards go home with students tomorrow. Please take the time to review the report card with your child.  Complete the final page of the report and return that page to the school.

If you would like an e-mailed copy of the report, please contact me at .The e-mailed copy can only be sent to parent e-mails on file at the school and to the same e-mail that is requesting the Report Card.

Parent/Teacher meetings will once again be online this term. You can access the booking system at our school website at You can choose to meet online or, by entering info in the notes portion, you can request a phone call from the teacher.

You will need to book separate appointments with each teacher with whom you wish to meet.

Bookings do not open until Monday, April 5th at noon.

Parent/Teacher times are:

Tuesday evening, April 13th 5:00-7:30

Wednesday morning, April 14th 8:30-11:00

Because of parent Teacher and Professional Learning for school staff, there is no school for students on Wednesday, April 14th.

As always, please feel free to contact me if you have any questions or concerns.

Thank you.

Ms. McGrath

Important Dates:

April 2 Good Friday – No School

April 5 Easter Monday – No School

April 5-12         Bookings for Parent/Teacher Appointments

April 13 Evening Parent Teacher 5:00-7:30 

April 14 Morning Parent Teacher 8:30 -11:00

April 14 P/T and Professional Learning – No School for Students

May 7 NBTA Subject Meetings – No School for Students

May 10 NBTA Branch Meetings – No School for Students

May 24 Victoria Day – No School for Students

June 25 Last Day for Students for 2020-2021

March 17
March 17 - Message for Families

​Hey Raiders! Today is Wednesday, March 17. Happy St. Patrick’s Day!! I have a few reminders for all Raider families.

-Temperatures have been challenging this week but we still try to get outside when we are able. Please make sure to send your child to school with appropriate outdoor gear. We do ask all students to wear (at minimum) a hoodie or jacket until the end of March.

-We are still experiencing an increasing number of students late for school each morning. Please make sure to drop your child off before the 8:40 bell to ensure they are not marked tardy.

-As I mentioned before, we are stressing organization and responsibility with our Middle School students. We have reminded them that missing books, boots, phones etc. are their responsibility and they should not expect families to be running these items to the school if forgotten. Going without is a natural consequence that will encourage them to be more responsible in future.

-We thank you for your support in teaching this valuable lesson. 

-We can make an exception for forgotten lunches but Gr. 6-8 are old enough to be responsible for making and packing their own lunch as well

This Friday, March 19 there is no school for students as teachers have a Professional Learning Day scheduled.

We look forward to the spring weather and all of the opportunities that spring, combined with a return to the Yellow phase of Covid Safety, will allow.

Thank you for your time.

Ms. T. McGrath

Important Dates

March 19   Report Card Prep/Professional Learning (No school for students)

March 22 TTFM Survey begins (Tech Class)

March 23 PSSC 6:30

March 26 Fun Day  with 6 Block Schedule(tentative)

March 31 Report Cards go home 

April 2 Good Friday – No School

April 5 Easter Monday – No School

March 07
March 7 - Message to Families

Good afternoon. Today is Sunday, March 7, 2021 and this is Ms. McGrath with a message for all Raiders and their families.

As I am sure you know, New Brunswick returns to the “Yellow” Covid protocols at midnight tonight. That means that all schools will be returning to “Yellow” as well.  At RVMS this means that we will return to the set of protocols we had in place from Sept 8-Nov 22 (prior to Orange). That means:

Masks & Physical Distancing

-All staff, students and visitors will be required to wear masks in any common areas in the school as well as on the school bus. Masks are required in hallways, washrooms and in the locker area.

-Masks are still required, by staff and students, at any time that physical distancing cannot be maintained.

-Students should bring their own masks to school each day. Students should also always have a second clean mask with them.

-Students will not have to wear a mask in the classroom or when they are with their Homeroom class. Students may be asked to wear a mask, for short periods of time, when working closely with staff.

Covid -19 Screening

-All staff, students and visitors are responsible for screening themselves for Covid symptoms prior to arriving at the school each morning. Screening questions will be posted at the main entrance of the building.

Water Bottles

-All students are encouraged to bring a refillable water bottle. Fountains are closed. Refilling stations are available at school but arriving with a full water bottle is a good idea. Water Bottles should be sanitized at home at the end of each school day.


-Students will eat in the cafeteria, and have access to microwaves, every other day. On alternate days, students will eat in their Homeroom classroom. Schedule attached.             Lunch Schedule 2020-2021.docxLunch Schedule 2020-2021.docx

I am sure we will continue to see adjustments and changes to protocols throughout the spring. Thank you for your continued patience and support.

As always, if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me at the school at 738-6511 or by e-mail at General inquiries should go to the main line at 738-6500.

Enjoy your afternoon!

Ms. T. McGrath​

February 12
February 12 - Message to Families

Hey Raiders! Today is Friday, February 12th and this is Ms. McGrath with a few reminders for all Raider families.

Temperatures have been challenging this week but we still try to get outside whenever we can. Mr. Shiels is glad to be able to, once again, offer Snowshoeing as a P.E. activity when the temperatures allow…the forecast for next week looks like we will be able to continue this fun outdoor activity for a few more weeks!

Please make sure to send your child to school with appropriate outdoor gear. Boots are especially important for Snowshoeing activities.

As well, students may find it helpful to have an extra pair of mittens on hand at all times. We also seem to be making calls home for dry pants, so that may be a good thing to keep in a locker or book bag as well.

This weekend NB celebrates Family Day. This means all schools in the province are closed on Monday, February 15th.

High School Registration continues in ASD-S. We received many forms back today. The remaining forms should be sent back to RVMS on Tuesday, February 16th.

We are noticing an increasing number of students late for school each morning. Please make sure to drop your child off before the 8:40 bell to ensure they are not marked tardy.

We have a bunch of fun activities planned for our Winter Carnival during the week of Feb 22-26. Look for more information on that in next week’s memo!

Have a wonderful weekend! Stay safe!

Ms. T. McGrath

Important Dates

Feb 15                 Family Day – No School

Feb 17                 High School Registration forms (deadline 9:00 am)

Feb 22-26            Winter Carnival Activities 

Feb 24                 Pink Shirt Day

March 1-5            March Break (No School)

March 19             Report Card Prep/Professional Learning (No school for students)

March 31             Report Cards go home​ 

February 11
February 11 - High School Registration Forms Due

Good afternoon Raider Families!

This is a reminder to all Gr. 8 students and their families that tomorrow, Friday, February 12, is the date to begin to return your High School Registration Forms.

We hope you had a chance to view all of the Virtual Open House presentations posted by our area High Schools.

Students are reminded that forms must be filled out properly, with complete information, in order to be accepted by your Homeroom Teacher. Your home address on the form must match the address on file at the school.

We will also accept forms on Tuesday, February 16, (Monday is Family Day - No School) and before 9:00 am on Wednesday, February 17.

We must forward information and forms to the District Office by noon on Wednesday, February 17. Late forms may miss the cutoff and may have to be delivered directly to the District Office in Millidgeville.

The District Office will send confirmation letters to your home address. Usually these letters go out to families during the first week of April.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact Ms. McGrath at, or by calling 738-6500.

February 05
High School Virtual Open House week, Feb 8-12

​  All Gr. 8 students and their families are encouraged to check out each of the High     Schools for our area.

 The attached form has links and more detailed information.

HS Virtual Open House Links.docxHS Virtual Open House Links.docx

February 04
High School Registration for Gr. 8 Students

​Good afternoon! This is a message for all Gr. 8 Raiders and their families.

It is a big day today for Gr. 8!

Today we are sending home the High School Registration forms with all Grade 8 students. The District has provided one form for each student, and we have impressed upon them the importance of not losing this color-coded district form!

The zone school for RVMS is Harbour View High School.

Students may also request to go to St. Malachys Memorial High School or Saint John High School.

I will be sending out several reminders over the next few days regarding High School Registration. For now, please note:

1. The forms should not be sent back to the school until Friday, February 12th. Students only get one form and often change their mind during the Open House week. 

2. All forms must be returned to RVMS no later than Wednesday, February 17th at 9:00 am.

3. The address on the form must be the same address on file at the school. ID proof will be required for any address changes.

4. Students must choose a first preference and a second preference on the form. These choices must be different, or the form will not be accepted at the school. (You cannot, for example, put SJHS as both your first and second preference).

5. High School Open House sessions will be virtual this year. Links will be posted on the High School websites from February 8-12. ( I will send them to you as well)

6. All registrations are forwarded to the school district by noon on February 17th. The district assigns students. RVMS has no say with regard to High School placement.

If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact me at or, on my direct line, at 738-6511.

Stay safe!

Ms. T. McGrath

January 28
Message to Families - January 29, 2021

Good afternoon! This is Ms. McGrath with a few notes for all Raiders and their families. Today is Thursday, January 29, 2021

Check us out at or on Twitter @RVMiddle

We are currently following the ORANGE phase of Covid protocols. This means that staff and students wear masks at all times except when eating, in Phys-Ed class, or when the class is sitting quietly and not talking (testing or silent reading for example).

Masks are worn on the bus, when entering or exiting the building and when outside with their class. Our students continue to do a tremendous job! We thank all of our Raiders and their families for their continued support of our school and community!

1.    Gr. 8 Parents are reminded that High School Registration for Sept 2021 is happening soon. This year the High Schools will be running “virtual” Open House Tours during the week of Feb 8-12. Stay tuned for more info soon!

2.    Some families may receive Progress Reports this week. These reports are only sent home if teachers have identified that a student is struggling with their learning. If you receive one of these reports, and have any questions, please contact your child’s Homeroom Teacher (e-mails found on our website under the “About Us” tab).

3.    We were finally able to hold our Lockdown Drill this morning. The Drill went very well but we did learn a few things….which is why these practice situations are so important. We realized that we needed to review with students what to do if they are outside the classroom when the Lockdown is announced. You may want to review this with your child tonight.

4.    Please note that there was a change to the ASD-S calendar. Schools are open for students on February 1, 2021. This is no longer a PD Day for staff.

As always, if you have any questions or concerns please feel free to contact me at the school at Trudy.McGrath@nbe​ or, on my direct line at 738-6511. General inquiries should go to the mainline at 738-6500.

Thank you! Stay safe!

Upcoming Dates

Feb 8                    High School Registration forms sent home (Gr. 8)

Feb 8-12               High School “Virtual” Open House

Feb 15                  Family Day – No School

Feb 16                  High School Registration forms returned to RVMS

Feb 17                  High School Registration forms submitted to the District

Feb 16                  PSSC 6:30

Feb 22-26             Winter Carnival Activities (Tentative)

Feb 24                  Pink Shirt Day

March 1-5             March Break (No School)

March 19              Report Card Prep/Professional Learning (No school for students)

March 23              PSSC 6:30

March 31              Report Card #2 sent home​ 

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