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January 31
Message to Families - January 31, 2019


 Good afternoon!

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Another busy week at RVMS. I have a few items to pass along to families:

1.  Tomorrow, Friday, February 1st, we are celebrating our 20th Annual Hoops Classic Basketball Tournament. All students are asked to wear Red & Black tomorrow to support our school teams.


2.  The District has asked us to pass along information about a learning opportunity for families. The Department of Education and Early Childhood Development is offering a course about Autism & Behaviour. I will post the brochure on our school website under “Raider News” and is also available on the EECD website.


3.   If you know your child is going to be absent, please logon to the Safe Arrivals site (accessed on our website) and log your child’s absence. If you call the system and log an absence you will not receive those persistent absence calls on that date as the system will know that you are aware of your child’s absence.      


       4 . Gr. 8 Families are reminded that the second installment for the Gr. 8 trip will be available on Cashless   Schools beginning tomorrow Feb . The paymentmust be made betweeen   Feb 1 and Feb 15. 

Thank you again for the daily opportunity to work with such a wonderful group of students! Raiders Rule!

January 31
False Alarm at RVMS - January 31st

Good morning Raider families! All is well!

It is 10:45 on Thursday, January 31st and we just had an unplanned emergency situation. A heat sensor in the cafeteria triggered the fire alarm. We cleared the building and, because of the extremely cold temperatures, evacuated to the rink. The fire department arrived and checked the entire building and were able to determine from the alarm panel that it was the sensor that triggered the alarm. District facilities personnel are on their way to repair/replace the sensor and we have returned to regular classes.

Our students were amazing!!! They did exactly what they should have done in an emergency and we are very proud of them!

If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact me at the school!

January 25
Quick Messages - January 25, 2019

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Good morning! What a week!
I have a few quick announcements for Raiders and their families.
  1. Our new ASAP schedule is attached to this e-mail and posted on our website. Once again, I am very proud of the number of activities our staff continue to run for this program. ASAP works because our staff take a reduced lunch (20 min) and give the rest of their lunch hour up for this time at the end of our school day. Thank you Raider Team!!
  2. Some families will be receiving a “mid-term report card” this week. These updates are being sent home only for students who are struggling to meet expectations. If you receive one of these reports and have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact your child’s teaching team.
  3. Letters are being sent out to any student who has missed 10 or more days of school, regardless of the reason. We are required, by the Education Act, to send these. If you are concerned about any inaccuracies in your child’s attendance please let us know.
Monday, January 28th is a Provincial PD Day for teachers and there is no school for students on that day.
I know many families are concerned about the time missed due to snow days so far this year. I just want to reiterate that the best way to support your child is to have them read every day for at least 20 minutes, write about something every day (something in the news, an event at home, a favourite memory, etc.) and practice basic multiplication facts whenever possible. These essential skills will always help to support your child academically.
That is all for this morning! Have a wonderful weekend!             ASAP 3 Jan 14-Mar 1.docxASAP 3 Jan 14-Mar 1.docx
January 17
High School Open House Events

HS Open House.png



December 21
Weekly Announcements, December 21, 2018

Good morning Raider Families!
We have had quite a wonderful week here at RVMS! Our students travelled to the Imperial Theatre on Monday, had a snow day on Tuesday, rocked Santa Hats, Elf Ears and Antlers on Wednesday, sported school colours on Thursday (as they watched our “Ninja Warrior Finals” in the gym) and today we are all warm and cozy in our P.J.s.!
I have been reminded every day this week what a wonderful group of students I am privileged to work with each day! They really are the best Middle School students in the province and I try to remind them of this regularly!
Thank you to all of our Raider families for your continued support of RVMS staff and students. After all, wonderful students come from wonderful families!
We hope all of our Raider Families are able to take time to play and laugh together over the next two weeks of holidays!
Our Raider Staff return on Monday, January 7th and we welcome back our students on Tuesday, January 8th.
See you in the New Year!
Ms. McGrath
December 11
Weekly Announcements, December 11, 2018

Good afternoon Raider Families!
Here are your weekly announcements from RVMS:
Our school dance is scheduled for Thursday evening from 6-8 pm. The cost is $5 and Chef Frank will have canteen items available. In order to attend, students must have been present at school for the full day on Thursday (as per school policy on page 11 of our student agenda).
Badminton season is winding up and Basketball tryouts are upon us. If your child is interested in basketball, sign-up sheets are on the gym door.
School pictures went home at the end of November. If you have not yet received the pictures, please check your child’s book bag or have them check their locker.
All families are asked to register their child on the cashless schools system. This is the payment method for sports fees, yearbooks, trips and activities throughout the year. To register, please go to our school webpage and register your child by clicking on the “Make A Payment” button. It is best to register now so that your account is all set up when you need it.
Our Gr. 6 classes continue to struggle with noise and running and pushing in the hallways. We have been speaking to them for four months about this and we are surprised to see that they are still struggling to meet Middle School expectations.  We will be supervising their movement for the next few days to model appropriate hallway behaviour. It is our hope that they will be able to self-monitor and move within the building independently soon.
We have now had cellphone and electronics privileges back in the building for three weeks and I am happy to report that students seem to be using their devices appropriately. Great job Raiders…we are very proud of this change!
The district has announced that Friday, December 21st is a full day of school for students. This is a change from previous years.
Some upcoming important dates:
Dec 13                   School Dance 6-8 pm
Dec 17                   Imperial Theatre  (9:00-12:00) **change in lunch schedule for this date
Dec 18                   P.J. Day
Dec 18                   NB Wellness Survey – all grades
Dec 18                   HVHS Enrichment Day
Dec 19                   Santa Hats, Elf Ears & Reindeer Antlers Day
Dec 19                   Ski Club Payment Deadline
Dec 20                   School Colours Day
Dec 20                   Pep Rally (RT, Block 6 & 7)
Dec 21                   Last Day before Christmas Break (full day)
Jan 7                      Staff Returns (PD directed by EECD)
Jan 8                      Students return
Jan 10                    Ski Club #1 (if Poley has snow)
Jan 14                    ASAP # 3 begins
Jan 28                    PD for Staff (no School for Students)     
December 03
Weekly Announcements, December 3, 2018

Village_Dec2018_final.pdfVillage_Dec2018_final.pdf   (Parent Info Session - Dec 6th)

Hello! Please see below for your weekly announcements.
First of all I would like to thank all of our Raider families who participated in our Parent/Teacher meetings in November. School and Home working together is the best option for our Raiders and we appreciate your support.
I also want to let parents know (as we are now in week two of the return of cellphones to the building), that we are quite pleased with the improvement we have seen in our student’s appropriate use of technology. We will continue to remind them about what is appropriate to post/text/chat/message on line as this is a life skill that will be very important to their generation. We encourage families to continue these discussions as well.
Further to that, the 4 area High Schools are hosting a free parent information session this Thursday, December 6th at 6:30 pm at Saint John High School. The brochure is attached. Raider families may find the topic very timely: Consent & Risky Behaviours; Informative Presentation for Parents of Youth in the Era of Social Media & Electronic Devices. The brochure is attached.
We are still looking for about 25% of our families to register for Cashless Schools. This is very important as it is now being used for purchase of all trips, sports fees, yearbooks etc. To register go to the school website ( and click on the “Make A Payment” button. It is very important that you link your account to your child using their name and birthdate.
Students who have missed 10 days, whether excused or unexcused will be receiving attendance letters by mail. This is a form letter and a requirement under the Education Act. You only need worry if your child was marked absent and you thought they were here that day. If you have any questions, please give us a call at 738-6500.
Upcoming Dates:
Dec 5                     WE Are Silent
Dec 7                     Huntsman Marine Science Center  (6 Reicker, 6 Carr)
Dec 13                   Dance 6-8 pm
Dec 17                   Imperial Theatre – Entire School to “The Lion, The Witch & The Wardrobe”  (9:00-12:00)
Dec 17                   Lunch schedule to be adjusted because of Imperial Theatre activity
Dec 18                   P.J. Day
Dec 18                   NB Wellness Survey (all classes Block 1)
Dec 19                   Ninja Warrior Grade Level tryouts (Gr. 6 Raider Time, Gr. 7 Block 6 & Gr. 8 Block 7)
Dec 19                   Santa Hats, Elf Ears & Reindeer Antlers!
Dec 20                   School Colours Day
Dec 20                   Pep Rally (RT, Block 6 & 7)
Dec 21                   Last Day before Christmas Break (full day)
Jan 7                      Staff Returns (PD directed by EECD)
Jan 8                      Students return
As always, please feel free to contact me at or at 738-6511 if you have any questions or concerns.
Thank you!
November 21
Weekly Announcements, November 21, 2018

Good afternoon! Please see below for the weekly messages for all Raiders and their families.
As you may have already heard from your child, we have reinstated our cellphone and electronics policy for all students. This guideline is in place to help our students learn how to use this technology as a tool and how to use it appropriately. I encourage all families to continue regular discussions with their child and to monitor their phone and internet usage.
We reiterated with students;
                -when it is appropriate to use your phone or electronics
                -not to get involved in, or respond to gossipy or mean texts or messages
                -block people, websites, social media or messages that are inappropriate
                -parents will contact the school office, not students, if there is a true emergency
                -nothing that is posted, tweeted, messaged, air-dropped ever goes away. It is on the internet forever and linked to you.
All families are encouraged to go to our cashless schools website and create an account and link your child to your account. This will allow you to see any items that they need or want to purchase (trips, sport fees, etc.). Even if there is nothing you need to purchase at the moment, it is a good idea to make sure this is set up before you need it.  Go to:
We are currently collecting: Ski Club payments, Gr. 8 Quebec Trip payments, Badminton Team fees and any outstanding Student fees.
We are experiencing website issues. Our main page is not working but all of the school information, including weekly messages, can still be accessed by clicking on one of the black buttons on the navigation bar. Our website is
Parent/Teacher meetings are taking place on Thursday evening and on Friday. I want to reiterate to families that a mark of 2 or 3 is what we expect to see at this point in the school year. It is also very important to look at the work habits and comments to gain more information about your child’s strengths and “next steps” for the upcoming term.
No school on Friday as we have Teacher PD in the morning and Parent/Teacher in the afternoon.
As always, please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions or concerns.
Upcoming Dates:
Nov 22                  Parent/Teacher Meetings 5-8 pm
Nov 23                  Parent/Teacher (No School)
Nov 23                  Parent/Teacher Meetings 1-3 pm
Nov 26                  PSSC 6:30 pm
Dec 13                   Dance
Dec 17                   Imperial Theatre
Dec 19                   Ski Club Payment Deadline
Dec 21                   Last Day before Christmas Break
November 15
Weekly Announcements, November 15, 2018

Grade Scale for Parents - November.docxGrade Scale for Parents - November.docx

Hello! My apologies for late messages this week! 

Report Cards & Parent Teacher 

-Report Cards go home Monday, November 19th. Please sign the last page of the Report Card and return that in the envelope provided. The grading rubric is attached to this e-mail. No worries if you see a mark of 2 or 3 on the first Report Card….that is what we would expect to see! 

-Parent/Teacher meetings are Thursday, November 22 from 5-8 pm and Friday, November 23 from 1-3 pm. Please call the main office at 738-6511 to make an appointment. 

-No school for students on Friday, November 23rd. 

Cashless Schools 

-All families are asked to go to the Cashless Schools website and create an account. It is also very, very important that you link this account to your child using their name and birthdate. This will allow you to make payments on sports, trips and activities and see any item that is available for your child. 

-Currently Ski Club (which is full), Gr. 8 Quebec Trip and Badminton Team are all available for purchase but only visible if you have your account linked to your child’s name and your child is on the list for these items. 

Inclement Weather Info 

-The District has just sent out an updated version of their “School Closure” and “bus delay policy. This policy is also posted on our website. Go to and look for “School Closure & Inclement Weather” under the “About Us” tab. 

-You will also find information on closures or delays as listed below: 

· local radio stations prior to 6:30 a.m. 

· District website ( 

· On twitter 

· District Information Phone line – for school closures (toll free: 1-855-535-7669 [SNOW]). 

· subscribe for email notifications at and choose the Parent Portal 

Support Student Entrepreneurship 

-Pizza and Cookie dough available for purchase $5 (2 x 12 pizza or 3 dozen cookies). 

-Complete pepperoni pizza $7 

-Orders can be placed in the Tech Lab each morning and items are available for pick-up at the end of the day. Families may also come directly to the office for purchase. 

Cellphones & Electronics 

-We are in the process of reviewing our policy and expectations with students (this can be found on page 8 of the student agenda). We are hopeful that we can reintroduce cellphone and electronic use soon. 

-We feel it is important that students learn to use these tools appropriately and we will continue to teach and discuss this with our Raiders. Please continue these conversations at home as well. 

-I encourage any families who still have concerns, to continue the ban by telling your child not to bring these items to school. Several students have expressed that they would prefer this. 

Important Dates 

Nov 19 Gr. 8 Quebec Trip Deposit due 

Nov 19 Report Card #1 goes home 

Nov 19 Gr. 7 Music Presentation (Tim Blackmore) 10:00-11:00 

Nov 20 Gr. 6 Annual Trip to Huntsman Marine Science Center (McCormick, Leger, Elliott) 

Nov 21 Gr. 6 Annual Trip to Huntsman Marine Science Center (Reicker, Carr) 

Nov 22 Parent/Teacher Meetings 5-8 pm 

Nov 23 Parent/Teacher (No School) 

Nov 23 Parent/Teacher Meetings 1-3 pm 

Nov 26 PSSC 6:30 pm 

Dec 17 Whole School to Imperial Theatre (The Lion, The Witch & The Wardrobe) 

Dec 19 Ski Club payment deadline 

Dec 21 Last day of school prior to Christmas Break 

Jan 7 Teacher return 

Jan 8 Students return to school 

November 07
Weekly Announcements, November 7, 2018

Grade Scale for Parents - November.docxGrade Scale for Parents - November.docx

Good afternoon Raider Families! Your weekly message is below.
Our Gr. 7 FI students had a beautiful day today as they headed into Rockwood Park for a “Geology” themed day trip. We hope they had a great time!
There is no school for students this Friday, November 8th and Monday, November 12th.
RVMS is once again very happy to host the Town of Grand Bay-Westfield’s Remembrance Day ceremony in our gym on Sunday, November 11th. Doors open at 9:30 and the ceremony begins at 10:45.
Mr. Vincent has the Pizza & Cookie Dough business up and running again. He has made a few modifications to the recipe to meet the new nutrition policy. We are very glad to once again offer our students the opportunity to experience running a business and all that entails. If you are interested, the dough can be purchased by students in the morning in the Tech Lab. The cost is $5 and that will get you enough dough for 2 -12 inch pizzas or enough cookie dough for about 3 dozen cookies. The dough can be picked up at the end of the day as they students exit the building.
Our ban on electronic devices continues. We do feel that it is important to teach the appropriate use of cellphones and other electronics and encourage Raider families to continue that discussion at home. We hope to reinstate our old policy soon but will have teachers review that policy and proper/appropriate usage first. I will keep you posted!
Report Cards are going home on November 19th. I have attached the grade scale that is currently being used by the Province and encourage you to discuss this with your child. A mark of three indicates that all is well. A mark of two means your child is approaching appropriate and is not a reason for concern at this time of the year. A mark of one means your child is struggling and your child’s teacher should have had a conversation with you prior to the Report Card going home. A mark of four is highly unlikely this early in the school year.
IF you have any questions about the grade rubric, please do not hesitate to contact the office or your child’s teachers.
Parent/Teacher meetings are scheduled for:
Thursday, November 22 5-8 pm
Friday, November 23 1-3 pm
You may call the main office, at 738-6500, any time after 8:30 am on Thursday, November 15th to schedule appointments. Teachers meet in Teams at RVMS and the meetings are for 10 minutes each. If you have a major concern, or a non-academic concern, it is best to schedule a meeting at a different date.
Badminton Teams are up and running and Basketball season begins just before Christmas Break. A reminder that students must be in good standing and have appropriate behaviour to participate in all school varsity sports. Please review the school sports policy sent home will all varsity athletes for more details.
Some upcoming dates:
Nov 9                    PD Day (No School)
Nov 12                  Remembrance Day Holiday (No School)
Nov 19                  Report Card #1 goes home
Nov 19                  Gr. 7 Music Presentation (Tim Blackmore) 10:00-11:00
Nov 20                  Gr. 6 Annual Trip to Huntsman Marine Science Center (McCormick, Leger, Elliott)
Nov 21                  Gr. 6 Annual Trip to Huntsman Marine Science Center (Reicker, Carr)
Nov 22                  Parent/Teacher Meetings 5-8 pm
Nov 23                  Parent/Teacher (No School)
Nov 23                  Parent/Teacher Meetings 1-3 pm
Nov 26                  PSSC 6:30 pm
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