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September 22
Sept 22 - Update for Families

Good morning! This is a message for all Raider families. Today is Tuesday, September 22.

We continue to be very impressed with our Raider Students. They are working so hard to follow the new rules at school. Keep up the great work!

A few items for families:

1.       You should look for three forms to come home this week.  These forms cover locker usage, technology usage and permission to share or post your child’s picture in things like our yearbook etc., share their name with school photographers etc.  Please sign and return these forms as soon as possible.Also, please not that we will never share your personal information with outside agencies who are not associated with the school. 

2.       Please remember that your child cannot be at school if they have 2 or more of the following symptoms: fever/feverish, sore throat, headache, runny nose, a new cough or worsening chronic cough, new onset of fatigue or muscle ache, diarrhea, loss of taste or smell; in children, purple markings on the fingers or toes.


      Students who have 2 or more symptoms cannot come to school. Students who get sick with two or more symptoms while at school, will be sent home. If your child does have two or more symptoms, we suggest you call 811 to discuss.

3.       Please register your child in our Safe Arrivals program. This program allows you to enter absences from school directly from your phone or computer.  Look for this on the right hand side of our webpage at

4.       This week we begin a “test” schedule of movement to specialist classes (Art, Music, Tech) and we also hope to begin to test locker usage. We will slowly reintroduce these things to all classes, when we are confident safety protocols can be maintained. Stay tuned.

5.       We do have a few openings for PSSC members this year. If you are interested, please submit your names to me. Depending on the response we receive, we may, or may not, have to have an election.


As always, if you have any questions on concerns, please do not hesitate to contact me at .

Thank you! Stay safe!

Ms. McGrath

September 18
Sept 18 - Update for Families

Info for Families in an Emergency at School 2020-2021.docx.docInfo for Families in an Emergency at School 2020-2021.docx.doc

Screening Tool.pdfScreening Tool.pdf

Good afternoon! This is Ms. McGrath with a few updates for families on this raining Friday, Sept 18th

1.   We had a Fire Drill this week and the students cleared the building, calmly and safely in record time! We will continue to practice EMO procedures throughout the school year. Please see the attached letter for more information.

                The most important things for parents to remember in the event of an emergency is:

a.       Do not text or call your child during an emergency.

b.       Do not come to the school during an emergency. A parent communication center will be set up at St. Matthew’s Church (next to Sobeys/Foodland) in the event of an emergency at the school.


2.   We have had to speak to a few students and classes about phone use this week. Students should not be taking any pictures at school.  The one exception is if their teacher allows them to snap a shot of the Homework Board. Repeated violations of the cellphone policy will mean loss of privilege and could result in a suspension from school.


3.   Further to the student cellphone policy, please do not call or text your child’s cellphone during the school day. Responding to parent texts/messages does not exempt students from the consequences of using a cellphone inappropriately at school. If you need to pick them up, or drop something off for them, contact the school at 738-6500.


4.   Please remember to screen your child for Covid symptoms, and take their temperature, each day before you send them to school. If they present with 2 or more symptoms while at school, you must come and pick them up, within an hour of being contacted. (Covid screening document attached).


I want to thank all Raiders, Raider Staff and Raider Families for an amazing first week of school! We are so proud of all of you!

Have a wonderful weekend!

Ms. McGrath

September 13
Sept 14 - Update for Families


Check us out at or, on Twitter @RVMiddle

Hello Raiders!

We had an absolutely amazing week last week! Our Raiders were wonderful, and we were so happy to be able to meet with them in small groups. This helped us improve our operational plan to ensure safety and allowed students, and staff, to start back to school in a calmer and more personalized way! Great job Raiders!

We can’t wait until we are all together again tomorrow for the first time in six months!

I have a few new items today:

1. Student passwords will be coming home with your child this week. Please copy this information down as this is how students will access online learning if necessary.

2. We begin gym class this week, but we do not yet have access to our changing rooms. Students will be going outside for gym whenever possible. Please make sure they have good running/walking shoes for gym class. Comfortable clothing on gym day is a good idea as well.

3. Contact information sheets will be coming home this week. Please check for accuracy and note any changes and send this back with your child asap.

4. We will also require your signature on a few other forms, and these will be sent home as well and I will post electronic copies on the website on Tuesday.

5. Although we are very happy to have our campus used by the community, we will not be allowing public access to the trails, fields, or any outside areas of school property during school hours (7:30-5:00). Please remind friends and family that schools are not open to the public and this includes outside areas when students are present.

I know there continues to be a deluge of information for families. I have a few quick reminders this evening.

-Drop-off does not begin until 7:55 and Pick-up is at 2:40 with the buses leaving RVMS between 2:45 and 3:10.

-Each student needs to bring 2 face masks to school each day. Please store the extra mask in a clean container.

-Please send a filled water bottle each morning. It can be refilled during the day. 

-If you need to drop something off or pick-up a child during the school day, please park over by the rink and call the main office at 738-6500 and we will send your child out to your vehicle.

-Register your child on  BusPlanner at ASD-S to get bus updates sent to your inbox.

As always, we can be reached for questions or concerns by contacting the mainline at 738-6500 or e-mailing me at

See you in the morning Raiders!

September 10
Sept 10 - Update for Families

Good morning! We are having a great week! It is so wonderful to see all of our Raiders...most of whom seem to have grown quite a bit during qarantine!!

Please see the attached letter from Superintendent Zoe Watson. It is a summary of important information for parents  from ASD-S.

Health Info for Parents from ASD-S.pdfHealth Info for Parents from ASD-S.pdf

September 07
Sept 7 - Update for Families

Good afternoon! What a beautiful last day of summer vacation!

This is Ms. McGrath calling with a few last minute reminders for Raiders and their families.

Students return this week for orientation (see the schedule below). Each group of students will have one full day in the building. This allows us to spend a little more time helping students acclimate to all of the changes at school and, we hope, is less intimidating than having all 385 of us here in the building on their first day back at school.

Please remember:

1. You need to bring two masks each day. The one you are not wearing, should be kept in a container/plastic bag in your backpack.

2. We will be outside whenever we can! I know your most challenging job yet will be to convince your middle-schooler to wear a hoodie or a jacket, but please warn them to be prepared for outdoor learning each day.

3. It would be very helpful if the water bottles arrive at school filled each morning. We only have 6 filling stations (really they should be called dribbling stations they are so slow!!) and it will not be possible for students to fill their water bottles each morning before class.

4. There is no cafeteria service at this time and no microwaves available for student use. Don't forget to bring your lunch.

5. Do not bring all of your school supplies the first day! Your teacher will let you know what you need for September 14th. For the first day a few duo-tangs, some loose-leaf, a Hilroy and pen/pencil/glue/pencil crayons should suffice.

Teachers will be outside ready to help you find your class each morning this week! See you soon!

First Day of School - RVMS will have a staggered start for all students this year.

Tues, Sept 8        Gr. 6 English and Early French Immersion – Last name A-L

Weds, Sept 9      Gr. 6 English and French Immersion - Last name M-Z and all Gr. 6 Late Immersion

Thurs, Sept 10   Gr. 7 & 8 – Last name A-L

Fri, Sept 11         Gr. 7 & 8 – Last name M-Z

Mon, Sept 14     All students Gr. 6, 7 & 8

September 04
Sept 4 - Update for Families

Sept 4 -  Quick Reference Guide for  Families.docxSept 4 - Quick Reference Guide for Families.docx

Hello! It is me again! Ms. McGrath calling from RVMS with a message for families. Today is Friday, September 4th.

The entire, long, detailed School Operational Plan was posted on our website yesterday. This plan, based on the provincial template, contains many of the details I have already shared with you as well as details about cleaning & disinfecting schools, movement within the school, hand sanitizer and water fountain use etc.

If you have any questions about that plan, please do not hesitate to give me a call.

Today, I have another Quick Reference Guide for you. This one-pager gives details about our school hours, as well as information about school arrival and school dismissal….whether by bus or family vehicle.

I hope all Raider families have a wonderful weekend as we enjoy the final days of this beautiful summer!

As always, if you have any questions or concerns, please call the school at 738-6500.

You can also speak with me at or, on my office line, at 738-6511.

Raiders rule! See you next week!

September 01
Sept 1 - Update for Families

Hello! Today is Tuesday, September 1st and this is Ms. McGrath calling once again from RVMS.

I hope you found last week’s message helpful…there is just so much info to share with families this year!

Please be patient with all of our messages and remember that everything we send home to you is also posted on our school website at Our V.P., Ms. Nelson, also sends regular tweets out @RV Middle.

Today I have another “Quick Reference Guide for Parents” with a focus on masks and the Covid-19 screening process for staff and students. In response to some questions from parents, I have also included a brief summary of the procedure we will follow if a Raider becomes ill while at school.

Complete “Return to School” plans, for all schools, will be sent out and posted for families on Thursday, September 3rd but I am hopeful that these “Quick Reference Guides” will help you prepare for your child’s return, and alleviate some of your concerns.

The recently published “Return to School Guide for Families” from the Department of Early Childhood & Education is attached as well in case you missed it when it was sent from the school district.

I have also included a bit more information about student fees & locks and another reminder of the importance of registering your child in Bus Planner (if they are a bus student).

As always, if you have any questions you can contact the main office at 738-6500.

You can also contact me directly at, or, on my direct line, at 738-6511.

Thank you.

Sept 1 Quick Reference Guide for  Families.docxSept 1 Quick Reference Guide for Families.docx

Screening Tool for Families.pdfScreening Tool for Families.pdf

REturn to School Guide for Families from PNB.pdfREturn to School Guide for Families from PNB.pdf

August 28
Information from Parents from ASD-S

​Please see below for the most recent message to parents from ASD-S:


 Dear ASD-S Families,

There has been a lot of information shared from the province’s Return to School plan in the last couple of weeks, and we wanted to share a few key reminders to help families as you prepare for the start of school.

Return to School

Every student is expected to have a clean community mask with them every day. 

Masks must be washed frequently and should be labeled with the child’s name.

Students in K-5 should wear them in common areas when they are outside of their class bubbles inside the building (e.g. going to the washroom, visiting the resource teacher, etc. )

Students in grades 6-12  must use masks in common areas outside of their classes, such as in the hallways, lockers, lobbies, and stairwells.

Students should also have masks on as they approach and board the school buses.

Students in 6-12 will need to wear masks on the buses.

Students are more likely to be comfortable wearing a mask if they see members of their family wearing a mask at appropriate times, too.

If you are providing your child with their own hand sanitizer, please make sure it is free of added scents.

Water fountains will be replaced in September with bottle filling stations.  Please provide your child with a reusable water bottle, labelled with their name and clean it regularly.

Schools with cafeterias will not have service right away.   Cafeterias will re-open through the months of September to November.  Please plan to pack your child a lunch until you have confirmed their cafeteria service has resumed.  

In schools with no cafeterias, we will work to continue breakfast/lunch programs following guidelines from Public Health, however please plan on providing your child breakfast and lunch until you confirm these services are in place.

Be sure to have a plan in place for picking up your child in the event that they become unwell at school.

Please review this document prepared by our Healthy Learner Nurses for an overview of what is new and what you should know about COVID-19. 

Coming Up

Schools have released their staggered entry schedules. Please contact your school if you have not received the dates for your child(ren)’s first day back.

Administrative staff have returned to schools. If you need to update your contact information, please reach out to your child(ren)’s school so you can be sure to receive the latest information.

Teaching staff will be returning to schools on August 31 to begin prepping learning areas and prepare for the start of the new year.

School Operational Plans will be released to parents on September 3.  These may be emailed to families from your child(ren)’s school or posted to their websites. 

Be sure to double check BusPlanner prior to the first day of school to verify your child(ren)’s busing details. For those who have had issues logging on, or who identified incorrect information, please email us at

Helpful Tips

Be positive about returning. Yes, there will be some new processes and routines, but it is also exciting to have students back with their friends and teachers.  

Students have been out of the school routine for many months and it is natural that they may have some anxiety about returning. Some students will benefit from practicing their morning routine before the first day of school, including following their route to school and walking around the school grounds.

Know that your child may want to talk about their concerns, fears, and questions. Let them talk about their feelings and reassure them with honest, age appropriate information. 

Be aware that children will model their family’s attitudes about returning. Modelling calmness and excitement to return may go a long way in reducing a child’s nerves. 

When your children asks what will be different about school, answer honestly and with what information you do know. Let your child know that time will be taken to ensure they feel comfortable with the changes at school, and that new rules and procedures will be well explained. We’ve staggered the start dates for all grades to help ease everyone back.

A week or so before the first day back, restore school night bedtimes and morning wake-up routines so that your child doesn’t have to adjust to too many changes simultaneously. This is equally important in the older grades, as sleep schedules can become very out of sync.

More information about talking to your child about COVID-19 can be found on the ASD-S website. 

School Operational Plans will be released on September 3, 2020. These documents will answer many questions about your child’s Return to School. Please continue to watch for emails, or monitor our website, Twitter and Facebook for updated information. We know detailed and timely communication is important as we head back to school.  Thank you for your patience and your support as we work through the re-opening of our schools.  The health and safety of your children is our priority. 


August 25
Aug 25 - Update for Families


Quick Reference Guide for Families - Aug 25.docxQuick Reference Guide for Families - Aug 25.docx

Good afternoon! Today is Tuesday, August 25th and this is Ms. McGrath calling from River Valley Middle School with a message for all Raiders and their families.

We are set for a very different and interesting school year. I know there is so much information out there right now, and every day things are changing. Please know that we will do absolutely everything we can to make this another amazing, safe and fun year at River Valley.

I am sending this message to give you some information about our school and help you prepare for the first days at RVMS. Information is also posted on our school website at

Please see the attached documents for more details.

The official school operational plan will not be released to families until September 3rd. In the meantime, the attached documents will answer some of your questions (I know there are many). I will send regular updates over the next few weeks.

First Day of School - RVMS will have a staggered start for all students this year.

Tues, Sept 8        Gr. 6 English and Early French Immersion – Last name A-L

Weds, Sept 9       Gr. 6 English and French Immersion - Last name M-Z 

                           and all Gr. 6 Late Immersion

Thurs, Sept 10     Gr. 7 & 8 – Last name A-L

Fri, Sept 11          Gr. 7 & 8 – Last name M-Z

Mon, Sept 14        All students Gr. 6, 7 & 8


Bring a water bottle, a mask, a lunch and only a few school supplies. You will not need a lock.

Make sure to register on BusPlanner for bus time and stop information:

If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact me at the school. My e-mail is and my direct line is 738-6511.

For general inquiries about the school, please call the main line at 738-6500.

ASD-S School Calendar 2020-2021  (Family)_.docASD-S School Calendar 2020-2021 (Family)_.doc


June 23
Final Message - June 2020

Good afternoon Raiders!!

We are completing our final tasks this afternoon and RVMS will then be closed for the summer months.

We will be returning to open the school on August 28th. 

I know there is a lot of uncertainty at this time about what September will look like. Please be assured that we will do our very best to make 2020-21 a great year for our students. Despite the restrictions placed on us by  Covid--19, we are confident that we can create a safe, inviting and fun learning environment.

You can call RVMS at 738-6500 for information on Homerooms, start times etc. beginning August 28th.

We will also send out lots of information using this messaging system, our school website at and, on Twitter @RVMiddle.

If you require information before that date, please call ASD-S at 658-5300.

Please take every opportunity to enjoy our beautiful province this summer with friends and family!

See you in the fall!

Ms. T. McGrath

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