• River Valley Middle School is a Grade 6-8 school located in the Town of Grand Bay- Westfield in southern New Brunswick, Canada.


  • Our students come from the neighbouring communities and attend the three area Elementary Schools (Westfield, Morna Heights and Inglewood)for Grades K-5. Students travel to the city of Saint John to attend High School for their Gr. 9-12 years.


  • We have a student population of approximately 329 students and a teaching staff of 22. We have programs for students in English Prime, Early and Late French Immersion.


  • Our school is located on a campus in the center of the town. We have a soccer field, ball field, running track, hiking/snow shoe trails and an outdoor classroom space on the school campus. Our main building includes a Makerspace, Workout Room, Technology Lab, Wood Shop, Gym, Theatre and Cafeteria.


  • Our After School Activity Period (ASAP) provides daily opportunities for all students to participate in a range of activities. We offer over 80 sports, clubs, activities and enrichment programs throughout our school year.