• River Valley Middle School is a Grade 6-8 school located in the Town of Grand Bay- Westfield in southern New Brunswick, Canada.


  • Our students come from the neighbouring communities and attend the two area Elementary Schools (Westfield and Inglewood)for Grades K-5. Students travel to the city of Saint John to attend High School for their Gr. 9-12 years.


  • We have a student population of approximately 315 students and a teaching staff of 22. We have programs for students in English Prime, Early and Late French Immersion.


  • Our school is located on a campus in the center of the town. We have a soccer field, ball field, running track, hiking/snow shoe trails and an outdoor classroom space on the school campus. Our main building includes a Makerspace, Workout Room, Technology Lab, Wood Shop, Gym, Theatre and Cafeteria.


  • Our After School Activity Period (ASAP) provides daily opportunities for all students to participate in a range of activities. We offer over 80 sports, clubs, activities and enrichment programs throughout our school year.This is currently on hold due to Covid restrictions but we hope to return to this as soon as we can!