RVMS Sport Fees
September 20​23
Dear Parents/Guardians;
As you know, the financial situation for schools becomes more difficult each year. At River Valley we have, for the most part, been able to weather this difficulty without passing on added costs to parents. However, due to increased and ongoing costs, a few years ago we introduced a sport fee for school teams.
A review of our costs indicated that approximately 75% of our student raised funds (fundraising and student fees) went to support school athletics. However, fewer than 20% of our students take part in these activities. The cost for sports includes referee fees, purchase and maintenance of equipment and uniform purchase and maintenance and banner and trophy expenses. For example, each basketball or soccer game can require a referee fee of up to $50.

As well, Middle School sports are now required to register teams with NBIAA and insure their players, This will cost the school an additional $6 per player per sport.
After careful consideration and consultation with other schools in the District, we adopted the sport fee schedule below. Please note that no student will pay more than $110 in total to participate in school athletics in any given year. As well, consideration will be made for those students or families who may be unable to provide the fee.
Below are the Sports fees we will be charging this year.
Soccer & Volleyball     $35      Badminton                  $20
Basketball                     $65      
Cross Country              $15      Track & Field               $15
**No one student to pay more than $110 towards sport fees at River Valley.
If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to speak with me.
Sacha Koumbias