Bell Schedule 2020-21
This schedule is subject to change based on changes to the School's Covid-19 Operational Plan
7:55                    Earliest Drop-off
                              (Families cannot drop off students prior to 7:55. Leaving them at the rink is also not safe. We ask that you make sure a                                 
                            teacher is on duty before you leave them.)
8:30                     Students Enter
8:40-8:55           Homeroom& Announcements 
                            (students arriving after 8:40 are considered to be tardy and must stop at the office for a late slip unless they arrive on a late bus)
8:55-9:50            Block 1
9:50-10:45          Block 2
10:45-11:40        Block 3
11:40-12:05        Raider Time & 1st Lunch 
12:05-12:10        End of Lunch Transition
12:10-12:35        Raider Time & 2nd Lunch 
12:35-12:40        End of Lunch Transition
12:40-1:35          Block 4
1:35-2:30            Block 5
2:30-2:40            Homeroom
2:40                     Dismissal for walkers & pick-up by family              
2:45-3:10            Dismissal for Bus Students (as buses arrive)

****Due to Covid restrictions, there is no After School Activity Period at this time.