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January 28
Jan 28 - Message for Families

Hey Raiders! Today is Friday, January 28 and this is a message for all Raiders and their families.


We are so excited to have our Raiders back with us at RVMS. WE can’t wait to see you on Monday!

I know you will have quite a few questions and I hope to answer some here.

1. We will run a regular schedule with regular bus runs. 

2. Students should arrive at school between 7:55 and 8:40.  

3. We will have a modified ASAP schedule for classroom bubbles. 

4. Dismissal for those leaving before ASAP is 2:35 (walkers, pick-ups, Early Bus 347 and 398). Late dismissal and regular bus runs are at 3:10 for students staying for ASAP.

5. When you arrive at school in the morning, please proceed to your assigned side of the building and stay near your Homeroom class sign. You may take your mask off outside, when in your homeroom bubble. 

6. All staff and students must wear a mask (preferably a three layered or N95 type) at all times while in the building. The only exception is when you are seated and eating or drinking. 

7. We will alternate days in the cafeteria with social distancing between classroom bubbles as we did prior to the break. Monday, January 31 is Day A. Microwaves for each Homeroom will be available when in the cafeteria only.

8. Students should have 2 masks at school at all times. Students who have masks that do not cover their mouth and nose, or those who do not follow the expectations for mask wearing will not be allowed to stay at school.

9. If a student is absent, they should log that absence on the Safe Arrivals app. (see info on our school website). Messages and e-mails sent to teachers may not be received prior to the auto absence calls going out to families.

10. Schools are now operating in-person learning. No learning packets are available. Students are encouraged to check TEAMS as some teachers may post some work there for all students.

11. If a student has tested positive for Covid, or lives in a household where someone has tested positive for Covid, they must follow the guidelines on the attached document.    

                       Covid Exposure in School  - Notice for parents or guardians  Jan 6 2022.pdfCovid Exposure in School - Notice for parents or guardians Jan 6 2022.pdf

12. If a student tests positive for Covid, the family must notify the school immediately.

13. For information on Covid cases in schools, families can check the ASD-S Dashboard at:


14. Families will not be notified of positive cases in schools. The only information on Covid in schools will be posted on the website above.

As always, if you have further questions about school, please contact us on our mainline at 738-6500 or you can contact Ms. McGrath at

Stay Safe and make sure you have lots of “storm chips” at your house!


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