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River Valley Middle provides opportunities for students to become involved in participation based sports programs (our After School Activity Period Program) and competition (extra-curricular sports programs).
Our school believes that the major purpose of sports programs is to develop a student’s character and citizenship qualities. Our school teams emphasize:
·         Attitude (the team comes first, we have a common goal)
·         Sportsmanship (respect for our opponents and our teammates)
·         Skill Development
·         Commitment (attendance at practices, games, communication with adults if you are not able to meet your commitments)
·         Participation:  We believe that every child should be accorded the opportunity to participate. We acknowledge that situations exist in which this opportunity may not be equal. In provincial playoffs and district finals where the situation is more competitive, some players will probably play more than others. It is also possible that first year players may receive less playing time because they are not quite ready for the intensity of competitions. They acquire this readiness through experience.
·         Each team shall have a risk management plan in place (plan of what to do if something goes wrong i.e. telephone chain, team roster with medical info / phone numbers/ contact list).
Requirements for Participation on School Sports Teams:
  • Students must maintain good academic standing (exceptions if teachers, at their professional discretion, judge that students are working to the best of their ability).
  • Students must follow daily behavior expectations to participate.
  • Students must attend school on the day of a competition. There may be rare circumstances that could lead to an exception (i.e. previously scheduled orthodontist’s appointment). 
  • Students must have a good record of attendance at school.
  • Students are responsible for returning uniforms to coaches at season’s end.
  • Students who do not return their uniform must reimburse the school.
  • Students must return a signed sports policy and athletic registration form before they compete in interschool play.
  • Students must pay athletic fee prior to competition unless other arrangements have been made with the school or coach.    
Code for parents, coaches, spectators and players:
  • Parents/Guardians are welcome at games and tournaments but tryouts and practices are closed activities limited to students, staff and coaches. Parents/Guardians are asked to wait outside the building or in the front entry of the school when picking students up from tryouts or practices. As well, we ask that parents follow parking guidelines and sign-in procedures when on school property between the hours of 8:00 a.m. and 3:30 p.m.
  • To model good sportsmanship
  • To refrain from criticizing officials, team mates, or coaches (No coaching from the sidelines.)
  • To address concerns in private with the appropriate authority
  • All volunteer coaches must complete a criminal record check and receive Policy 701 training (online).
  • This policy should be outlined to all students participating on sports teams and to their parents.
  • All coaches should communicate with teachers in the school regarding the academic status of student athletes.
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