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September 15
September 15 - Message to Families

​ September 15, 2021

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 Good afternoon! This is Ms. McGrath with a few messages for all Raiders and their families.

 First, we want to congratulate all of our Raiders on an amazing first week of school. With so much to learn the   first week of school, and then a change to mask rules, our RAIDERS showed true GRIT and handled   it all with kindness and positivity! Thank you RAIDERS!

 New Covid procedures in schools require students to have their mask on indoors at all times except when eating   or participating in gym. This is currently scheduled to be in place for next week as well and will be reviewed   by the province on Sept 27.

 If your child is feeling unwell, please consider keeping them at home. If your child has two or more Covid   symptoms, they must stay home and should be tested by public health. The symptoms reference   card is attached here:     Covid Symptom Sheet.docxCovid Symptom Sheet.docx

 A few notices and reminders:

 1. All forms that were sent home last week should be returned by this Friday, September 17. Electronic copies          are attached to last week’s message and can be found in the “Raider News” section of our website.

 2. Student fees are $35 for the year. We do not do any fundraising so this fee goes to support many events,              awards and ASAP activity period. I am happy to report that over 60% of families have already paid their                fee this year.

        Fees can be paid on cashless schools, which can be accessed from our website. Look for the “Make a                    Payment” tab. This is also the site we use for yearbook, sport fees, trips, etc. 

 3. We also have a tab on the website for “Raider Clothing”. You can order t-shirts, hoodies, gym pants, hats              etc. and items are shipped directly to your home. Check it out…great holiday gift ideas! 

 4. Our new ASAP schedule is attached and is posted on our website. We are working with the District to                    provide an early bus run for students who are not staying for ASAP. This run should be available next week            but will only be for students living in the Grand-Bay Westfield area. There is no early bus available for                  outlying areas.      ASAP 1.docxASAP 1.docx    

 5. Many students are enjoying the use of the microwaves in the cafeteria however; many are forgetting to                bring utensils. We do not provide forks & spoons for student lunches so please remember to pack these                items. Some families simply provide a pack from the $$ store that your child can keep in their locker or                lunchbox.

 As always, if you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact me at   or, on my direct line at 738-6511. The main line for RVMS is 738-6500.

Upcoming Important Dates:

Sept 17 Deadline - Forms for Parent Signature returned to school

Sept 24 Picture Day at RVMS

Sept 30 Orange Shirt Day

Sept 30 Day of Truth & Reconciliation – Raider Time Activity

Oct 11 Thanksgiving (No School)

Oct 12 Picture Retake Day



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