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May 08
Miss Sivitilli's Grade 2 Class

Hello Husky Families,

I am certainly missing my Grade 2 students and can’t wait to get back to routine! In the meantime, here are a few ideas to do with your child during our flood days.

READ READ READ: Whether it be good fit books or interest books, please encourage your child to read as much as possible. Our Grade 2 Provincial Comprehension Assessment is coming up (May 21-25) so the more they read, the more prepared they will be.

Spelling Review: Attached is the 103 No Excuse Word List. Our big test will be set back a week. It will take place in small increments (approximately 25 words per day).  Please practice these words with your child.

Math: We’ve just finished up our unit on Addition and Subtraction for 2-Digit numbers. Encourage your child to practice these facts, as well as mental math up to 20. Attached are a few practice sheets.

We are starting our unit on Geometry. Discuss shapes with your child. Ask them to find 2-D and 3-D shapes throughout the house (ex. a rectangle could be the mirror, a cylinder could be a water glass, etc.)

Here are a few awesome learning websites as well:






I hope everyone is safe and dry and I look forward to being back at C-NCS!


Miss Sivitilli J​Grade 2 Flood Days Activities.docxGrade 2 Flood Days Activities.docx


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