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October 09
Happy Thanks Giving!

​Feel free to check out our exercises for you and your family during the long weekend. We have videos and links for you to follow along. Have a wonderful Thanks Giving.

June 16

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hKRR7_igyLo​       (Click on the link)

June 16
At home beginners work out. Enjoy!

So, I just came across this and thought "This will be easy... its probably only hard for people that are out of shape"... well.. I just finished it and now I feel completely out of shape. The crunches were especially hard. Needless to say, I need to work out more haha.

June 16
30 day Skipping challenge

CHALLENGE | 30 minutes rope skipping challenge - healthiness Guide

June 16
Exercises for you and your child to do together  https://youtu.be/CbsaJW94V6c
Click on the link and enjoy the fun activities!
June 16
Work out plan

CHECK OUT YOUTUBE NOW MORE SEE 4 Ways to Hack Your Workout for Faster Fat Loss

June 16
Home work out

The 30-Rep Home Workout -- perfect for cold weather, busy days, or nap time!  The Seasoned Mom

June 16
Your first ever 10 push-ups

How to do your first ever 10 push ups

June 16
How to build up to a Push-up

Push-Ups Guide - How to Build Up to a Push-Up

June 16
Mindfulness chart

In the ELSA Well being group we had a little game of coming up with words to use for mindfulness. This is the result so thank you ladies for your help. This resource is for #elsafreefriday. There is also a blank, black and white copy for children to come up with their own words. Download: A …

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