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December 02
Badminton Club

​Students are welcome to play badminton at lunch hour. This is a way for studentts to stay active during lunch playing singles, doubles or rallying with a partner. 

April 28
Drama update
Hello All,
The flood had thrown a bit of a wrench into Drama rehearsals. In addition I am at a Principals Conference all this week.
The show is in pretty good shape and Spencer will hold rehearsals during PACK time for the week. I return on Saturday and I am afraid I MUST hold a day or rehearsals on Sunday May5th from 10-3 at the school. The Drama festival is Tuesday.
I need ALL DRAMA student for this entire rehearsal.
I would ask that when you pick the kids up on Sunday if you would come into the school so we can talk about the drama festival and drives.
Also I have only a few drama festival fees so if you could please bring it with you on Sunday.
Thank you

April 22
Drama this week April 22

We will not have afterschool times this week.

I am hoping to have a dress rehearsal on Saturday​ April 27th.

1-3 at the school

I will check to see if this is possible for the kids and will post to confirm

April 12
Drama Tuesday April 16th

Student will stay after school until 4 onTuesday

There is no practice on Thursday

April 03
Thursday April 4th

​No Drama today during PACK or afterschool

Please send in drama fee of $25 and costume requirements


Thank you

Ms Bishop

March 27

 Thursday March 28th

3-5 rehearsal​

March 26
Charlie Brown

​Tuesday March 26 3-4

No after school on Thursday

March 21
Elemenatary Drama Practises are Up and Running!

​We will be working on our production for the next three Thursdays until 4:30.  Full details were in the original notes sent home with the drama participants which parents signed and returned.  

Students: keep working on getting those lines memorized! 

March 20
Drama Thursday 21


We will work during PACK tomorrow and we will work after school until 5.

Thank you

March 18
Drama Tuesday 19

​No Drama on Tuesday as Ms Bishop is out for PD

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