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June 10
Summer Scholarships
May 29
2019 Yearbook Sales

Hi everyone, all through this week and next week our hard working yearbook staff will be selling yearbooks from the 2018-2019 school year for $45.00 each with a pre-order price of $40.00 if paid by June 7th. Order forms will be goin ghome today with students.  There’s a limited amount of books left so hurry and get a copy of the memories that will last a lifetime!

Yearbook order Form.docxYearbook order Form.docx

May 29
June and Summer Scholarships

Inspire-Petro-Canada Award for Indeigenous Students

June 1, 2017 $500

For an Indigenous person enrolled in an accredited Education program.

Email education@indspire.ca



Odenza Vacations College Scholarship
June 1, 2019 $500

Applicants must be between the ages of 17 and 24, be a resident of the United States or Canada and submit an essay.


Scholarship and Work Placement Program for Students with Disabilities and Indigenous Students

June 1, 11:59 pm


Open to an indigenous full-time undergraduate or post-graduate student who is currently enrolled at a Canadian academic institution with degree-granting powers who is pursuing studies in a field that is related to the work of the Bank.



AbbVie IBD Scholarship: Crohn’s & Colitis

June 1, 2019 5:00 pm

These scholarships are available to students of any age, living with Crohn’s disease and ulcerative colitis who are enrolled in a Canadian post-secondary educational institution.



Got a Spine Scholarship

June 2, 2019

Scholarships are available to Canadian or US residents who will be attending school in the fall of 2017 and have a 2.5 GPA.



Epilepsy Association of Nova Scotia Scholarships

June 8, 2018 – Website not updated (2) $500                                             

Applicants must be under the care of a physician for the treatment of epilepsy; accepted for study at a recognized post-secondary school worldwide (proof required); residents of Nova Scotia, New Brunswick or Prince Edward Island and Canadian citizens or landed immigrants. References are required by the due date.



Sweet Caroline Foundation Scholarship

June 8, 2018 – Website not updated $1000

This scholarship is open to residents of New Brunswick (regardless of age) who will be enrolled in an accredited post-secondary program for the 2018-2019academic year.

Application forms are available in guidance office



Abbott and Fenner Scholarship Program

June 14, 2019

Students will submit an essay on the topic that appears on the scholarship page of our web site.



Canadian Federation of Independent Grocers

June 15, 2019

Applicants must be Canadian residents studying in Canada. Applicants must also be working for a current CFIG member (retail, associate, affiliate) or be a family member of an employee of a current CFIG member.



Global Lift Equipment Scholarship

June 15, 2019

Applicants must be Canadian or US citizens attending school in the fall and have a GPA of no less than 2.5.



AIA GAAS program

June 15, annually                         


Qualified applicants must either be a graduating high school senior or have graduated from high school within the past two years. Priority will be given to those pursuing a career in the automotive aftermarket. To receive a scholarship, applicants must be enrolled in a college-level program, university or an accredited automotive technical program through either a CAMPE (Canadian Association of Motive Power Educators) college or a CARS approved institute.  Applicant must submit an essay (at least 250 words in length, no longer than one page, double-spaced), indicating why you believe you deserve to be chosen to receive a scholarship.



BigSun Scholarship

June 19, 2019                        


The successful applicant will be a high school senior or be attending a post-secondary institute and currently involved in some sport at that institution.



Holiday Inn Vancouver Indigenous Scholarship

June 21 annually


The scholarship will be awarded to an indigenous student enrolled or accepted into an accredited post-secondary program.



GTI Broker

June 30th, 2019

The growth of GoToInsure.ca in the Atlantic Region exemplifies the achievements of people working together in their own communities. GTI Broker Group is pleased to offer a $2,000.00 scholarship to a full time student, including freshmen, pursuing any course of study, at a University, College, or School of Higher Learning who is a current resident of NB, NS or NFLD. 



Gender Equality Scholarship

June 30, annually for Fall Sessions

November 30, annually for Winter Sessions

Up to $2000

The Scholarship Program is intended to encourage women and men, entering their first year at a New Brunswick college, to seek a non-traditional career where participation to date by women and men in these fields has been limited.



Conoco Indigenous Awards Program
June 30th annually


The Indigenous Awards Program provides financial assistance to Indigenous students pursuing high school upgrading and post-secondary education. Additional information listed on the website.



N. B. Federation of Labour- Solidarity Award

June 30, annually               


Available to any graduating student pursuing post-secondary education.  Student must submit a 1000 word essay or a visual arts work depicting "the value of unions to workers and society".



Tim McCarthy Environment Prize

June 30, annually               


For sons/daughters of members of local unions affiliated with N. B. Federation of Labour and entering a field related to environmental protection and education.  An essay must accompany this application.



James A. Whitebone Memorial Scholarship

June 30, annually                   


For sons/daughters of member or deceased members of a local union affiliated with the N. B. Federation of Labour, pursuing post-secondary education.



Lift Parts Express Scholarship

June 30, 2019

Open to male or female residents of the US or Canada attending school in the fall and have a GPA of 3.0.



Dialogue New Brunswick   

June 30, 2017

(2) $1,000                                          

The candidate must complete the application form and describe the nature of his/her extracurricular activities and/or community involvement and explain how this involvement promotes the values of mutual understanding, respect and appreciation between New Brunswick’s two official language communities (250 to 400 words maximum).



Leader of the Pack Scholarship

June 30, 2019


This scholarship is open to NB. NS or Nfld. students entering a Canadian College or University. The successful applicant will demonstrate leadership and a strong commitment to his/her community through initiating innovative community projects and/or volunteerism.



Canadian Printing Industries Scholarship Trust Fund

July 6, 2018


This scholarship is open to students who are enrolled as a full-time students in a printing management or technical program (not art or design) and in the first year in a Canadian post-secondary school.



National Union’s Scholarship Program

The Brian Fudge Memorial Scholarship

The Tommy Douglas Scholarship

The Terry Fox Memorial Scholarship

The Scholarship for Aboriginal Canadians

The Scholarship for Visible Minorities

July 6, 2018               

$1,500 each                                                               

Five major scholarships. A 750-1000 word essay required.



Jim BourqueScholarship

July 13, 2018


Candidates must be enrolled in post-secondary training in Education, Environmental Studies, Traditional Knowledge or Telecommunications; and be a Canadian Aboriginal student.



Ladies Auxiliary Command of New Brunswick

July 15, annually                                                       

Special consideration given to veteran’s children accepted at a technical school or university. Awarded on the basis of financial need and scholastic record.



N. B. Royal Canadian Legion: New Brunswick Command

July 15, annually              

(25) $500                                                        

Bursaries are awarded on a point system that is based on financial need, with special consideration given to children and grandchildren of veterans.



MAWIW Student Award

(2) 500

July 21, annually

This award is for those community members from; Tobique, Elsipogtog and Esgenoopetitj



UNBI Pipeline Scholarship

(2) 500

July 10 annually

This is awarded to qualifying high school students from the Maliseet and Mi’kmaq members of the Madawaska, Woodstock, Kingsclear, St. Marys, Oromocto, Fort Folly, Buctouche, Indian Island, Eel Ground, Metepenagiag, Pabineau and Eel River Bar community



Don Cain Memorial Scholarship

July 31st, annually


This scholarship is awarded to students enrolled in first year studies at a university, college or school of higher learning. Applicants must be Cain Insurance customers, employees or their children. Other qualifications and considerations are flexible including scholastic achievement, financial need, scholastic attitude and scholastic or athletic promise.



Navy League Maritime Affair Scholarship

July 31, annually

This scholarship is for currently serving Sea Cadets entering an accredited post-secondary program with a maritime focus.



Indspire Scholarship: Post-Secondary Education (PSE)

November 1, February 1 & August 1

It is awarded to studies in business, science, law, engineering, computer studies, education, social work, social sciences, and technical studies. Fine Arts: in fields such as visual, performing, media, theatre, production, graphic and literary arts. Applicants must be attending full-time one-year certificate or diploma programs, undergraduate and graduate degree programs from an accredited postsecondary institution. Study outside of Canada is considered only at the graduate level



NB Golf Association Scholarships

August 15, annually            


Competitive golf experience and planning to attend post- secondary. Various scholarships available.



Sun Life Financial Peer Support Scholarship

August 15, 2015                

2 x $1,000                                                      

Applicants must have a spinal cord injury or other physical disability and be a volunteer or a staff member of the Canadian Paraplegic Association



Council of the Arts Fredericton

August 31, annually                


The annual scholarship is intended for students planning to pursue studies in a recognized program in the performing arts, and who live in the greater Fredericton area. The course of study can take place at any location and involve performance or production. Students at secondary, post-secondary and graduate levels are eligible.


May 22
Community Spirit Award
The Family & Friends of Cambridge-Narrows Community with Support would like to recognize student’s involvement in the community and/or school.  This award is about recognizing the many contributions of young volunteers and to showcase those students who help make a difference in their community/school.
Students in grades 6-12 who have volunteered in the past 12 months are invited to apply for the “Community Spirit Award” by completing the application form that outlines their volunteer experience (see attached document).
The deadline for the Community Spirit Award whas been extended until Monday May 27th. Applications can be submitted to the main office.​
May 14
More Schoalrship Opportunities!

With the school year quickly coming to an end, ScholarTree.ca has made a concerted effort to add as many scholarships to the platform as we could find. In the last month, we have added 41 scholarships that total of 122 awards with a value of $1,095,000.

Most of these awards deadline of these awards are in May and June, so there is still time for students who have put off applying to scholarships throughout the school year.

Don't forget the Jemseg Lions Scholarship and the Tamarack Gardens Scholarship deadline is tomorrow May 15th!

May 06
Culture Fair Date

The final date for the Culture Fair has been set for Wednesday May 8th from 12:30-2:50 pm in the gym at C-NCS! The community and all K-12 students are welcome to attend. There will be special guests, door prizes,  food tasting and so much more. Hope to see you there!


May 02
May Scholarships

OMISTA Credit Union Bursary

May 3, 2019


Applicants must be an OMISTA Credit Union owner child, or grandchild and display financial need.



St. Vincent’s Alumnae Entrance Scholarships

May 15, annually


Two scholarships are awarded to female students graduation from high school who are direct descendants of a member of St. Vincent’s Alumnae and who are enrolling in a recognized post-secondary institution on a full-time basis.



Indspire Scholarship: Legal Studies for Aboriginal People Pre-Law (LSAP) Bursary
May 15 11:59pm

The LSAP bursary is available to Non Status First Nation and Métis students only who are enrolled in a pre-law program at an accredited Canadian postsecondary institution-pre-law summer programs only.



Capital Area Minor Football Association

May 15, annually                   

(4) $1,000                               

For graduates from the Capital area who have participated in an organized tackle football program for a minimum of three years.



Carol Thompson Memorial Scholarship

May 15, annually

Applicants must submit with their application: a letter of acceptance from the university or college; three letters of reference; and a letter containing the following information: a description of the applicant's learning disability, an outline of those coping skills and strategies which have been developed to compensate for the learning disability, the individual's involvement in the community as a volunteer and the applicant's future goals.


Gertrude Aarela Memorial Scholarship for Students with Cerebral Palsy

May 15, annually


This $1,000 scholarship will be presented annually to one individual with Cerebral Palsy graduating from a New Brunswick High School and attending a college, university, or private vocational school on a full or part-time basis in the coming year. The student may be enrolled in any field of study.



Tamarack Gardens Scholarship

Deadline May 15th

Drop off Applciation to the School Office


Jemseg Lions Club Annual Scholarship Application

Deadline May 15th


 PotashCorp Aboriginal Youth Financial Management Awards

May 31, 2019


Open to Canadian indigenous youth in grade 11 and 12 interested in pursuing an education after high school in the field of financial management.



Education Awards for Brain Tumor Survivors



Visit website to view webinar to understand application process and deadlines

Brain tumour survivors between the ages of 16 and 30 who are pursuing post-secondary education are invited to apply for BrainTumour Foundation of Canada’s new Education Award opportunities open to students who will be enrolled full-time in a publicly funded Canadian university, college or CEGEP.



Dairy Farmers of N.B. Scholarship

May 24, 2019                      

(3) $1,000                                                       

For students pursuing studies in agriculture or dairy industry at a university or college.  An essay and a letter of recommendation must accompany this application.  A 300 - 500 word essay is required.



Zeiger Firm Scholarship

May 25, 2019


In order to participate, prospective applicants must be currently enrolled in an accredited United States college or university or planning to attend one in the upcoming fall semester. Applicants should submit a 500-word essay answering the question on the website.



Spina Bifida Association Scholarship

Third Wednesday in May, annually                        


Open to Canadian citizens or landed immigrants who have spina bifida and/or hydrocephalus and must be a registered member in good standing of SBHAC. Membership must be in good standing for a minimum of one year prior to applying.



Rob Robichaud Memorial Scholarship

May 26, 2017

$2000 (2)

To qualify, you must have a minimum of a grade 12 diploma or be completing your grade 12 diploma by June 2017 and accepted to be enrolled in a post-secondary program at a recognized institution, such as a university or community college in a transportation related course.

See Scholarship News on the ASD-W Scholarship Webpage or your school guidance counselor for application form.


NBCC Scholarship (NB Public Colleges Entrance Scholarship)

May 27, annually (SEE GUIDANCE for school date as candidate must be nominated)


For a graduating student pursuing post-secondary studies at NBCC, CCNB or NBCCD. A candidate is selected by each NB high school on the basis of academics, extracurricular activities and financial need.



Fredericton Chamber of Commerce Scholarship 

Last Friday of May, annually


Recognize a deserving student who has made a significant contribution to the betterment of their school and/or community and at the same time has demonstrated sound academic achievement. This scholarship is restricted to employees of members in good standing of the Fredericton Chamber of Commerce; or the child, spouse or partner of a member; or the child, spouse or partner of the member’s employee.


Learning Matters Bursary

May 31, 2019

(6) $2500
Learning Matters scholarships are granted to Canadian citizens or permanent residents who are entering or enrolled in a full-time post-secondary undergraduate education program at a recognized Canadian post-secondary institution. Applicants must demonstrate financial need, community involvement, academic excellence, and have a career objective that will make a positive contribution in Canadian society.



C.S.T. Consultants Scholarships

May 31, 2018

(2) $6,000                             

These scholarships are available annually to two Canadian citizens who are academically gifted, well-rounded, and will be pursuing their first undergraduate commerce/finance/business degree/diploma at a recognized post-secondary institution. This program is aimed at those students whose parents/guardians do not have a post-secondary education or received their post-secondary education outside of Canada. 



Timmy Munn Memorial Scholarships

May 31, annually

Scholarships are awarded on the basis of athletic ability, academic performance, and financial need. Recipients will have graduated from a Fredericton local high school and attend a local college or university.



Marianne Limpert Scholarship

This scholarship is for a Fredericton High School, Leo Hayes High School, Oromocto High School or Ecole Sainte-Anne graduate pursuing post-secondary studies and continuing to swim competitively.



MADD Canada Bursary Application

May 31, annually

Applicants must be a Canadian student who have had an immediate family member (mother, father, legal guardian, or sibling) killed in an impaired
driving related crash; pursuing any fulltime, postsecondary educational program.


Provincial Artisan Bursary

May 31, annually 4:00 pm

Provincial Artisans’ bursaries are awarded to successful resident of New Brunswick with disabilities entering or already attending a university, college or other educational institute. Other criteria include extent of disability; academic performance; academic dedication; financial need and community involvement.



LM Scholarship Program

May 31, 2019


The Leavitt Machinery Scholarship is awarded to students from the US or Canada who are enrolled in a 2 year or greater degree program with a GPA of 3.0 or greater.



Monsanto Fund Scholarship

May 31, 2019


The Monsanto Fund Opportunity Scholarship Program is available to Canadian high school students from family farms who are in their final year of high school. Those eligible for a scholarship must be planning to enroll at a Canadian post-secondary institution in a first-year agriculture program.  http://www.monsanto.ca/ourcommitments/Pages/OpportunityScholarship.aspx

May 02
Culture Fair Postponed
Due to school being closed the Culture Fair will be postponed. Date TBA

April 26
Car Wash Postponed

​Due to school being cancelled the grad car wash will be postponed until May 24th. Thanks for understanding and stay safe!

April 03
Jemseg Lions Club Scholarship Application - Deadline May 15
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