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January 14
ASD-W Covid Dashboard

​Please take a few minutes each evening to visit the ASD-W Covid-19 Dashboard for updated information and news related to schools. Any exposures related to our school will be posted here:

COVID-19 Dashboard (nbed.nb.ca)

January 14
Friday, January 14, 2022

Happy Friday Huskies!

Just a quick shoutout to remind you that work packages for next week can be picked up on Monday from 10:00-3:00. If this time does not work for you, please contact your homeroom teacher to arrange another time.

Don't forget to pass in any work that you have completed this week so it can be assessed by your teachers. Be sure to put your name on all of your work!

If you are a 6-8 student that needs a package but you have not already told your teacher, please do so prior to coming to pick one up. We want to make sure that we have a copy printed and ready for you when you arrive. The email addresses for all homeroom teachers are located on the school website.

A note as well, in case you haven't already hear, that at home learning has been extended up to and including January 28th.

As always, if you have any questions please contact the school.

Have a wonderful weekend!​

January 12
Learn at Home Update

Hey everyone,

I just wanted to touch base to thank you for everything that you are doing to help support your kiddos. We appreciate how difficult it can be and we are here to try and support you along the way. Should you need anything, please do not hesitate to reach out to your child's teachers. Academics are important, but mental health is very important as well! We know that you will all do what you can, so don't stress about what is beyond what you can accomplish.
I've had a few questions about the online schedule for middle and high as well. Please see the post below for the schedule.
Don't forget that work packages are available for 6-8 families upon request. If you need a work package, please email your child's homeroom teacher so this can be arranged.
Mrs. Bruijns​
January 07
Learn from Home Schedule


Independent Reading - 8:00-8:20

Period 1 - 8:35-9:00 Virtual Learning
                  9:00-9:20 Practice

Period 2 - 9:30-9:55 Virtual Learning
                   9:55-10:15 Practice

Period 3 - 10:30-10:55  Virtual Learning
                   10:55-11:15 Practice

Period 4 - 11:25-11:50 Virtual Learning
                   11:50-12:10 Practice

Lunch - 12:10-1:05

Period 5 - 1:05-1:30 Virtual Learning
                   1:30-1:50 Practice

Period 6 - 1:50-2:10 Virtual Learning
                   2:10-2:30 Practice

Physical Activity/Wellness - 2:30-3:00

25 min. x 6 classes = 150 min. online screen time


Independent Reading - 8:00-8:20

Period 1 - 8:30-9:15 TEAMS 
                 9:15-9:30 Break

Period 2 - 9:30-10:15 TEAMS
                 10:15-10:30 Break 

Period 3 - 10:30-11:15 TEAMS
                 11:15-11:30 Break           

Period 4 - 11:30-12:15 TEAMS

                 12:15-1:05 Lunch

Period 5 - 1:05-1:50 TEAMS 
                 1:50-2:05 Break

Period 6 - 2:05-2:50 TEAMS ​
January 07
Important Information - Working from Home:

​Hello once again Husky families!

We hope that you have had a wonderful holiday break. 

As you know, the province has decided to move to distance learning at this time for a period of at least two weeks. As a result, most students will begin working and learning from home on Tuesday. 

The expectations for what is required looks different depending on what level your child is currently at:

K-5 - Students will be learning primarily using work from home packages that will be prepared by your child's teachers. These packages can be picked up at the school anytime between 11:00 and 3:00 on Monday, or by arrangement with your child's teacher. Homeroom teachers will be checking in with your child on a daily basis. Please let teachers know which is your preferred method of contact (Teams, email, phone). It is asked that your child read every day and get 30 minutes of physical activity in addition to the packaged work that is sent home.

6-8 - Students will be learning primarily online through Teams. If your child is unable to access the internet or is without a technological device, please contact your child's homeroom teacher as soon as possible so that a work package can be prepared for them. Required work packages can be picked up at the school on Monday between 11:00 and 3:00, or by arrangement with your child's teacher. It is asked that students at this level read for 20 minutes a day and get 30-60 minutes of physical activity. Students are required to check in with their homeroom teacher once each day so that attendance can be taken.

9-12 - Students will be learning exclusively through Teams. High School students that have been identified as not having access to the internet will be invited to attend school in person for the next two weeks. If you do not have the internet and are not contacted, please reach out to your homeroom teacher so that bus arrangements can be made for you to attend in person. High School students with the internet but no device are asked to please contact their homeroom teacher so that a loaner device can be arranged. Paperwork needs to be signed by a parent or guardian for devices to be loaned. High School English students are asked to please make sure they have their journals at home with them. Grade 9-10 Math students will require a textbook. Any High School students that need to pick up items from the school may do so on Monday from 11:00-3:00, or by arrangement through their homeroom teacher. Attendance will be taken during each class period.​

I know that this is a lot of information, so if you have questions please contact your child's homeroom teacher for clarification. Email addresses for all staff can be found on the school's website.

Have a wonderful weekend!

Mrs. Bruijns

December 22
Early Dismissal

​A notice to high school families:

We have just received word that due to deteriorating road and weather conditions, schools will be closing at noon today.

December 17
Friday, December 17th, 2021

Hello Husky Families,

1) Our Provincial Government has asked schools to send home POC Testing packages for our students over the holidays. Please save one for January 10th as all students K-12 will need to be tested before returning to school. We do not need proof of this. 

If your child was absent and didn't receive the POC kits, please call the school to arrange pick up next week. Staff will be in the building until Thursday.

Also, a letter was sent home from Mr. McTimoney, our Superintendent, outlining the changes in the new Winter Healthy and Safe Schools Plan from EECD.

Winter Healthy and Safe Schools Plan​ (link)

2)  A big thank you to the Elf volunteers who helped with the Home & School shopping fundraiser this week. The students had a great time picking out little gifts for their loved ones!

3) Thank you to Santa and his elf for their visit today. Not only did we get to see Santa arrive on the firetruck, but he also brought us treats! It was a great day.

4) A reminder that there are no lunch programs next week.

5) Today was the last day for K-6 students and 7-8 students will finish on Tuesday. Grade 9-12 students will attend until Thursday at noon.

6) Thank you to Mr. Burrill, Mr. Gee and the Digital Production students for all of the work that they put into producing a very cute episode of Husky Howlidays News for you all. A link to this video can be found on the school's website, as well as the Home & School Facebook page.

Have a wonderful weekend!

Mrs. Bruijns

December 17
Holiday Concert Video 2021!!!!
Holiday Concert Video 2021​ (click on link)

We hope you enjoy!!!

A big thank-you to Mr. Burrill, Mr. Gee and Digital Production for all of their assistance in making this video possible.

Happy Holidays from all of us at C-NCS.
December 14
Lost & Found


December 13
K-8 Rapid Testing Kits

​Hello K-8 Husky Families,

Our rapid test kits for all K-8 students have arrived. Each student is being sent home with 2 boxes (5 tests each). At this point we have not had a case of Covid reported at our school. However, it is still recommended that students complete a rapid test each morning before school over the next 2 weeks. If we were to have a case reported, testing would then be mandatory.

Should you have any questions regarding testing, please contact the school.


Mrs. Bruijns

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