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October 17
PSSC meeting notes
October 08
PSSC meeting notes
August 08
PSSC nominations

Our 2019-2020 PSSC election will be held on Thursday September 5th at 6:00 in the school cafeteria. If you are interested in becoming a PSSC member, please complete the nomination form found under the PSSC tab of the website and submit it to the school administration. Copies can also be found at the front office. ​

May 28
2019 2020 school calendar
May 24
Minutes April 2019
May 21
Meeting Wednesday29nd at 6:30
May 06
PSSC May 15th

​The next PSSC meeting will be May 15th at 6:30

March 28
February/March Meeting Minutes
March 28
Agenda March 28th
December 04
Welcome to the C-NCS PSSC Page.

Please look to the right and there you will find a drop down menu. There you will find the PSSC minutes .


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Anita LawtonYear: 2018-2020balawton@icloud.com
Amber BishopYear: 2018-2020amber.bishop@nbed.nb.ca
Ashley LavoieYear: 2019-2020ashleylavoie7@gmail.com
Leanda BruijnsYear: 2019-2020leanda.bruijns@nbed.nb.ca
Faith Kennedy2018-2020cyc@nb.aibn.com 
Bethany Kennedy2018-2020bjkennedy@xplornet.ca
Alexandra Torcat2018-2020astorcat11@gmail.com
Crystal Whitlock-Upshaw2018-2020upshawreining@gmail.com
Sabrina McFarlane2018-2020sabie14@hotmail.com
Victoria Allen2019-2010vickkyallen@hotmail.com
Jennifer Thomas2019-2020chatterbox75@live.ca
Patricia Dykeman2019-2020trish5821@gmail.com
Emily Mercer2019-2020hdrdw@stu.ca
Paige Mason2019-2020rebmas00244@nbss.nbed.nb.ca

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