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January 07
Middle Level Basketball clinic

​We have received new information and guidelines for Middle Level basketball due to falling into the Orange Phase.  

As of now, we can not host any "tryouts", however we can host skills and drills clinics with a set number of students at a time. The sheet is in the Hallway of the athletic deparptment. This is based on who signed up and will be announced for each clinic.  ​

January 07
Girls basketball practice is cancelled today!
January 05
Tonight Basketball Games are Cancelled

​Tonight Basketball games are cancelled. 

January 04
HS Girls basketball game & HS boys basketball game

​HS Girls basketball game Tuesday, Jan 5th,  (6pm).

HS Boy's basketball game Tunesday Jan 5th. (8:15)

January 04
HS Girls basketball practice Monday, Jan 4th

​HS girl's basketball practice 3-4pm.

HS boys basketball practice 4-6pm

January 04
HS Boys basketball team defeated Chipman HS
November 16
No School Vs School play until Novermeber 23rd, 20202
November 06
HS Girls basketball practice

​Nov 10th (4:30-6pm) Practice 

Nov 12th (4-30-6pm) Practice

October 30
HS Boys basketball practice Tuesday November 3rd.


October 30
HS Girls basketball practice Tuesday, November 3rd.
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