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June 18
Lost & Found



June 18
Friday, June 18, 2021

​Happy Friday Husky Families!

Here are your announcements for this week:

1) This was the last week for school lunch and breakfast programs. If you are interested in donating toward our food programs for next year, there will be a link posted to School Cash Online at the end of next week. Thank you again to everyone that donated to our food programs this year!

2) The grade 8 graduation activities will take place on Wednesday, June 23rd. This will also be the day that the 6/7 class receive their pizza party for winning the Poetry Challenge.

3) The time has come to celebrate the wonderful grads of 2021!  We would like to invite the community to share their support for this group by welcoming them to the school's drive-thru congratulatory ceremony.  The drive-thru portion of the ceremony will begin at 6pm on Thursday, June 24th.  If you would like to participate, please ensure that you wear a mask if you are rolling down your vehicle's windows.  Those driving through will not be allowed to exit their vehicles and will be directed to move through the parking lot at a consistent pace so that all those who wish to attend will be able to in the time allotted.  There will also be a member of staff collecting cards, etc. at the front of the driveway.  These will be given to the grads later.  If you would like to drop anything off, you are welcome to.  Thank you all for your support throughout the years!  We are blessed to have an incredible community and are proud to share the success of this wonderful group with you all!

4) I must apologize for misinformation that was sent home last week regarding the final day of school on June 25th. It has been brought to our attention by District that this will actually be a full day for 9-12 students. K-8 students will still go home at noon.

5) We have a table of lost and found items here at the school. I will be posting a photo on the school website as well as the Home and School Facebook page. If you recognize any of the items, please contact Sandra in the office and we will make sure they come home to you.

6) Congratulations to all of the K-5 students that got Husky Howl awards today, and also to students that got sports awards earlier in the week. We are so proud of you!

7) End of year awards for K-8 students will take place on Thursday, June 24th. K-5 will be in the morning and 6-8 will be in the afternoon. Unfortunately, these events will not be able to be streamed due to privacy concerns.

8) Our K-5 huskies are going to end the year with some awesome activities:

Monday is our Unforgettable McDonalds Lunch and an Outdoor Field Day! Dress for the weather.

Tuesday is our Virtual Worlds UNBound presentations.

Wednesday is a walk and extra recess.

Thursday is our Year End Celebration.

Friday, we zip up and zoom out!

9) Please be sure to return your Library books to Paula.

10) A shout-out to grades 9 and 10, as well as their teachers, for their amazing end of year demonstrations of learning. For Social Studies, grade 10 designed and acted out the aspects of a traditional Roman feast. And for Art class, grades 9 and 10 designed costumes and props to complete a rendition of Beauty and the Beast. Way to show what you know in creative and fun ways!

11) Final report cards will go home with students on Friday, June 25th. 

Have a wonderful weekend!

Mrs. Bruijns

June 11
Friday, June 11, 2021

​Happy Friday Husky Families,

Here are your announcements for this week:

1) Next week is Demonstration of Learning Week for 9-12 students. All HS students will come to school and attend regular classes from Monday to Thursday. They will do their final projects, tests and assignments during this time. High School students will not attend school on Friday as this day will be held open in case of emergencies.

2) Congratulations to all of the High School students that received awards today during our virtual awards ceremony. You have all worked very hard and we are proud of you!

3) If anyone in the community has vegetable plants they would like to donate to our school garden, please contact Ms. Harris at kelly.harris2@nbed.nb.ca. Students are planting over the next two weeks and vegetables will be used in the school next year.

4) Details will be sent home with grads early next week providing vital information on the graduation ceremony, timings, expectations, ect.  A phone message from Ms. Levesque will be sent home specifically for grade 12 students regarding this as well.

5) The K and 2 farm trip will be on Tuesday, June 15th. They are so excited about this!

6) PSSC is having a virtual meeting on Wednesday, June 16th at 6:30 pm. If you would like to attend, please contact the school with you email.

7) The grade 5 mini-celebration before the move to grade 6 will be on Friday, June 18th. Students should bring an extra change of clothes and prepare to get wet!

8) McDonald's day for K-5 is quickly approaching. You can order using the forms sent home or by using School Cash Online. Please have orders in no later than Wednesday, June 16th. As always, if there are financial concerns, please contact Mrs. Bruijns.

9) If students have any library books or classroom books at home, we ask that the be returned by Wednesday.

10) Tomorrow (Saturday, June 12th) the Village recreation committee is hosting a “Hike or Bike in the Pines” event. We invite all families of the area to go out and check out our beautiful trails located right here in our own community.  Registration will begin at 9:30 am, with the Hike or Bike beginning at 10am.  All Covid protocols will be in place.  Come on out and get active, and don’t forget to log all of your active minutes on the Participaction website or app. This could be a walk, gardening, any type of exercise, even housework!  https://www.participaction.com/en-ca/programs/community-challenge 

11) The ABC Countdown for K-5 is still in full swing. Here is the breakdown for next week:

Monday is PJ day, 

Tuesday is Q-Tip Structure Day, 

Wednesday is Roll the Dice Day, 

Thursday is Scavenger Hunt Day, 

Friday is Tent Picnic Day!

12) A big thank-you to everyone that helped make Student Appreciation Day a success. It was a great day!

Have a wonderful weekend!

Mrs. Bruijns 

June 09
Student Appreciation Day - Thursday, June 10th

​Hello Husky Families!

Tomorrow is Student Appreciation Day at C-NCS! 

Staff have lots of things planned to help celebrate this special day, including a BBQ at lunch. We ask that students please wear their coloured C-NCS shirts.

Marcy will also be doing the ice cream party for the whole school in the afternoon as their prize for Participaction. Well done!!!

We can't wait to celebrate all of our students tomorrow!

C-NCS Staff​

June 08
Student Appreciation Day - Thursday, June 10th
June 04
Friday, June 4, 2021

​Happy Friday Husky Families!

Here are your announcements:

1) Thanks to all of our students and staff who participated in Spirit Week!  We will be tracking the classes active minutes for the whole month of June!  So make sure you take some time to get out and get active this weekend and don’t forget to log your activity minutes on the Participaction App, on their website or on the Cambridge-Narrows Sports and Recreation Facebook page!

I would like to send a super huge thank-you to Ms. Harris, Kristina and the grade 10s who have more than stepped up to make this event special! They organized and printed t-shirts, ran activities, served breakfast and so much more! Thank you to Marcy for once again being the driving force behind Participaction this week!

We have decided to announce the winners for Spirit Week on Monday.

2) We’d ask that Pokemon Cards not be brought to school, as in accordance with our COVID operational plan. This is similar to bringing toys from home.

3) Congratulations to Ms. Levesque on her graduation from the UNB Master's program tomorrow. She has worked very hard to achieve this much deserved goal and we are very fortunate to have her with us again next year as Acting-VP.

4) Due to the increased adoption of alternative payment methods offered by the districts, KEV has decided to cease supporting payments using myWallet. Effective June 4th 2021, School Cash Online no longer supports adding funds into myWallet. The customers currently using myWallet accounts will be given until October 31, 2021, to use their remaining balances. After November 1, 2021, all customers with remaining balances will be refunded. We anticipate completing all refund activities before December 10, 2021. If you have questions about School Cash Online, please contact Sandra.

5) A reminder that it is very buggy and sunny out. Please feel free to send children with sunscreen and age-appropriate bug spray. Bug spray can be applied by students once outside. Please make sure that students are dressed appropriately for the weather and the upcoming heat (shorts, hats, etc.). We would also ask that students remember to bring their water bottles with them for when running around outside.

6) A big thank-you to the volunteer fire fighters that responded to our fire alarm today. We really appreciate your help. It's a good thing that we practiced yesterday!!!

7) June 10th is Student Appreciation Day. We have many things planned to help make this day special.

8) Grades K and 2 are visiting a local farm on Tuesday, June 15th. Information about this has been sent home.

9) There is a PSSC meeting on Wednesday, June 16th at 6:30 pm. Please contact Sandra with your email address if you would like to attend.

10) Grade 5 grad activities will take place on Friday, June 18th. We look forward to celebrating them as they transition to grade 6 upstairs.

11) K-5 are doing a McDonald's day on Monday, June 21st. Please look for information about this to be sent home next week.

12) Grade 8 graduation activities, as well as the 6/7 pizza party for the Poetry Challenge will be on Wednesday, June 23rd.

13) Grade 12 graduation is on Thursday, June 24th. More information regarding the community drive-through coming soon!

14) Next week is review week for 9-12 students. Demonstration of Learning week is June 14-18. Credit Recovery Week is June 21-25.

15) Friday, June 25th is our final day of school. All students will go home at noon.

Have a wonderful weekend!​

June 01
Late Bus!!!! June 1, 2021

​Hello Husky Families,

A notice to families that Stacy's bus has broken down on the way home. There is another bus headed there currently to pick up the students on that bus. As a result, they will be late getting home.

June 01
Friday, May 28, 2021

Happy Friday Husky Families!

Here are the announcements for this week:

1) This is a reminder that all High School students will need to bring their laptops/tablets for the remainder of the school year in order to complete final assessments. Cell phones are not an acceptable alternative for in-class work. If a student needs access to tech, please see Ms. Harris to make arrangements.
2) All HS students are scheduled to go on an educational field trip on June 2. Grades 11 and 12 will have lunch provided on their Sustainability field trip. The 9s and 10s are doing a Visual Arts field trip. Please ensure any remaining permission slips are returned on Monday.

3) During the month of June, C-NCS and the Village of C-N are teaming up to participate in the Participaction Community Better Challenge. Just by logging your families activity minutes – you could help make C-N the most active community in New Brunswick or even Canada. You can simply go onto the following website https://community.participaction.com/login, register (which is very simple) and log your families minutes once a week, every week in June or you can go to the Cambridge-Narrows Sports and Recreation Facebook page and comment your minutes on our Community Better Challenge posts. 
The school will be having a fun week of activities next week and we will be challenging all of our students to Get Active!!

4) Next week is Disability Awareness Week. Each day on the announcements we will be spotlighting common disabilities to further raise awareness and grades 6-12 will have a special guest speaker on Tuesday, June 1st. Next week is also School Spirit Week. What a great way to start the month!

5) Student Appreciation Day will be celebrated on June 10th. There are lots of special things in the works for this important day!

6) World Issues students will be collecting hygiene products to be donated to teens in need in the area. Donation bins will be placed in each secondary classroom starting on Monday, May 31 until Wednesday, June 9. Items being collected include feminine hygiene products, deodorant, toothpaste, toothbrushes, soap, shaving cream, etc. Thank-you in advance for your support!

Have a wonderful weekend!
Mrs. Bruijns​

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