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September 16
Transportation update

Transportation has decided to make a change in our current bus runs.  The hope is that this will alleviate our students arriving late to school.   

Beginning on Tuesday, September 20, Dean will begin his run earlier in the morning.  When he completes his normal run, he will then proceed to Waterside Drive area (past Nan’s Store down to Big Cove) and pick up students.  This will become Dean’s normal bus run for both morning and afternoon.  Please note that there may need to be some tweaks while they test out this new plan.   ​

June 17
Our 2022 Grads - A Video
May 31
Video Announcements May 30-June 3
December 17
Holiday Concert Video 2021!!!!
Holiday Concert Video 2021​ (click on link)

We hope you enjoy!!!

A big thank-you to Mr. Burrill, Mr. Gee and Digital Production for all of their assistance in making this video possible.

Happy Holidays from all of us at C-NCS.
November 11
Virtual Remembrance Day

Hello Husky Families,

Please join us today in remembrance of our soldiers, past and present. Our students have put together a virtual presentation to help remember the sacrifices that were made, and continue to be made, to help keep our country strong and free. As a military spouse, I thank you for taking time for quiet reflection and giving thanks.

Lest we forget!

Virtual Remembrance Day 2021​

July 08
C-NCS Grad of 2021

​Congratulations to the grads of 2021. Please see the accached highlight video of this year's ceremony.

C-NCS 2021 Graduation Highlights​

December 07
Home & School Minutes November - Unapproved
December 01
PSSC Minutes November - Unapproved
November 27
Home & School Minutes - October - Approved
November 27
PSSC Minutes October 2020 - Approved