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September 21
Video Announcements!

​Exciting news! Video announcements are back courtesy of our Digital Production class. Please look for them to be posted weekly!

Announcments september 20th - YouTube​

September 17
Friday, September 17, 2021

Happy Friday Husky Families,

We have several announcements for you this week:

1) PSSC elections will take place at the school on Tuesday, September 21 at 6:00pm. Home & School elections will be on Wednesday, September 22 at 6:00 pm. If you would like to attend either meeting, please contact Sandra in the office to have your name added to the list. You must wear a mask and observe physical distancing for the duration of the meeting. The remainder of the PSSC and Home & School meetings will most likely be virtual.

2) Sandra requests that you please return your beginning of the year paperwork as soon as possible so student information can be updated.

3) Student fees can be paid online. If your student fees are paid prior to September 30th, you will receive 10 entries for the draw for a Samsung tablet which has been organized by PSSC and H&S. If your student fees are paid prior to October 28th, you will receive 1 entry. The draw will take place on October 29th. If there are financial concerns that impact your ability to pay student fees, please contact the office.

4) A reminder that our cafeteria is currently closed so there is no access to microwaves. We appreciate your understanding.

5) Our breakfast programs are back up and running again and our Farm to School lunch program will begin on Monday. You can purchase our Monday lunches online. We will not be accepting IOUs this year, so please be sure to purchase in advance. A big thanks to Marcy and our Culinary class for making this possible. Additional lunch programs will begin in October.

6) SRC are once again doing their coffee fundraiser. Please look for order forms coming home with your students. This fundraiser is usually a great success! All coffee orders will be due on October 1st.

7) As of right now our K-5 students will be heading to Hazen Cameron’s Family Apple Orchard this week. A 5 lb bag of apples is only 4$. Given the new restrictions just announced, it is possible that this trip may be cancelled. If the trip does proceed as planned, K-2 will be going on the 22nd and 3-5 on the 23rd. Please send in permission and money by Monday, September 20th. If the trip does take place and you hope to join your child or volunteer with the classroom teacher, you must show proof of being fully vaccinated prior to the trip and must wear your mask at all times. Let’s keep our Huskies safe!

8) We are hoping that our annual Terry Fox walk and run can still take place on the morning of Friday, September 24th. We will keep you posted once we receive more guidance from the Department of Education regarding specific activities that will be permitted to continue. September the 24th will also be our whole-school half-day for the month.

9) On September 30th we will be recognizing the National Day for Truth and Reconciliation. We ask that all of our Huskies wear orange to school that day.

10) Public Health will be holding a Covid immunization clinics here at school for staff and eligible students (12+) on September 23rd and October 21st. Parents can complete consent forms on the day of the clinic, or ahead of time by visiting the Government of New Brunswick website.

11) A note to students that are eligible for vaccination that they must be fully vaccinated in order to take part in school sports and various other after school activities.

12) K-8 students will once again be returning to classroom bubbles while inside the building as of Monday morning. More clarification is currently being sought concerning recess outdoors.

Thanks for a wonderful week, Huskies! We appreciate your continued flexibility as changes regarding the school year begin to unfold once again.

We can't wait to see you all again on Monday!

Mrs. Bruijns

September 13
Masking Changes

Hello Husky Families,

Effective tomorrow, students of all ages throughout the province will be required to wear masks in schools and on busses for the next two weeks. Masks can be removed when students are eating or drinking, or taking part in sports or Physical Education. I anticipate that you can expect official communications from Anglophone School District West throughout the evening.

Microwaves will not be available for the next two weeks as the cafeteria will be closed and students will be eating in their classrooms once again to help keep students in classroom bubbles.

Thank you for your continued support and understanding. We look forward to seeing all of our students again tomorrow!

Mrs. Bruijns​

September 10
Friday, September 10, 2021

​Happy Friday Husky Families!

Here are your announcements for the first week:

1) A note to caregivers that our breakfast programs have not yet started. Breakfast will begin for K-5 on September 14th, and for 6-12 on September 15th. 

2) Once again this year we do not have access to water fountains, but do have water bottle filling stations. Please remind your students to bring a water bottle with them each day.

3) Sandra asks that you please return your school paperwork to homeroom teachers as soon as possible.

4) Our Parent School Support Committee elections will take place on Tuesday, September 21st here at the school. If you would like to attend or if you have questions about the role of PSSC, please contact Sandra in the office.

5) For the caregivers of students travelling on Stacy's bus (bus #352), please know that the Transportation Department is working on possible solutions to fix current problems. They hope to have all issues resolved soon!

6) We do have access to microwaves this year. We ask that students in K-5 please pre-cook anything that will require heating for more than one minute as we are finding it difficult to get everything heated before lunch is over. We thank you in advance for your help with this.

7) We are currently looking for fully vaccinated coaches. Our co-ed High School Soccer team is scheduled to start soon and we have yet to find a coach. If you are interested in coaching for grades 6-12, or running afterschool sports clubs for 3-5, please contact Mr. Merrill.

8) Our whole-school half day for this month will be on September 24th.

9) Our PSSC and Home & School Student Fee incentive program is in full swing. Don't forget that if you pay your student fees prior to September 30th you will receive 10 entries for a chance to win a Samsung table. If you pay between October 1 and October 28th you will receive 1 entry. The draw for the tablet will take place on October 29th.

If you have questions about anything related to your students, please do not hesitate to contact homeroom teachers or the office.

Have a wonderful weekend!​

September 07
Late Bus - September 7th

​Stacy's bus (bus 352) is running 1 hour late this morning.

September 02
Welcome Back!

Hello Husky Families!

We hope everyone had a restful and relaxing summer. We are looking forward to the new school year as it is quickly approaching. As it will be a different start to the school year, we are sending out some back to school information. 

1) All students will return to school according to a staggered entry beginning on Tuesday, September 7th. Please check the post below or the Home & School Facebook page for more details regarding what day your child will start. 

2) If you are not sure of bussing information please visit the Anglophone West School District's Transportation website or contact Sandra Jenkins in the office.

3) Parent drop off for students is between 8:00 and 8:15 am. Please be sure to use the designated drop-off and pick-up area. Smaller students should be escorted across the parking lot by a caregiver as traffic can often be busy.

The school day officially ends for K-2 at 2:10 pm from Monday to Thursday. There is no early bussing for K-2 students.

Grades 3-12 finish at 2:50 pm from Monday to Thursday. 
On Friday, grades K-8 are dismissed at noon. There is early bussing on Friday.

Grades 9-12 are dismissed at noon the 4th Friday of every month.

4) All students are required to wear masks on busses and in common areas this year. Please send extra masks with your student as they tend to get dirty throughout the day. For more information regarding safety procedures related to Covid-19, please see the school website. Once again, caregivers will not be permitted to enter the school without an appointment. Caregivers are asked to wear a mask at all times when on school grounds. School volunteers and coaches this year must show proof of double vaccination. No spectators will be permitted inside the school.

5) Our school is pistachio free due to an airborne allergy. Currently, we have no students registered with an airborne peanut allergy. If your child does have an airborne peanut allergy, or any other food or environmental allergy, please be sure to contact the school tomorrow. All allergies need to be recorded for safety reasons. If no allergies exist, peanut butter will be permitted once again this year. 

6) Home & School and PSSC are hosting a Student Fee Incentive Program this year. Student fees for K-12 students are $45, which includes all classroom supplies. 

K-5 students are asked to bring a bookbag, a pair of sneakers that they can put on independently, a lunch bag, an emergency set of clothing and a water bottle. 

Grade 6-12 students are asked to bring two 1 1/2 inch binders, a pair of sneakers, a water bottle and clothing for Phys Ed. 

If student fees are paid prior to September 30th you will receive 10 entries into a draw for a Samsung tablet. If fees are paid prior to October 31, you will receive 1 entry. Please look for information coming home regarding what student fees are used for!

7) Staff information has been updated on the school website. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact your child's homeroom teacher. A fun little staff introduction video will be posted to school website in the near future.

8) You can expect some information and consent forms to be sent home with your children next week. Please complete these and return them as quickly as possible.

Have a wonderful weekend and we cannot wait to see some of you on Tuesday!

Mrs. Bruijns​

August 20
When Do I Come To School?

​Hey everyone!

One question that I am sure is on your mind is which day you will be coming back to school. 

We will be having a staggered entry once again this year to help students transition back to school.

Our entry schedule will be as follows:

Tuesday, September 7th - Kindergarten Group 1, All Grade 6, All Grade 9

Wednesday, September 8th - Kindergarten Group 2, All Students Grade 1 to Grade 8

Thursday, September 9th - All Students

Friday, September 10th - K-8 AM Only, 9-12 Full Day

A message will go home to families during the week of August 30-September 3 with helpful information regarding returning to school.

If you are unsure of which Kindergarten group your child is in, please feel free to contact our Kindergarten teacher Cristina Sivitilli.

Enjoy the rest of your summer! We look forward to seeing you soon.

Mrs. Bruijns

August 20
Healthy and Safe Schools Document 2021-2022

Health and safe schools - FINAL.pdfHealth and safe schools - FINAL.pdf

As we are a K-12 school, we will be required to follow that guidelines for K-8 students throughout the school to help keep our little ones safe!


July 08
C-NCS Grad of 2021

​Congratulations to the grads of 2021. Please see the accached highlight video of this year's ceremony.

C-NCS 2021 Graduation Highlights​

June 30
School Supply/Student Fees List
Please note that our 2021-2022 school supply lists can be located under Latest School Documents or by searching under Class Supply Lists.

*  As always we will be purchasing the school supplies for Elementary Students.  Starting this year we will also be purchaing the school supplies for middle and high school students. 

Student Fee will be $45/student from K-12.  
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