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January 28
Lets Help Give Back!!!

Help support the OMHA PeeWee Williams Seafood Sharks & Kraken Good Deeds Cup

The Oromocto Food Bank supports our school and this community in many ways!  Lets help the OMHA PeeWee team reach their goal to win $5000 or $100000 for the foodbank.

How do i do this? - you may ask..just watch and share the link below.  Watch it, and share it as much as possible!   

We have been named the Regional Finalist for NB in the 2020 Chevrolet Good Deeds Cup! This means that we have won $2000 for our chosen charity the Oromocto & Surrounding Area Food Bank! However, we would like to win more $$ for them as they have seen a major increase in clients due to the spring flooding in our area the last few years. With your help, we'd like to get in the top 3 for views so that the Food Bank could win either $5000 or the grand prize of $100000 🎉 Please watch our video MANY times until Feb 9th as each view counts as a vote!

Watch Here ➡️ https://youtu.be/yNMIsuQja44 ⬅️
January 27
Tuesday January 28th

​No school for HS

regular classes for K-8

January 24
Green Paper

Information Regarding the Regional Public Consultations on the Green Paper

with the Minister of Education and Early Childhood Development 

The Department of Education and Early Childhood, in partnership with Anglophone West School District, is organizing a consultation session at 7pm on February 10th, 2020 at Fredericton High School (Cafeteria).

This consultation session will provide an opportunity for parents and community partners to share their feedback on the ideas presented in the Green Paper, titled “Succeeding at Home:  A green paper on Education in New Brunswick” .  In addition, Minister Dominic Cardy will meet with groups of students and teachers throughout the day, to gather their respective feedback.

“Succeeding at Home: A green paper on Education in New Brunswick” was released this fall and contains ideas to make our education system, from birth to graduation, the best in the world. The goal is for education to be at the heart of everything New Brunswick does. The ideas outlined in this document are based on the foundations established in the 10-year education plans.

We look forward to seeing you on February 10th, 2020, at Fredericton High School in the cafeteria (parking lot off Priestman Street, Cafeteria is located at the top of the ramp accessed through the FHS Gym Entrance). The session will begin at 7 p.m.​

January 24
Tamarack Gardens after school skating

We are starting up an after school K-5  and 6-8 sports program. Students will be welcome to stay after school once a week and learn all about their favourite sport.  

 The first thing on our agenda is a Learn to Skate!!

We will be starting Thursday January 30th from 3:00pm -4:00pm for Middle Level Students. 

 A permission slip will be sent out Tuesday.  Pick up from school at 4pm sharp is required.  

The first Learn to skate date for K-5 will be Monday February 3rd. Parents and or a guardian will be required to attend with the Elementary students.

These events will continue every Thursday for grades 6-8  and every Monday for grades K-5. for the entire month of February.  Weather and ice quality pending.

Helmets are required for all ages of participants. Skates must be brought in a zip up closed bag on the bus. 

We would welcome any volunteers that want to come out and help out on either day!


We have had a donation of skates from the Brendon Oreto Foundation and we will be putting those out in the lobby on Tuesday, Jan. 28th.  Students are welcome to take these skates home with them.  

We are also asking for donations of skates.  If you have any skates in your household that no longer fit anyone, we will put them out for donation and try to make sure they all get to a new home.

 Children will not be allowed on the ice without a CSA approved helmet, bicycle helmets not permitted.   


January 17
Tamarack Gardens rink open

The rink will be open for use this afternoon.   Please remember to wear your CSA approved helmet.  Have fun!​

January 17
Announcements week of January 20th

​Hello Husky Families,

Monday we are asking students and staff to wear orange for the day.

The province has put out a sexual health survey for parents with children under 18 to complete. The link is on our website.

There will be a parent ADHD information session very soon. All information is on our website.

The Rink  is open for use and we would like to remind you that it is a skate at your own risk policy and we strongly suggest the use of helmets.

Next week is exam week for High School students. The updated exam schedule is on our website. Exams begin at 8:30 and will end at 10:30 with busses departing at 11:00.
Students are not permitted to be at school unless they are writing an exam or they have been requested to be here by their teacher.

Students have been told many times that they are not to remain at the school unsupervised waiting for games to start. Unfortunately students are ignoring this rule and as a result we have been removing them from the building. It is important for parents to know that students are not in the building and they are not supervised if they chose to stay after school and wait for the games. Most games do not begin until 6:00 pm and our staff is not here.

For all sporting information on practices and games please check the school website daily.

Have a wonderful weekend and stay safe and warm!

January 17
ADHD information

Good Afternoon,

Hope all is well! The Centre for ADHD Awareness, Canada is coming to Fredericton NB on May 9, 2020 to provide an ADHD workshop for parents of children with ADHD and educators.  We are hoping you can share this information with your teachers and parents. One of the presenters is a school psychologists for the Toronto District School Board, she is very well versed on strategies to help both the teacher and student.


Workshop link -  https://caddac.ca/adhd/events/fredericton-adhd-workshops/1589013000/1589041800/


Workshop Flyer - https://caddac.ca/adhd/wp-content/uploads/2020/01/ADHD-Workshops-Flyer-Fredericton-2020.pdf




Juanita Beaudry, MA Health

Executive Director

O: 416-637-8584

January 17
Please complete the NB survey
January 17
Exam Schedule

Exam week January 20-24, 2020


Jan 20



Jan 21



Jan 22



Jan 23



Jan 24



Jan 27







ELPA 9 &


ELPA Re-Writes


Workplace 110


Electrical Wiring 110


School cancellation exam make up day

Turn around / PL day no school for ALL students unless there has been an exam cancellation

Turn around day no school for HS

students unless there has been an exam cancellation

GMF - 10

Science - 10

Foundations 110

Physics 110

Biology 112

Social Studies 9





Jan 22








Modern History 112








Should there be a school cancellation for one day the exams will all move ahead one day

For example: IF school is closed on Tuesday 21 – Tuesdays exams would be on Wednesday, Wednesday’s exams would be on Thursday and Thursday’s exam would be on Friday.

Should there be a school cancellation for 2 days, the exams will again move ahead another day and the last exam would be given on Monday the 28th.​

January 16
Late Busses

​Fred's bus is not running today after school (January 16, 2020). As a result, Vernon will be taking his regular run as well as most of Fred's, except for those living on Knight Rd. and Austin Rd. They will be going on Brian's bus. 

Messages were sent at 3:00pm via School Messenger.

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