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November 15
Girls Tip-Off Schedule: Nov 16th to Nov 18th

The schedule for the Simonds High School 2018 Girls Tip-Off Tournament is as follows:

Friday, November 16th

1:30 pm Oromocto vs Simonds   Varsity Girls

3:15 pm Rothesay Netherwood vs HVHS             Varsity Girls

5:00 pm Harbour View vs Hampton                   Junior Varsity Girls

6:45 pm Rothesay vs Leo Hayes           Junior Varsity Girls

Saturday, November 17th

8:30 am Simonds vs Harbour View           Varsity Girls

10:15 am Rothesay Netherwood vs Oromocto   Varsity Girls

12:00 pm Woodstock vs Leo Hayes           Junior Varsity Girls

1:45 pm   Dalhousie vs Harbour View                   Junior Varsity Girls

3:30 pm Rothesay Netherwood vs Simonds    Varsity Girls

5:15 pm Harbour View vs Oromocto            Varsity Girls

7:00 pm Rothesay vs Woodstock            Junior Varsity Girls

8:45 pm Hampton vs Dalhousie            Junior Varsity Girls

Sunday, November 18th

10:00 am 3rd Green vs 3rd Gold           Junior Varsity Girls

12:00 pm 2nd Green vs 2nd Gold           Junior Varsity Girls

2:00 pm 1st Green vs 1st Gold                   Junior Varsity Girls 

4:00 pm 1st Varsity Girls vs 2nd Varsity Girls Championship Game

Varsity Girls Division: Junior Girls Divisions:

Simonds High Green Gold

Oromocto High Dalhousie         Leo Hayes

Harbour View High Harbour View         Woodstock

Rothesay Netherwood Hampton         Rothesay

November 08
Boys Tip-Off Schedule: Nov 9th to Nov 11th

The schedule for the Simonds High School 2018 Boys Tip-Off Tournament is as follows:

Schedule: Friday, November 9th

1:30 PM  Varsity Boys: Simonds vs Fundy High

3:15 PM  Junior Boys: Simonds vs Rothesay

5:00 PM  Varsity Boys: Fredericton JV vs Harbour View

6:45 PM  Junior Boys: Fredericton Christian vs Harbour View

Schedule: Saturday, November 10th

8:30 AM  Varsity Boys: Saint John High vs Harbour View

10:15 AM Junior Boys: Fredericton Christian vs Saint John High

12:00 PM Varsity Boys: Fundy High vs Pugwash 

1:45 PM Junior Boys: Simonds vs St. Malachy's

3:30 PM Varsity Boys: Saint John High vs Fredericton JV

5:15 PM Junior Boys: Harbour View vs Saint John High

7:00 PM Varsity Boys: Pugwash vs Simonds

8:45 PM Junior Boys: Rothesay vs St. Malachy's

Schedule: Sunday, November 11th

8:00 AM Junior Boys: 3rd Green vs 3rd Gold

10:00 AM Varsity Boys: 3rd Green vs 3rd Gold

12:00 PM Junior Boys: 2nd Green vs 2nd Gold 

2:00 PM Varsity Boys: 2nd Green vs 2nd Gold 

4:00 PM Junior Boys: 1st Green vs 1st Gold 

6:00 PM Varsity Boys: 1st Green vs 1st Gold 

Admission is $5.00 for a day pass and $10.00 for a weekend pass.

November 08
Student of the Week

​Congratulations to Olivia Collins who was selected as Simonds High School student of the week for the week of November 5th, to November 8th, 2018.  Olivia is always smiling and is ready to take on her next task.  Her attitude is inspiring and she displays a creativity that adds to every project she takes on.  Olivia has honour marks and has excellent attendance.  She is friendly, dependable and determined.  This makes us proud to have Olivia as a student at Simonds High School.  Simonds Pride Continues with Olivia Collins…

Olivia Collins.jpeg

October 30
Student of the Week

​Congratulations to Ximena Chavez who was selected as Simonds High School student of the week for the week of October 22nd to October 26th, 2018.  Ximena is an exchange student from Mexico and even though all her surroundings are new, she has proven to be a true Seabee.  She has adapted quickly to her surroundings by making great friends and by participating in school activities and events.  Ximena is a member of the swim team and is regularly seen in the bleachers supporting our school sports teams.  She even ran with our school in the Sweet Carolina Run.  She is a respectful and responsible student, serving as a role model in every class.  Her positivity follows her where ever she goes.  We are so grateful to have Ximena with us this year!  Simonds Pride Continues with Ximena Chavez…

Ximena Chavez.jpeg

October 30
Christmas Shopping Expo - Nov 3rd

We invite you to join us for our annual Countdown to Christmas sale this coming Saturday from 10AM - 2PM in the Simonds cafeteria.  There will be craftspeople/vendors with unique crafts - so many great ideas for your Christmas shopping!  This is one of the main fundraisers of the year for the alumni; funds from it go toward student scholarships and other initiatives (such as contributions for the breakfast program) for Simonds students.  Please join us and bring your friends, family and neighbours.  Admission is free!  Come out on Saturday and get a great start on your Christmas shopping.  Thank you for your support! 

The Simonds High School Alumni Committee​

October 24
Student of the Week

Congratulations to Christopher Duguay who was selected as Simonds High School student of the week for the week of October 15th to October 19, 2018.  Chris is always friendly to everyone he meets.  He is a good listener, and a hard worker.  Chris did an excellent job in leading the music room’s percussion set-up this year.  He is patient and focused in his own studies, and he takes the initiative in his own interests while sharing responsibly with other students.  Simonds Pride Continues with Christopher Duguay…

Christopher Duguay.jpeg

October 18
Student of the Week

Congratulations to Mackenzie Montyr who was selected as Simonds High School student of the week for October 8th to October 12th 2018.  Mackenzie has demonstrated the true meaning of being a Seabee.  At all times, she strives to make everyone feel included and accepted no matter who they are.  She believes that everyone should have a chance.  Last week Mackenzie thought it would be important and essential for her whole group to learn sign language to make a student feel more comfortable participating and sharing.  Acts like these prove that Mackenzie is a role model citizen and we are proud to call her our very own Seabee.  Simonds Pride Continues with Mackenzie Montyr…

Mackenzie Montyr.jpg

October 18
Grad Class Newsletter

The Grad Class Newsletter has arrived!  Please view the following PDF for information pertaining to Grads.​

Grad Class Newsletter 2018-2019.pdfGrad Class Newsletter 2018-2019.pdf

October 11
Student of the Week

​Congratulations to Summer who was selected as Simonds High School student of the week for the week of October 1 to October 5, 2018.  Summer is a wonderful representative of Simonds High School.  She comes to class every day with a smile on her face and shows great compassion for those around her as she is so caring and helpful to all.  Simonds Pride Continues with Summer Martin…

Summer Martin.jpeg

October 01
Students of the Week

Congratulations to Hailie Rogers and Abby Shanks who were selected as Simonds High School students of the week for September 24, 2018 to September 28, 2018. On Friday, September 14, 2018, Simonds High School recognized the “Becca told me to” campaign. Two of our very deserving Seabees took this initiative to heart and did exactly as Becca told them to. Each teacher received a personalized card in their mailbox with a small treat attached. These students recognized the hard work, effort and compassion of our teachers but in reality it is THEIR compassion that shone through. All teachers were touched by their kindness and in turn we wanted to recognize these students as Students of the Week. We can’t think of two more deserving students whose kindness affected a multitude of people this week. We are so proud of both of you!​  Simonds Pride Continues with Hailie Rogers and Abby Shanks…

Hailie Rogers.jpeg 
Abby Shanks.jpeg

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