Simonds High School

​Our Mission

Simonds High School is committed to creating a community of
empowered learners in an environment of mutual respect and trust.
Students will be inspired and challenged to acquire the knowledge,
skills, attitudes and values to successfully contribute to our
evolving society.


Simonds High School is a large comprehensive senior high school in east Saint John, New Brunswick. This community school, with its unique four building structure linked by breezeways, was constructed in 1970. However, Simonds High School has been in existence since 1950, having been previously housed in another landmark building on the east side of the city. Simonds celebrated its 50th birthday in the year 2000.
Currently, our student enrolment is approximately 820 students served by a teaching staff of around fifty with many auxiliary personnel including office, cafeteria and custodial staff.
The physical facility at Simonds is excellent. Beyond the usual classrooms and lecture theatres, it offers a pool, double gymnasium, theatre, weight room, pool room, large cafeteria, community access centre, broad-based technology centre, recording studio, science labs that include a greenhouse and a computer network. On the school site a newly resurfaced playing field, tennis courts and a city rink add to our sports facilities.
Simonds has always been a community high school in the former parish of Simonds, whose students it has served. Its broad range of courses at a variety of levels, its excellent physical plant and its team of competent and caring staff combine to make it an educational facility second to none in ASD-S.








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