Parent School Support Committee

Parents play a vital role in the governance of New Brunswick schools, through District Education Councils at the school district level and through Parent School Support Committees at the school level.

The role of the PSSC:
- Advise the Principal on the establishment, implementation and monitoring of the School Improvement Plan
- Participate in the selection of the Principal and Vice-Principal(s)
- Review results of the School Report Card
- Advise principal in development of school policies in accordance with district, and provincial policies
- Provide on request of the Superintendent, input on performance evaluation of the principal, vice-principal(s) relating to the PSSC
- PSSC communicates with the District Education Council (DEC) as needed. ​

Members of the 2017-2018 Simonds High School PSSC are:

Tanya Folkins-Read (Chair​​
Shari O’Connor (Secretary)
Wendi MacVicar
Julie Garnett
Kelly Whittaker
Gary Buck
Amber VanBeelan
Tasha Vautour 
Jennifer Cook
Wendy Watson
Janet Irvine