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January 10
January 10 - Update for Learning from Home

Good afternoon, Raider Families!

Today we welcome back Mme. Laura Carr. Mme. Carr, a Raider staff member for several years (and a former Raider student as well) will be teaching the Gr. 6 EFI class (and other subjects) that were taught by Mme. Kate Bennett prior to the Christmas Break. If your child has Mme. Carr for Homeroom or other subjects, they will get a chance to meet her online over the coming days.

By now you should have received an e-mail from your child’s Homeroom Teacher with a copy of the work packet for this week as well as a schedule. (see attached)     January Learning Schedule.docxJanuary Learning Schedule.docx

Paper copies of the work-packets are also available at school tomorrow morning from 9-12. Students may gain access to their lockers at that time as well.

Teachers are working on scheduling this afternoon. By tomorrow morning, your child should be able to logon to TEAMs and see a list of classes in their calendar (left hand side of the screen).

We realize that it may be difficult for students and families to be online for the whole schedule each day, but you are welcome and encouraged to join meetings for any amount of time you are able.

If you need to reach any teacher, please check the school website ( You will find a list of staff e-mails under the “About Us” tab.

Thank you for your support and patience during this newest adventure!

Ms. McGrath


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