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January 09
January Online Learning Info

Happy New Year Raiders!  It seems that 2022 greets our Raiders with another new adventure and opportunity to work on our resilience and grit!!

Further to the e-mail from the District that went out to all families on Friday:

1. Locker Access for students (not for families) is open on Monday, January 10 from 1-3 and Tuesday, January 11 from 9-12. 

2. You will be receiving electronic copies of work packets from your child's Homeroom Teacher on Monday,  January 10 as well as a copy of their schedule. We will follow our regular 5 block day of classes.  If you are not working online, or cannot print a copy of the work packet, they will be available at the school at the times  above. 

3. Homeroom is online from 8:45-9:00 Mon-Fri and attendance will be recorded.

4. The first choice for students is to be online learning with their teachers as per the attached schedule.  

January Learning Schedule.docxJanuary Learning Schedule.docx

If students are unable to be online, or are looking for supplementary learning, the work packets can be used.

5. Teachers are scheduled to be online with students for most of the day but all teachers can be reached via e-mail. All staff e-mails are found on the school website at under the "About Us" tab.

6. We do apologize but we have extremely limited availability of laptops. Priority will be given to families with no other internet capable devices (even phones can access TEAMS) and even then, are not readily available on demand.

We appreciate your patience as we work through another new plan for January 2022.

As always, I am available at or, on my direct line at 738-6511. Messages can also be left on the school mainline at 738-6500 and will be checked daily.

Thank you and good evening.


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