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September 08
Homework for Families

Hello Raider Families!!

We had a wonderful two days here at RVMS! We are so proud of our Raiders! I do have a few “Homework” items for families:

  1. Students will be bringing home a student contact sheet. Please check this closely and make any necessary changes in your contact information.
  2. Students will also bring home a form asking you to review our student handbook and agree to locker use. The student handbook is attached to this e-mail and is posted on the school website at             Attachment: RVMS - Agenda Handbook 2021-2022 - Tentative.docx 
  3. Two other forms require parent/guardian signatures. One form allows is the media release and the other allows students to use computers at school.   
  4. Our student fee is $35. We do not do any fundraising at RVMS so this fee covers activities, awards etc. each year. This must be paid online using our Cashless Schools payment system. You can access this by clicking on the “make a payment” button on the school website.
  5. ASAP activities have begun but we currently do not have “early” buses that allow students to leave instead of attending ASAP. We hope to have these set up by next week. Regular buses, or “late” buses, leave the school after ASAP. Most buses depart between 3:10 and 3:30.
  6. Please do not text your child during the school day and do not encourage them to text you during class time. If you need to reach your child during class, you can contact the main office. If there is an emergency, or if you are picking your child up for an appointment, the office must be your first point of contact.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me at the school at or on my direct line at 738-6511. General inquiries can be made at the main office number, 738-6500.

Electronic versions of the forms requiring signature are attached:

Locker Use & Agenda Review 2021.docx 

Media Release Form 2021.docx 

Policy 311 Appendix C - Computer Use 2021.docx ​


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