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April 09
April 9 - Message to Families

Good afternoon! Today is Friday, April 9, 2021 and this is Ms. McGrath with a message for all Raiders and their families (if your child travels by school bus)

Changes to some bus routes/schedules are happening. If your child takes the bus to and from school, please make note of the District message below:

Re: Changes to Busing; Mask Use

Starting Monday, April 12, high school students will be returning to school in-person, every day. To accommodate the additional students on our buses each day, there have been changes to pick-up or drop-off times, bus stop locations, or bus numbers on some bus routes.

As of Monday, all students from grades K-12 will be required to wear a mask on the bus at all times, even when physical distancing is possible. As well, students will be provided assigned seating.

 If you are subscribed to BusPlanner you should have already received notification if your child’s busing is impacted. If you are not subscribed to BusPlanner, we encourage you to register your child here 

By registering, you can verify if your child’s stop has been changed, and you will be notified of future busing updates such as cancellations, delays, and route changes.

We do not yet have a list of the changes for RVMS but we do know that several of our buses have been affected by this change. Please take a few moments to check your child’s bus information before Monday morning.

Thank you. Have a great weekend….looks like it is going to be beautiful!!

Ms. T. McGrath​


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