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January 19
January 19 - Lockdown Practice this week

Good afternoon Raiders! This is Ms. McGrath with a quick message for all of our Raiders and their families.

As we continue to be inundated with Covid information, life goes on, and so do many of the regular tasks at school. On Thursday, January 21st we will be running a Lockdown practice in our building.

This practice helps us to identify areas that need to be secured in the event of an emergency, and helps our students learn what to do in emergency situations.

I have attached our “letter to families” that outlines what you should do if we ever find ourselves in a true emergency here at school. (Good to post this somewhere you can find it quickly)

One of the most important points for families to remember is “DO NOT TRY TO CONTACT YOUR CHILD’S CELLPHONE”. In a true emergency, ringing phones could be helpful to an intruder.

If you have any questions, or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact me at the school at or, on my direct line, at 738-6511.

Thank you. Stay safe!​

Info for Families in an Emergency at School 2020-2021.docx.docInfo for Families in an Emergency at School 2020-2021.docx.doc


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