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January 14
 January 14 - Message to Families

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Good afternoon! It is Thursday, January 14, 2021 and this is Ms. McGrath with the weekly messages for Raiders and their families.

We continue to operate in the “Orange” phase of Covid Safety Protocols. Our students continue to do a great job! Please help support them by sending two masks (one to wear and a spare) and a water bottle each day.

We are happy to report that our PSSC has provided some new outdoor games for all of our Raiders. You may see some disc golf going on as you drive past the soccer field! We are also looking at more activities for classroom use during these long, cold winter months.

A few reminders:

1.       We are stressing organization and responsibility with our Middle School students. We have reminded them that missing books, boots, phones etc. are their responsibility and they should not expect families to be running these items to the school if forgotten. Going without is a natural consequence that will encourage them to be more responsible in future.

We thank you for your support in teaching this valuable lesson. 

We can make an exception for forgotten lunches but, as I reminded a Gr. 8 student today, they are old enough to be responsible for making and packing their own lunch as well.


2.       Under the Covid protocols all families are required to have a plan in place should their child become sick while at school. This requires you to have the student picked-up within an hour. Please consider that it is unsafe, and prohibited for us, under Covid, to be housing sick students at school.


3.       As has always been the case, pop, power drinks and caffeinated beverages are not appropriate for school. Students cannot arrive from an appointment and take these beverages (or milkshakes, hot chocolate etc., donuts, subs, potato chips etc.) to class with them. To my knowledge, K-8 students have never been allowed to have these items in class. (even when I was in school a hundred years ago). If you are dropping off a student, please make sure that they have finished these items while with you, before entering the building.


4.       We suggest all families regularly practice logging on to TEAMS with their child’s username and password to make sure it works. As well, all students have access to the Microsoft suite of applications. Their school credentials can be used at home, through any internet browser   via to access Word, PowerPoint etc.


5.       We have a lockdown practice scheduled for next week. Further details about the exact date and time coming soon. See attached for Parent Info during a Lockdown. 

Info for Families in an Emergency at School 2020-2021.docx.docInfo for Families in an Emergency at School 2020-2021.docx.doc


As always, if you have any questions or concerns, you can reach me at or, on my direct line at 738-6511. General inquiries at the main line at 738-6500.​


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