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January 08
January 8 - Message to Families

Good afternoon and Happy New Year! This is Ms. McGrath with a few notes for all Raiders and their families.

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We are currently following the ORANGE phase of Covid protocols. Our students are doing a tremendous job! 

We are hoping not to go to the red phase, as this would see students working remotely from home. We are working on tentative plans so that we are ready if we move to red but fingers crossed, we hope not to have to use those plans

If the province moves us to the red phase, we will be in communication with families. In both the Yellow & Orange phase, continue to send a mask (and a spare) and a water bottle with your child each day. You may also want to remind them not to leave important items (like snow boots) at school.


    1. No vehicles should enter the area immediately in front of the school during morning and afternoon bus times (7:50-8:45 and 2:30-3:15). When buses are present, entering this area will result in a fine, as it is illegal to pass a school bus, or enter a school bus loading zone, when the lights are flashing. 

Please help us keep our students safe as they enter and exit our building.

   2. Many of our classes are participating in Snowshoeing and other outdoor activities. Please make sure to send your child prepared for outdoor activities. Sneakers will not work in snowshoes.

   3. School hours are 8:40-2:45. Students should be at school by 8:40. Although we all have days when we are running late, we are concerned about the number of students who arrive late most days. Please help your child develop good employability skills by being on time for school.

   4. Indoor shoes, which can also double as “gym shoes”, are required during winter months. Students can store their winter boots in their lockers. In the spring and fall, students can wear their outdoor shoes in class during the day and only need clean dry “gym shoes” for Phys-Ed class.

   5. Make sure you and your child regularly check TEAMS for updates and assignments. This will be an essential tool should we transition to red and begin “learning from home” and we want to make sure everyone has access.

   6. If you know your child will be absent, please log that absence using our Safe Arrivals program; a message to the school or your child’s teacher does not guarantee that you will not receive a message from the system about the absence. The only way to ensure you will not get a call is to log the absence yourself. Info about Safe Arrivals is on our website.

As always, please feel free to contact me at the school if you have any questions or concerns. My direct line is 738-6511 or The mainline is 738-6500.


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