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Newspaper Supplement

Students complete an assignment from a supplement in the newspaper. This option involves the student completing a project exploring a topic of interest, completing some research, and writing and representing their ideas in a variety of ways. Research may be completed using the flyer supplement, radio, newspapers, television news segments, family and friends as well as the internet if available.

How do students access this option?

• Call 1-844-615-7542 by April 29th to have this delivered to your home on May 2nd and May 16th - no newspaper subscription necessary.
• Notify the school principal that your child is selecting this option and to arrange the process for sharing the completed work for feedback.
• For all school-based options, the teacher and administrator determine the core curricular components of the course and if the student has demonstrated competency through assigned work and formative feedback.  The decision to award credit is at the discretion of the student’s teacher and administrator.  
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