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May 08
Miss. Levesque's Students

​Good afternoon Husky families,

It is my sincere hope that all of you are safe and dry!  Due to the uncertain timeline of when the school will reopen please see below for some academic reminders and content that you can look at while we are awaiting the school to reopen.  For those of you who may be in distress please focus on your familial priorities.  Those of you who are not in distress please offer support to your fellow community members in any form that you can.  If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, please feel free to email me at morgan.levesque@nbed.nb.ca.


Biology 12 students:

1. We will be having our DNA Unit Test on the first day back.  Please take your time to study all of the notes and work completed in class on this content. 

2. We will be performing two dissections following the Unit Test.  The frog will be dissected to study the digestive system, please review your Bio 11 notes on this topic and/or read through pages 978-984 from your textbook, as well as pages 985-989 on the Excretory System.

3.  In preparation for the sheep eye dissection please read pages 906 and 907 from your textbook.


Numbers, Functions & Relations 10 students:

1.  Please review your notes on independent/dependent variables and domain and range and have all associated homework complete for when you return to school.

2.  Look up the definition for Discrete Data and Continuous Data and copy these definitions into your notebook with an example for each.

3.  You will be writing Provincial Assessments in both Math and Science when you return.  If you have time please look over the content in your Math notebook from this and last semester, as well as your Science notebook.  If you no longer have your Science notebook please look up the Scientific Method to refresh your memory on how experiments are conducted.


Physics 11 students:

1.  Don't forget to complete your Dynamics Theory Review, as well as your Newton's Law and Friction questions.  These will be checked for completion upon return, but more importantly serve as your Review for the upcoming Dynamics Unit Test.  The next class period we have will be dedicated to reviewing the content of these questions, as well as other practice questions on Kinematics/Dynamics and momentum.

2.  Please review all of the exemplar and textbook practice questions that we covered in the Dynamics Unit.  They will serve as great review for the upcoming Test.

3.  I have tentatively rescheduled our Guest speaker to come in for Friday afternoon and will make adjustments if need be, pending the opening of school.


PreCalculus 11 students:

1.  Review your notes and work on all of the content involving radicals that you have been given so far; going from mixed to entire radicals and vice versa, adding and subtracting radicals, as well as multiplying and dividing radicals.  All homework on this content should be complete by the time we return to school.

2.  As many of you do not have textbooks, please ensure that you are comfortable with all of the content covered on radicals thus far or be prepared with questions to ask upon return so that we can move on to new content immediately.

3.  The guest speaker on accident reconstruction, from a calculated perspective, has been tentatively rebooked for Friday afternoon.


Sending my well wishes out to you and yours! 

Sincerely, Miss. Levesque



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