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May 14
Home and School


As of September 2019/2020, an official Home and School Committee will be formed.


Rational - all schools are encouraged to have a Home and School that is regulated under the NB Federation of Home and School Associations, INC. C-NCS has not had a Home and School committee for several years under the Association.


Messages were sent out to the community in February and again in March and April 2019 looking for interested members. On February 19th was a meeting to discuss interest and viability. A second meeting took place with a few more community members on March 21st. On April 2nd a third meeting took place to elect the executive and our last meeting to date was May 14th.


For these meeting it was agreed that the meetings will be at C-NCS at 8:30 am once a month on Tuesdays for this term (Spring 2019).

Rational - persons who showed interest in the committee were all able to attend the meetings at this time and preferred this time slot.



The committee has begun, and plans are going forward to support the students at C-NCS. The Home and School Association is aware of this committee but as we have not submitted our yearly dues the committee will become "official" in September.

Rational - Due are paid on a yearly basis. If we were to pay in March, we would have to pay once again in September.



There are still plenty of seats at the table if any one is interested in being involved we would love to have you.


The Home and School will make a presentation in the fall of 2019 for any one who would like more information or who would like to join. At that time a meeting day and time will be established for the 2019/2020 school year.





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