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October 21
Sight word games

You can create a tic-tac-toe board on a sheet of paper (with one of the words of the week printed in each square and/or any other words your child may have struggled with in past weeks). In order to put an “x” or “o” in a square, he/she must read the word correctly first.


Instead of the traditional “fish" card game: Print sight words on cards. You will need 2 copies of the words you are working with. Deal 7 cards to each player. Player asks the other person for one of their words. If they have it they give it to the other player. That person now has a pair and sets it in front of them. If they don't have it they say fish and that player fishes from the pile of left overs. Play continues until all cards are used. Winner is the person with the most pairs.


Use the same cards from above Fish game to play Memory. Make 12 pairs of words and randomly place them face down. On your turn you turn over 2 cards and read each card. If they are a match, you keep them and play again. If they do not match, turn them over and the other player goes. Play continues until all cards are matched up. Player with the most pairs is the winner!


October 21
Week of October 22nd

*  Please make sure your child reads daily at home​. 

 Important information and reminders :

* I am doing reading assessment this week.

* Harvey studios are coming in on November 5th for Picture retakes.  I will add this information on our November calendar that I will send home next week.

* If you have returned the green sheet sent last week, expect an email from me by the end of this month.

* If there are any more library books at home, those can be returned to school.  

* Some students used their extra clothes at school. I would appreciate if you could ask your child if he/she needs to bring in something as replacement ( pants etc ) .  There will surely be other times the students will need to use their extras.  


October 21
Overview - Week of October 15th

We had a shorter week, but we were still busy. 

We continued to focus on our theme " Social Interactions".  Conferences were ongoing in class during literacy​ centers.  We also had discussions about fire safety and safety at school.  We revised sounds from grade 1. 

In mathematics, we focused on representing numbers with base 10 blocs.  Every day, we practiced our numbers.



October 19
Week at a Glance (Oct. 22-26)

Grade 1 Mrs. Waugh 
Week at a Glance (Oct. 22-26)
Wednesday Night – Pack library books to be sent back Thursday. 
Nightly – Practice sight words, sound teams and read good fit books.  Students now have the option of reading books online.  Please see the information sent home in your child’s communication bag regarding Raz-Kids (online reading program).
Words of the Week:  here, came, make, on, my (Please highlight these on your high frequency word list)
·       Have your child practice reading these words nightly, and look for them in the books that he/she reads.
·       Another way to practice these words at home is to write each word on a flash-card and place them in a paper bag. Have your child pull out a word and if he/she gets it right, place a sticker or draw a happy face on the back of the card and place it back in the bag. Play this game nightly, and when your child gets three stickers/happy faces on the back of a card, you can take it out of the bag and tell him/her she has “mastered it”!
·       We are working on alphabetical order, so you can also have your child try putting the words of the week in alphabetical order!
Word Family: -ame   How many words can you find that end with ame?
Letters/sounds practice:  “Magic e”
(please highlight on your sound team sheet: a__e,  e__e,  i__e,  o__e, &  u__e) 
This week, we are focusing again on vowel sounds. We will be learning about the “magic e” on the end of words. It is a bossy and powerful letter that can make the vowel that comes before it say its name. For example, in “make” we hear the long a sound and in “time” we hear the long i sound, but the “e” is always silent.
I tell the class that the bossy e is tired from jumping over the letter that comes before it, so cover it with your finger to put him to sleep (this is so students know to make the e silent).
Please have your child practice reading words with the “magic e” at home (ie: frame, mine, joke, cute, make, etc.)
Reading strategies:
Please review and continue to use the following strategies taught in class:  Eagle Eye, Lips the Fish, Stretchy Snake, Chunky Monkey and Skippy Frog.  A book mark with these strategies will be sent home in your child’s message bag at the beginning of the week.  Please keep it handy while your child is reading Good Fit books as a reminder to use them.
The new reading strategy- “Flippy Dolphin”
Flip the vowel sound - the short/long vowel sounds can still be a challenge for some students. Have your child practice “flipping the vowel sound” at home when he/she is having difficulty with a word (ie; if the short vowel sound doesn’t make sense, try the long vowel sound, and vice-versa).
Writing:  We have continued to work on “conventions” (using uppercase letters appropriately, spaces between words, and periods at end of sentences). When your child is reading their home reading books, please have him/her take notice of how authors use proper conventions (point them out as he/she is reading and ask why the author has; used a period/question mark/exclamation mark, used an upper case letter, etc.)
We are focusing on writing small moment stories. We encourage students to write about real life events which they know a lot about and can describe in detail (ie; a special event attended over the weekend, playing a favourite game, making a cake with Mom, etc.). We are working on “zooming in” on our small moment and writing lots of interesting details about it, rather than simply listing everything we did over the weekend.
Math (Numbers to 20):
Numbers to 20 with a focus on 1-10
10 is an important number! Strategies down the road will be much easier for your child if he/she has a strong sense of numbers to10. For example, knowing that 10 is one more than 9, that 5 and 5 make 10, and that 8 and 2 more is 10!
We are working on ten frames to strengthen students’ sense of 10. We want students to actually see that 8 is 2 less than 10, that 5 is half way to 10, etc. Please have your child continue to review numbers to ten in the following ways:
·        Working with 10 frames to strengthen your child’s sense of 10 (see link below for frame printable). You can use household items, such as pennies or noodles, and have your child “build” numbers to 10 on the frame.
·        It is also important for students to recognize sets on a ten frame “at a glance”, rather than counting them. You can practice this by placing counters on the frame and have your child quickly tell you the number. If your child needs to count make sure he/she uses the “counting on” strategy (ie; don’t count the top row, simply say 5 and continue to count the bottom row). Keep the goal in mind: to quickly recognize sets without counting.
·        Do a number formation check by having your child print numerals 1-10 (correct numbers that are reversed or not formed properly)
·        Practice counting forward and backward from different starting points
·        Say a number to 10 and have your child tell you what is1 more/1 less, and 2 more/2 less (always use counters if your child is having a difficult time with this).
·        Use numbers to 20 to practice the above activities if your child is ready for a challenge!
(You can also draw a large ten frame, like the one below, on a sheet of paper if you do not have a printer)
Reminders/Important Dates:
Halloween Howl:  The Halloween Howl is taking place on Friday, October 26th
October 31- Happy Halloween!  Black and orange day - No costumes please.
Thank you for your support!
October 19
Grade 2 Week at a Glance (Oct. 22-26)

Grade 2 Week at a Glance (Oct. 22-26)


 Tuesday Night – Pack library books to be sent back Wednesday. 



Words of the Week:  sale, mail, rain, write, truck, green, knew, trip


Word Family:  -ale.  How many words can you think of that end with the –ale



Sound Team:  we will continue reviewing the silent e on the end of words as well as the long vowel strategy: when two vowels go walking the first one does the talking – oa, ea ,ee,  ie, ai, ay, ue.  So, when 2 vowels are beside each other the first was says its name and the other one is silent.      Point this out to your child this week while practicing the words of the week. (You will have to highlight ee and ue on the list of sound teams.)


Reading:  This week’s focus: Tryin’ Lion…Try to reread the sentence and try a word that makes sense.


 We will be reviewing two and three letter blends.  Please have your child read/spell the following words:  scrape, treat, trick, scream, split, brick.


We will also be looking at silent letters b, K, w.  For example, climb, knife, wrong.


Writing:  We will be starting an independent piece of writing this week.  This piece will be marked according to the grade 2 outcomes which will give you a snapshot of your child’s writing progress.


Math:  We will continue to represent numbers to 50 in a variety of ways.  Please continue to practice the following with your child:

·       Counting forward by 2’s starting at an odd number (1, 3, 5, 7…)

·       Count by 2’s starting at an even number other than 2.

·       Say “write the number that has 2 tens and 3 ones” and have your child write the numeral (23).  Try it several times this week with numbers up to 50.

·       One more one less than numbers to 50.

·       Ask your child to represent a given number up to 50, using house hold items (buttons, noodles etc).  Have them show you the number in groups of 10’s and 1’s.  For example; 34 would be 3 groups of 10 and 4 singles.

·       Identify odd/even numbers to 20.

·       Place five numbers (up to 50) in front of your child and have them order them from least to greatest or greatest to least.  Ask them how they know the order.


Reminders/Important Dates:

·        October 26 -The Halloween Howl is taking place on Friday 6:00-7:30. Please continue to check the school website for updates.

·        October 31- Happy Halloween!  Black and orange day - No costumes please.

Thank you for your support!


October 17
Poem of the Week (week of October 15th)

Five Little Pumpkins​

Five little pumpkins sitting on a gate,

The first one said, "Oh my it's getting late."

The second one said, "There are witches in the air."

The third one said, "Well, I don't care."

The fourth one said, "Let's run, run, run."

The fifth one said, "I'm ready for some fun!"

Then "ooooooo" went the wind, and out went the lights,

And five little pumpkins rolled out of sight.​

October 15
Newsletter Posted

​The newsletter for this week (October 15th) is now posted in the documents section!

October 14
Week of October 15th

*Please make sure your child reads daily at home.

Important information and reminders:

* Our school evacuation will be on Tuesday and not on Friday.This is a correction. The students should be dressed for the weather.

* School picture orders are due by Friday October 19th.

* Library books are due on Tuesday.

* Raz Kids: We have been practicing with Raz Kids for the last two weeks during our literacy centers. I am sending a note home with your child's username and password.   Your child can have access to French books on Raz Kids. 

October 14
Overview -Week of October 9th
Language Arts`:
This week we continued on the topic of friendship.  We had discussions and read alouds.  The students wrote in their journals about their weekend.   We also did lessons on conventions and sentences structures.  Every day, we did literacy centers.  We are now at two sessions each day. 
We learned how to represent numbers up to 50 with tally marks and with base 10 blocks. We will continue this next week.   

October 12

Please note the correction....school evacuation walk will be Tuesday,not Friday. Please have your child dressed for the weather.​

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