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February 09
Grade 2 Week at a Glance (Feb. 10-14)

Grade 2 Week at a Glance (Feb. 10-14)

Tuesday Night – Pack library books to be sent back Wednesday.


Nightly – read good fit book, practice sight words, practice sound teams introduced up to this point.  Students now have the option of reading books online on Raz-kids



High Frequency Words/words of the week: Valentine’s Day Words

We will practice reading and spelling a variety of Valentine’s Day words this week. Please take this time to review all words on the Grade 2 High Frequency list which have been sent home.


Word Family:  -ay.  How many words can you think of that end with the –ay sound?


Sound Team: ar Have your child practice reading words:

tarp, harder, darkest, far, garden, start



Literacy:y” on end of words

We will be learning the sounds that the letter y can make on the end of words. Sometimes it can make the “long e” sound as in “money” and other times it makes the “long i” sound as in “try”. Have your child try reading the following words:  sky, my, carry, marry, many, fly, pretty


Reading strategies: Phrasing and Rate

We will be working on improving fluency this week by practicing reading with appropriate phrasing and rate. (Don’t read word by word slowly-the robot way!)


Writing: Valentine’s Day

We will be doing a variety of Valentine’s Day themed writing projects this week.



We are continuing our unit on two digit addition and subtraction.  The learning goals of this unit will build upon what was learned in our unit on addition and subtraction to 18. 


We are focusing on using models such as hundred charts, open number lines, and base ten blocks to solve addition problems. 


We are also using the front-end strategy which has students add the tens and then the ones.  For example:  42+21think….   40+20 =60 and 2+1=3 and 60+3= 63.   


We will continue to use models to solve different types of 2 digit addition problems this week.  The students will be taught several strategies and then they will pick the one that works best for them. 


Please have your child continue to add and subtract groups of ten to different two digit numbers.  They should be able to mentally add/subtract tens quickly.  24+30, 50 -20, 30+47 etc.  If your child finds this easy have then practice adding a two digit to a two digit number, both numbers have some in the ones place, without regrouping (meaning the ones do not add to more than 9.....46+35 would require regrouping, since 6+5 is greater than 9.).  For example:  21+32, 53+24, 62+12, 84+11.


Reminders/Important Dates:

Monday, Feb.10-coloured t shirt team activity

Friday, Feb.14-Shared snack sent in (optional). Please make sure Valentine cards come in on or before the 14th.       100 day collection…optional

Monday, Feb. 17 – Provincial Family Day – No School

Wednesday, Feb. 26-Wear a pink shirt in honour of Kindness Day

March 2-6-March break​


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