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February 28
Grade 2 Week at a Glance (March 9-March 13)

Grade 2 Week at a Glance (March 9-March 13)


Tuesday Night – Pack library books to be sent back Wednesday. 


Nightly- read good fit books/Raz-Kids and practice sight words/sound teams introduced up to this point. 

·        When reading with your child, check for comprehension by asking your child the “who”, “what”, and “where” of the stories they read (characters, problem, and setting).

·        Have him/her provide a retell of the main events in the story.




High Frequency Words:  Continue to do a good review of all sight words we have covered.


Sound Teams: tion/sion

We will practice reading words with tion/sion this week.  Have your child try reading words such as the following at home: station, conclusion, vacation, relaxation, discussion, etc.


Sound team: Ore makes the same sound as or. Have your child practice reading more, chore, fort, cord


Reading strategies: generate & answer questions

We will work on strengthening comprehension by generating and answering questions about the books that we read in class.


Writing: Independent Stories

This week students will begin an independent piece of writing about their March Break. We will review the components of a strong “small moment” story at the beginning of the week (lead, introduction, details, and conclusion) and then students will work independently to write their stories for the remainder of the week. At the end of the week, students will be given time to edit and fix-up their writing.




 This week we will continue to focus on adding and subtracting two digit numbers with a focus on subtracting without regrouping (45 - 23 = 4 tens – 2 tens is 2 tens (20) and 5 ones take away 3 ones is 2, so the answer is 22.  The ones can be subtracted without having to regroup).


However, we will continue to practice these strategies throughout the remainder of the year.  Please continue to practice adding and subtracting one and two digit numbers with your child.



Reminders/Important Dates:

Monday, March 16-Wear coloured t shirt for team activity


We will have a STU intern after the break with us until May 1. Her name is Miss Jardine.​


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