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February 24
​Grade 2 Week at a Glance (Feb. 24-Feb.28)

Grade 2 Week at a Glance (Feb. 24-Feb.28)

Tuesday Night – Pack library books to be sent back Wednesday.


Nightly – read good fit books/Raz-Kids and practice sight words/sound teams introduced up to this point. 

·        When reading with your child, check for comprehension by asking your child the “who”, “what”, and “where” of the stories they read (characters, problem, and setting).

·        Have him/her provide a retell of the main events in the story.



High Frequency Words: thank, phone

There are only 2 new words this week to give the students a chance to do a big review of all the sight words that have been sent home up to this point.

Word Family:  -ank.  How many words can you think of that end with the –ank sound?


Literacy: silent H

We will practice words with a silent H. Have your child try reading words such as the following at home: honest, hour, ghost, honour, exhaust, rhyme, etc.


Reading strategies: Review

We will take this week before March Break to review the reading strategies we have practiced so far this year.


Sound team: Review the ph sound…..as in phone

Writing: Writing a Strong Lead

This week we will learn how beginning our stories with action can grab our reader’s attention. For example; rather than; My friend came over, write… I darted to the door as my friend rang the doorbell.


We are continuing our unit on two digit addition and subtraction.  The learning goals of this unit will build upon what was learned in our unit on addition and subtraction to 18.  We are focusing on using models such as hundred charts, open number lines, and base ten blocks to solve addition and subtraction problems. 


We are also using the front-end strategy addition which has students add the tens and then the ones.  For example:  42+21=   40+20 =60 and 2+1=3 and 60+3= 63 (there are many sites that have great explanations of this method.)


This week we will continue to focus on adding two digit numbers with regrouping.  This means that the ones place will add to more than 9.  Please continue to practice addition of 1 and 2 digit numbers at home, with and without regrouping   23+22 =   (no regrouping)    28 + 17 = (regrouping).  Have your child practice questions such as:  42+15=   , 59+24=     , 74 + 11=, 38 + 44= etc.


Reminders/Important Dates:

 Feb. 24-28…Kindness Week Activities (please refer to the email sent home by the office as well as webpage for more info).

March 2-6-March break



Thank you for your support!​


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