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October 14
October 14 - Message for Families

Hey Raiders! Today is Wednesday, October 14th and this is Ms. McGrath calling with a few updates for Raiders and their families.

I would like to say, once again, how proud we are of all of our Raiders! Although some schools are struggling with student behaviour, we have been able to allow student access to lockers and the cafeteria mainly because our students are working so hard to follow proper Covid protocols (wearing of masks, hand sanitizing regularly, staying within their classroom bubble).

We will continue to look for new opportunities for our Raiders to experience while following our safety plan. Great job Raiders!!

1.       Next week, on Wednesday, October 21st we have Photography Flewwelling in the building for school picture day. The photographers suggest students wear bright colours, without distracting patterns for their pictures. Of course, school dress code should also be followed (no strapless tops, no inappropriate messages or logos).

            Our Gr. 8 students have a tradition of wearing white shirts, or white shirts and ties, for their Gr. 8                     picture (which will be included in the composite for the school hallway). They do not have to wear white               but most do choose to follow this tradition.

                The date for retakes is TBA.

2.       Chartwells will soon begin cafeteria service at RVMS. Please see the attached instruction sheet, or check out the school website under “Cafeteria Orders”. You cannot yet order food, but you can register your child in preparation for the service. All food must be pre-ordered, online. Our website also includes a sample menu for your information.

How to Order for your Child.pdfHow to Order for your Child.pdf


3.       By the end of this week, all students will have a locker and a school lock assigned to them. The lock and locker rental is included in the student fee which can be paid online on Cashless Schools.


4.       Please see the attached item (or check it out on the website) for Safe Arrivals. This is a system that allows you to enter absences for your child if they are not going to be at school. Entering the information in this way stops you from receiving the “absence call” on your phone.

 Safe Arrivals.docxSafe Arrivals.docx


All messages are also posted at and we regularly update our Twitter account @RVMiddle.

Thank you and good evening!



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