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September 13
Sept 14 - Update for Families


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Hello Raiders!

We had an absolutely amazing week last week! Our Raiders were wonderful, and we were so happy to be able to meet with them in small groups. This helped us improve our operational plan to ensure safety and allowed students, and staff, to start back to school in a calmer and more personalized way! Great job Raiders!

We can’t wait until we are all together again tomorrow for the first time in six months!

I have a few new items today:

1. Student passwords will be coming home with your child this week. Please copy this information down as this is how students will access online learning if necessary.

2. We begin gym class this week, but we do not yet have access to our changing rooms. Students will be going outside for gym whenever possible. Please make sure they have good running/walking shoes for gym class. Comfortable clothing on gym day is a good idea as well.

3. Contact information sheets will be coming home this week. Please check for accuracy and note any changes and send this back with your child asap.

4. We will also require your signature on a few other forms, and these will be sent home as well and I will post electronic copies on the website on Tuesday.

5. Although we are very happy to have our campus used by the community, we will not be allowing public access to the trails, fields, or any outside areas of school property during school hours (7:30-5:00). Please remind friends and family that schools are not open to the public and this includes outside areas when students are present.

I know there continues to be a deluge of information for families. I have a few quick reminders this evening.

-Drop-off does not begin until 7:55 and Pick-up is at 2:40 with the buses leaving RVMS between 2:45 and 3:10.

-Each student needs to bring 2 face masks to school each day. Please store the extra mask in a clean container.

-Please send a filled water bottle each morning. It can be refilled during the day. 

-If you need to drop something off or pick-up a child during the school day, please park over by the rink and call the main office at 738-6500 and we will send your child out to your vehicle.

-Register your child on  BusPlanner at ASD-S to get bus updates sent to your inbox.

As always, we can be reached for questions or concerns by contacting the mainline at 738-6500 or e-mailing me at

See you in the morning Raiders!


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