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September 07
Sept 7 - Update for Families

Good afternoon! What a beautiful last day of summer vacation!

This is Ms. McGrath calling with a few last minute reminders for Raiders and their families.

Students return this week for orientation (see the schedule below). Each group of students will have one full day in the building. This allows us to spend a little more time helping students acclimate to all of the changes at school and, we hope, is less intimidating than having all 385 of us here in the building on their first day back at school.

Please remember:

1. You need to bring two masks each day. The one you are not wearing, should be kept in a container/plastic bag in your backpack.

2. We will be outside whenever we can! I know your most challenging job yet will be to convince your middle-schooler to wear a hoodie or a jacket, but please warn them to be prepared for outdoor learning each day.

3. It would be very helpful if the water bottles arrive at school filled each morning. We only have 6 filling stations (really they should be called dribbling stations they are so slow!!) and it will not be possible for students to fill their water bottles each morning before class.

4. There is no cafeteria service at this time and no microwaves available for student use. Don't forget to bring your lunch.

5. Do not bring all of your school supplies the first day! Your teacher will let you know what you need for September 14th. For the first day a few duo-tangs, some loose-leaf, a Hilroy and pen/pencil/glue/pencil crayons should suffice.

Teachers will be outside ready to help you find your class each morning this week! See you soon!

First Day of School - RVMS will have a staggered start for all students this year.

Tues, Sept 8        Gr. 6 English and Early French Immersion – Last name A-L

Weds, Sept 9      Gr. 6 English and French Immersion - Last name M-Z and all Gr. 6 Late Immersion

Thurs, Sept 10   Gr. 7 & 8 – Last name A-L

Fri, Sept 11         Gr. 7 & 8 – Last name M-Z

Mon, Sept 14     All students Gr. 6, 7 & 8


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