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September 18
Weekly Messages, September 18, 2018

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Hello! Today is Tuesday, September 18th and this is Ms. McGrath calling with a few messages for all Raiders and their families.
Our school picture day is scheduled for next Monday, Sept 24th. Photography Flewwelling will be providing this service for RVMS once again this year. Gr. 8 students often choose to wear white shirts as their pictures will be on the composite in the hallway in June 2019. Other students are encouraged to wear bright colours without logos or busy patterns, and of course all clothing should meet the school dress code.
If your child participates in varsity sports this year, they will be required to have you sign our sports policy as well as a form that acknowledges that school sports from K-8, are not insured against injury. A copy is attached to the e-mail version of this memo and posted on the website for your information.
Our student agenda contains a lot of information for families about our cellphone policy, dress code etc. Please remind your child about these expectations regularly.
Specifically this week we have struggled with several students who are not respecting the cellphone policy.  Students should not be sharing inappropriate messages or pictures, should not be taking photos or videos at school with their phones and should use them only at approved times. Failure to meet these expectations will result in your child losing their cellphone privileges at school; please encourage them to use their phones responsibly and appropriately at school.
Also, if you need to contact your child during the school day, remember that they cannot have their phones during class time even if their parents are the ones contacting them. Emergency contact with your child should always be made through the school office.
We seem to have worked out most of the kinks with our buses. Families are reminded that students are only allowed on their assigned bus and can only be picked up or dropped off at their home address or, if they have applied for a change, at an approved address. Students cannot simply bring a note from home and be placed on a friend’s bus or change their bus information or choose to go on a different bus from their assigned bus.
Lastly, the RCMP have asked me to remind families that helmets are required when riding a bike in New Brunswick and the detachment will be monitoring this more closely. As well, the Constable asked if we could remind families that the rink is not open to students after school and the skate park is not supervised. Please keep that in mind when monitoring your child’s whereabouts after school.
That is all for this week!
As always, please feel free to contact me if you have any questions.
Thank you and good evening!


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