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March 04
March 4 - Message to Families

​Good afternoon! Today is Friday, March 4 and this is a message for all Raiders and their families.

As you know, the mandatory orders and restrictions will be dropped when students return to school on March 14. This means a return to our “normal” schedule” and activities.

It is very important to note that we will continue to have staff and students who may continue to wear their masks in the building, and we will be supportive of all Raiders regardless of their choice.

We will also continue to stress the use of hand sanitizer when entering a classroom and disinfecting desks at the end of each class.

We will model kindness and support to all Raiders as we transition back to a more “normal” school experience.

Having said that, our operational plan will return to normal which includes the end of classroom bubbles and hallway and movement restrictions. We will see a return to a full cafeteria and occasional pep rallies and assembles. As we have always done, we will provide support to those who find this stressful, but we will not be able to run separate activities in all situations.

A few other items:

1. We are happy to announce that after March Break we are heading into Volleyball season! Tryouts for the teams will be as follows: 

Monday March 14th - Boys 

Tuesday March 15th - Girls

Wednesday March 16th - Boys

Thursday March 17th - Girls

All tryouts start at ASAP (2:40) and end at 4:00. Students need to arrange their own drives home and come prepared with sneakers and gym wear.  

Spectators are not allowed during tryouts or practices. We look forward to seeing everyone try out and wish them the best of luck! 

2. ASAP will return. Please remember that our school day is from 8:40-3:10. Students may have the privilege to leave early (2:35) but may be required to stay and complete work etc. The ASAP schedules will be posted and sent to families on Monday, March 14.

3. Phones – we are discouraged to be dealing with many, many incidents of inappropriate phone use at school. Please remind your child that they have the privilege of phone use at school but also the responsibility to use their phones appropriately. 

Have a wonderful, restful, and safe March Break!

Ms. T. McGrath

Dates to Remember

Mar 14 End of all Covid protocols (students return after March Break)

Mar 14-May 5 ASAP #3 (8 weeks)

Mar 14 & 16 Boys Volleyball Tryouts

Mar 15 & 17 Girls Volleyball Tryouts

Mar 17 St. Patrick’s Day

Mar 25 PL/Report Card Prep (No school for students)

April 11 Report Cards go home

April 13 Evening Parent Teacher (Times TBA)

April 14 Morning Parent Teacher (Times TBA)

April 14 Parent/Teacher and PD (No school for students)

April 15 Good Friday (No School)

April 18 Easter Monday (No School)


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