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November 14
November 14 - Message to Families

Good evening! Today is Sunday, November 14 and this is a message for all Raiders and their families.

As you likely already know, all schools will be open as usual beginning tomorrow, November 15.

RVMS is also happy to announce that we have been given permission to resume our ASAP schedule. RVMS teachers have all agreed to offer more activities than ever so that we can continue with this hallmark program while also carefully tracking student contacts. Our ASAP schedules will be posted on the school website tomorrow.

Beginning on Monday, students will be able to learn the privilege to participate in an activity or be dismissed early each day. In a few days we will have some early buses for the students in the greater Grand Bay-Westfield area.

Please note that our regular school day still goes to 3:10. Families should not plan for students to always be able to leave at early dismissal as they may be required to stay to 3:10. Some students may be assigned to work room to catch up on missed homework, reflect on their behaviour or make-up work due to absences from school (likely we won’t see too many students in work room for the first week back😊).

The school day schedule is below with new ASAP times highlighted.

7:55 School Opens (no drop-offs before this time)

8:30 Students enter building

8:40 Classes begin (students who arrive after 8:40 are late and must report to the office for a late slip)

2:35 Early Dismissal (those not participating in ASAP and are leaving school property to walk, bus or be picked up)

2:40 ASAP Dismissal (students report to activities)

3:10 Late Dismissal (remaining students dismissed to walk, bus or be picked-up)

We are very excited to see all our Raiders tomorrow morning!

Thank you!

Ms. McGrath​


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