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September 23
September 23 - Message to Families

 Good afternoon! Today is Thursday, September 23 and we have some information to share with Raider Families.

   1. PICTURE DAY IS TOMORROW! Friday, Sept 24

-students should wear bright solid colours as the photographers suggest this makes for the best photos.The less pattern the better and, of course, no shirts with any inappropriate messaging.

-Gr. 8 students usually wear white shirts for these photos. These are the photos for the large class composite displayed in the school hallway. It is not mandatory, but most Gr. 8 students do choose white.

-Students who are absent tomorrow can have their photo taken on Tuesday, October 12

-Those students who return their proof and indicate they want a retake will have retakes on        Tuesday,  October 12. No retakes unless the original proof is returned to Flewwellings.

   2. We will continue with our revised schedule for the week of September 27-October 1. ASAP is currently “on  pause”

   3. Next week we will begin to collect Covid vaccination information on our students born in or before 2009. (turning 12 by the end of 2021). These students, if unvaccinated, will not be able to participate in ASAP or any other sports, clubs or activities at school by order of the Province of NB. Please note:

-do not e-mail this info to the school or to teachers

-vaccinated students should bring proof of vaccination to school or can take a picture with their phone to  show to Ms. McGrath. Info will be collected Mon-Wed next week.

-Ms. McGrath will collect this information by Homeroom. Each child will be called out to a private area to  speak with Ms. McGrath who will then record whether they are vaccinated. 

   4.  If your child is absent from school, please logon to Safe Arrivals to enter their absence. Phone calls and messages left at the school will not prevent a call home to announce an absence. This info can be found on our school website.

   5. Students and classes will be outside at much as possible throughout the school day. Please ensure they have proper outerwear and footwear for outdoor pursuits.

 As always, if you have any questions or concerns you may contact the school at 738-6500 or speak with Ms. McGrath at

 All messages are also posted on the school website under “Raider News” at      

 Thank you.

 T. McGrath


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