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January 24
Mme. Dionne's Math  - Grade 8FI math

​This week we will begin our algebra unit. Students will begin with a short review of grade 7 concepts focusing on vocabulary and solving basic equations.semaine 1 - algebre revision de 7ieme annee 2020 pdf.pdfsemaine 1 - algebre revision de 7ieme annee 2020 pdf.pdf

January 21
Mrs. Stephenson's Exploratory - 7.3  Week of Jan. 20-24

​Students are learning what outcomes they will learn in this exploratory as well as their way around the kitchen.  They are planning what their volunteer efforts will be and start with cooking/making homemade playdoh.   A note to parents will be sent home this week with more details. 

January 21
Mrs. Stephenson's Science

​Students will complete their research projects on Endangered Animals.

January 21
6S Language Arts

​Students will respond critically to the class read alouds.  The writing process will be reviewed and students will be creating a new persuasive piece of their choice. 

January 21
6S Math Week of Jan. 20 - 24

​This week we will be learning about angles and measuring angles.

January 21
Social Studies 7FI Mme Lafrance

​The test that was supposed to take place last Friday will be this Wednesday, January 22.

January 21
PIF 7-1  Mme Lafrance

​This week students are reading a book Le club des inveneurs.

They will also practice speaking and listening skills. 

January 21
FILA 6-7-8 Mme Lafrance

​All classes are working on essays and reading a class novel.

Gr 6- persuasive essay and reading La Guerre des Tuques

Gr 7- critique essay and reading Bach et Bottine

Gr 8- editorial and literature​ circles

All French Immersion classes are expected to speak in French at all times in class. 

January 21
Language Arts 8

This week students are finishing up our unit. We have been working on close readings using song lyrics, students will be finishing these Monday/Tuesday.

Students will also be starting their final projects. Class time will be provided, but students are encouraged to work on projects at home as well. 

*Reminder that process papers and wanted posters (8.1/8.2) are due Friday. 


January 21
Science 8.1

This week students will be reviewing the scientific method. We will also be conducting some inquiry based lessons during class time. 


Students are encouraged to continue to work on their science fair projects from project based learning to improve their presentation for the science fair in the spring. ​

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