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October 25
6M Week of October 26, 2020

​Hi everyone this is what will be covered this week!

FILA: Students will be working on making Inferences in reading. Also, we will have a listening comprehension test. In witing, student will start to edit their Biographie. The final copy will be due on Thursday.

Math: Students wll be working on patterns (finding the expression) and subtracting large numbers with and withtout regrouping. There will be a test on subtracting this Thursday.

Science: Vertebrate project is due Thursday. Most students are done. This project was done on Sway.

SS: The Interview with a person from an older generation is due on Tuesday. Students will have a test on chapter 1 (A la decouverte de culture) this Wednesday.

October 25
Grade 7 Personal Wellness Week of October 25

​Students will be finishing the unit on misuse and abuse of self, substances and media​ this week with a quiz.  They will be starting their next unit on Human Growth and Development.

October 18
6M Week of October 19, 2020

​Hi, this is what will be covered this week.

Math: Students will work on subtracting large numbers and Patterns (outcome PR1)

FILA: They will finish presenting one of their classmate (Oral Presentation). The Draft for their Biographie is due October 26. We are going to work on it this week, Students not done will finish at home. In reading, we are going to work on Inferences.

Social Studies: We will be reviewing and a test will be scheduled next week. Also, Students will interview a person from an older generation.

Science: Their project on Vertebrates will be done in Sway so they know how to use this program.

Have a good week!

October 18
Grade 7 Personal Wellness Week of October 19

​Students are continuing their learning on the negative impact of alcohol and drugs.  They will start to look at how media influences their decisions.

October 13
8B Week of October 13

​Hi, here is what we're working on this week : 

Math: Multiplication of intergers. Students will have homework on Wednesday and Thursday. I will collect it on Friday 

French: Students are working on an oral presentation about their idol. They will present at the end of the week if everyone's finished 

Science: We are learning about shoreline ecosystems

Social Studies: We are learning about different types of culture. Students learned about the culture of Perth-Andover last week and this week we will learn more about New-Brunswick's culture as well as their own culture. 

Have a great week :) 

October 12
Grade 7 Personal Wellness Week of October 12

​Students will continue to practice using refusal skills to combat peer pressure.  They will begin the unit on use, misuse and abuse of self, substances and media.  Specifically, they will be exploring the negative impact of using alcohol and drugs.  They had a quiz on personal wellness last week, and will be receiving their assessment feedback this week.  


October 12
6M Week of October 12, 2020

​Hi, this is what we are going to work on.

FILA: Students will work on their project (Presenting a classmate) for one more class. The rest will have to be done at home and the presentations will start this Friday. They will also start working on their Draft for their Biographie.

Math: There is a test on Integers this Wednesday. Students will also work on addition of large numbers. We are going to start the unit on Patterns and Relations this week.

Science: Students will work on a project (Vertebrates).

Social Studies: We are going to discuss how culture is transmitted.

Have a good week!

October 06
Grade 7 - Mr. Williams - Oct. 5

​Here is what we are working on this week: 

Math - We are learning to add and subtract positive and negative integers.

Science - We are completing a simple experiment​ to practice the writing of a report using the scientific method.

Language Arts - We are reading individually and as a class. We will look at some comprehension exercises, and paragraph editing. We will complete our journal write on how our lives have changed since March and COVID 19.

Social Studies - We will continue to look at the reasons for Orange Shirt day and how that exemplifies empowerment, and disempowerment.

Music - We are looking at song content and the message different songs are giving. Students are looking for a song that has meaning to them and doing a journal write on why the song has meaning for them

Art - We are completing the drawing of 3d hand pictures, will explore other things that can also be drawn in 3d.

October 04
Grade 7 Personal Wellness Week of October 5

​Students will have a test on the first unit of Personal Wellness which focused on care of self, family and community.  They will be starting a new unit this week - personal safety and healthy and unhealthy behaviours.  Students will learning about how peer pressure impacts the decisions they make, along with learning refusal skills.

October 04
6M Week of October 5, 2020

​FILA: Students will have a listening comprehension test this week. They are almost done working on their Oral presentation which they will present soon (presenting a classmate). We are going to read Wayne Gretzky's Biography, Students will start writing a Biography at the end of the week. 

Math: We are going to work on Integers and easy divisions. They will have a summative test on division this Friday. The test on Integers will be Wednesday the 14th.

Science: Students will work on various activities about Vertebrates.

Social Studies: We will discuss the common elements of every culture.

Have a good week!

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