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January 11
second week of January

​Each day copies (may be annotated) of the daily lesson plans will be uploaded to the 'teams" site under 8w homeroom channel>files> lesson plans. 

Students will be able send in questions and comments through the team chat.

January 10
Personal Wellness Week of January 11, 2021

This week in Personal Wellness, your child will be learning about substance dependence/addiction.  They will be able to identify what addiction is and the risk factors that can contribute to someone becoming addicted.  They will also learn what the protective factors are to avoid addiction.  Students will be expected to research this subject and complete the attached chart using the websites provided.  This assignment is due on January 18th.​Addiction Assignment.pdfAddiction Assignment.pdf

January 10
6M Week of January 11, 2021

​Math: The evaluation on the sum of the interior angles of a triangle and a quadrilateral will take place on Tuesday. It was postponed to make sure that the students were ready. Also this week, we will revue mental math (grade 5) and multiply 2 digit numbers by 2 digit numbers,that is a review also.

FILA: Students will have an evaluation on visualizations. We will continue the novel KLONK. There will be some word word on féminin and masculin. Students are going to do some speaking activities. They will need to think of a topic for their next Persuasive text and we might start planning our writing.

SS: Discuss the rights of a child and do an activity.

Science: Students will need to pic a topic this week for their STEAM expo project. They will start some research. Handout sheets will be sent to you for explanations.

January 03
6M Week of January 4, 2021

​FILA: Activities revolving around the New Year (ex: students will write down their resolutions for 2021, do some reading comprehension activities...) We are also going to continue with our novel KLONK and practice visualizations and inferences.

Math: Work on the sum of the interior angles of a triangle and a quadrilateral. Short evalutation on these this Friday.

Social Studies: Dicussions and activites about the rights of a person and their responsabilites.

Science: Discuss STEAM expo project. 

Happy New Year everyone!

January 02
Personal Wellness Week of January 4, 2021

​Happy New Year!  Students will be reviewing the domains of wellness - emotional, intellectual, physical, social and spiritual.  They will complete a self-assessment and set goals to improve their wellness.  You can find this assessment on page 28 of the attached document.  They will also review decision making skills this week.  Health Curriculum​

December 13
Personal Wellness Week of December 14th

​Assignment on coping with stress is due this week.  They will have a short quiz on  stress, and will have an opportunity to practice using strategies to reduce stress.  

December 13
6M Week of December 14, 2020
FILA: Finish watching Christmas Chronicle 2 in French. Students will do a listening comprehension activity about the movie. Read another chapter of our Novel (Klonk) and they will practice visualizations. Students will continue to work on their Persuasive text.

Math: The test on angles was not done on Friday. We had our fun Wellness day. The test will be this Wednesday.

SS: Students will do the presentation of their Canadian Prime Minister.

Science: Falls Brook Center will be with us for the last time on Wednesday.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!
December 07
8B Week of December 7

​FILA: This week, we are reading the novel "La Guerre des Tuques." We are also going to watch part of the Christmas Chronicals 2 in French, students will have questions to answer. Students are still working on their writing, they have to write a short paragraph about their book every day. 

Math: We are working on Pythagorean Theorem. Students will have a test at the end of the week.

Science: We are going to practice doing the scientific method when doing an experiment. This will prepare them for the Science Fair in January. 

Social Studies: We are learning about how it is our responsibility as citizens to know how to recognize false information from real information. 

December 06
6M Week of December 7, 2020

​FILA: Students will continue to practice visualizations and read the novel KLONK. They will work on their Persuasive text. Monday, we are going to do a reading comprehension test.

Math: Work on angles (estimate, mesure and draw). They will do an evaluation on angles this Friday.

SS: Students will present their Sway project on their Canadian Prime Minister. We are going to discuss children rights.

Science: Falls Brook Centre will come again this week. Students will do some experiments and practice the scientific method.

December 06
Personal Wellness Week of December 4th

This week students will continue to explore ways to cope with stress.  They will be viewing a video that explains another technique to help with stress, found at this link: Grounding

They will also learn about the SELF technique:  



•Leisure (fun and relaxing activities)


Students will have one class to work on the assignment that was given last week, and it is due on December 11th.  A copy of this assignment is attached.

Personal Wellness Stress Assignment.pdf 

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