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January 17
6M Week of January 18,2021

​Math: This week students will be practicing many mental math strategies by competing (multiplication with multiples of 10, double and half and distributive property. Also, we are going to revisit multiplication (2 digit numbers by 2 digit numbers). Students will have an evaluation on it this Friday.

FILA: Read a chapter of KLONK. Students have to show they are able to infer and to do a synthesis​. We will do some word work on feminin and masculin. They will continue their Plan for  their Persuasive and start their Draft copy. They will also do a speaking and listening activity.

Science: Continue Science project. Students need to bring all their material in class for Thursday to do/make experiment. This is very important. 

SS: Discuss chldren's right and do an activity. We didn't get to do it last week because Wednesday was a half day.


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