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For the following projects you will use the World Wide Web to solve problems and perform academic research. To produce the appropriate information, you will need to conduct a number of Web searches. When conducting the searches needed to produce the appropriate information, keep the following in mind:
• Plan your project carefully before attempting to find information on the Web.
• Be careful in writing your search criteria. If the question produces poor results, rewrite the criteria.
• Since each search engine produces different results, make use of at least two search engines.
• Bookmark valuable sites so that you can return to them easily.
As part of each project you are to provide the following information:
1. Your exact search criteria. If you use more than one search criteria, then list each one.
2. The search engines used and the number of matches made by each.
3. Citations, including URLs, for each of the documents used in your project.
The report for each project is to be produced using a word processing program and saved on your I-drive.
PROJECT 1-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
You are interested in finding a job in San Francisco, California and are skilled in television production, including editing, camera work, etc. A full-time position with a local TV or cable access channel would be ideal. Conduct a Web search using at least two search engines to come up with two possible positions. List the URLs for the Web sites and give a brief description of each of the positions that you found.
Once you have found the position of your choice you need information on making the move to San Francisco. First, you will want to find an apartment, keeping rent at under $1000 a month. List the URLs for the Web sites and give a brief description of the apartment that you find.
You will want conduct research on the San Francisco area and are interested in the average climate, the area’s population, as well as culture/fine arts in the area (for example: orchestras, operas, museums). Find two sites and then list the URLs and write brief descriptions of the information found at each site.
PROJECT 2---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
Your English instructor has assigned a report on the Canadian authors Lucy Maud Montgomery, Margaret Atwood, Farley Mowat, Mordecai Richler, and Robert Service.
For the assignment, use the Web to find biographical data on each of the authors, and then write a paragraph about each author. Keep in mind that knowledge of extra information, i.e. famous books, time periods, etc., may help in your search. Because people maintain Web sites as homage to their favourite authors, but are not obligated to check their facts for accuracy, it is a good idea to double check the information you find with more than one Website. Be sure to cite each source.
PROJECT 3-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
You have decided to purchase an automobile that costs $15 000 or less. A used car will probably give you the best value. Search the Web and select four cars. List each car’s specifications and price. The classified section in you local paper may be listed on the Web and can be used as well as other national car listings. Select one of the four cars for purchase and explain why you made your choice.
Now that you have selected the car, you need financing. Your plan is to make a down payment of $2000 and finance the balance. Search for financing companies, then select two you believe would give you the lowest rates. List the URLs for the two sites and write a brief description of the finance companies.
For a new car you will need automobile insurance. Search the Web and find two insurance companies that offer automobile insurance. List the URLs for the two sites and write a brief description of the terms of the insurance offered by each company.
PROJECT 4---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
Select one of the scientific topics listed below and then find a minimum of five Web sites that provide information on your topic. Using the information you find write a brief report. Be sure to cite each source.
• Hurricanes
• Tornadoes
• The Hubble telescope
• The ozone layer
• Earthquakes
• Solar energy
PROJECT 5-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
This is your lucky day— you have just won $100 000. If you invest this money properly it should grow in the coming years. You are going to select five companies whose stock you will invest in. Start by researching a minimum of eight companies on the Web and then select the five best. Determine what information you will want about each company. Be sure to check how the stock in each company has performed during the past year. List the stocks initially researched and then explain how you chose the five stocks you will purchase. Include the URLs and descriptions of each site.
PROJECT 6---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
The local newspaper has asked you to review the two most popular movies that have just opened at theaters in your area. To write the reviews you want information about the films and the stars that appear in them. You will also want to read reviews written by the critics for major newspapers such as the New York Times and Washington Post, as well as some of the movie magazines. Find at least two reviews for each film.
List the URLs for the sites you have found and briefly describe the contents of each. Based on your research, give a review for each film containing relevant information on the stars in the film.
PROJECT 7----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
You will soon be applying to a college. Almost every college and university maintains a
Website with information about tuitions, courses, fees, and enrollment procedures.
Before accessing the Web you need to answer the following questions:
• What field do you plan on majoring in?
• Where on the planet do you want to go to college?
• How large should the college be?
• Do you want a two year or four year college?
• What tuition can you afford?
• Will you want to live at the college?
Using the Web, select two colleges you would like to attend. List the URLs for the two sites and write a brief description of both. Finally, select one of the colleges and indicate your choice.
You will need financial aid to attend the college of your choice. Use the Web to determine sources of scholarships and student loans to meet your needs. List the URLs for at least two sites and write a brief description of each.
PROJECT 8-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
A good friend has just injured her elbow playing tennis and would like you to find out as much as you can about her injury. List the URLs for a minimum of six sites on this topic. Write a brief report with the information you found and cite each source.
PROJECT 9 ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
You and a friend have decided to take a trip to Singapore. Using the Web, find out as much about Singapore as you can including: airfare, hotels, climate, required documents, and restaurants. Also research Singapore’s cultural centers such as museums, orchestras, and theatres. List the URLs for a minimum of six sites on the topic. Write a brief report with the information you found and cite each source.

PROJECT 10-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
Your history instructor has assigned a research paper on the building of the pyramids in Egypt. List the URLs for a minimum of six sites on the topic. Write a brief report with the information you found and cite each source.
PROJECT 11------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
Pick a current news story that has just made headlines in the press and research it on the Web. List the URLs for a minimum of five sites and write brief descriptions that compare how each site deals with the story.
PROJECT 12------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
Each of the following people has made a major contribution to the world of art or music. Write a brief biography on one or them based on research performed on the Web. Select a minimum of five sites to produce your research. List the URLs for the Web sites and cite each source:
• Mary Cassatt
• Ludwig von Beethoven
• Michelangelo Buonarroti
• Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
• Joan Sutherland
• Pablo Picasso