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March 28
Voicemail for March 28

​Hello everyone

I hope that this email finds you healthy and in good spirits.  

I know that teachers have been reaching out to students and families.  I did ask teachers of students with multiple siblings in the school to try and give calls some spacing,  We do not want to overwhelm!  This is just a check in and they are trying to see if everyone is doing well and making the best of the crazy situation we are in as well as to see technology options in your home in case we move to remote learning of some type in the future.  The provincial government has not communicated any expectations to us at this point, we just want to be prepared as we work to develop a plan of action when things get revealed to us.  

I have had questions about people going in to the school to get students' personal belongings.  This is not possible at this time.  We take directives from the province and were only told that staff could go in on Friday on a Retrieve and Retreat mission.  There were many rules around this and teachers brought their suitcases to gather items to be prepared to begin some form of teaching in the future.  The school is once again disinfected and sealed off to all.  Thank you to our hardworking custodians for the cleaning and disinfecting that has been connected to this COVID 19 virus.


District and province will be using the email feature of School Messenger as will I at times.  It is crucial that you have up to date email in our system.  If you are not getting the emails at present, you might want to call the school and leave your email on the message machine or send it to me directly at 

Occasionally I might send a voicemail but these will be limited.  The same holds true as far as phone numbers go.  Keep us up to date. 

Web-based info:  We do have a Twitter account (@westfield_elem) and that is also on our webpage.  I will continue to communicate through there with students and post things.  That will be my main form of daily communication and touching base with families.  It is just the easiest for me. I would like to post some links to videos and things for our Blue Foxes to access in the future.   I encourage you to follow us on that.  It is one of the main ways that ASD-S gives information too.

Home and School does have a FB page with information as well as fun challenges to do but I do not manage that.  I do try and alert the President to things that I am doing both here on Messenger as well as on Twitter. 

YEARBOOK:  While we do have A LOT going on, and this does not go at the top of our priority list, unfortunately, deadlines are looming and we have to still adhere to them.  I do not know what the rest of the year holds but Mme. Dupuis is our Yearbook editor and assures me that we will have a yearbook for 2020.  Looking back in years to come, this might be one of the most UNIQUE ones that we will have in terms of memories !  If you have any photos either of past school events or COVID learning and isolation activities, please email them to me or  OR you can send them to me on Messenger.  Some of you sent envelopes back with money to order but I have attached the online ordering info if you would like to do that.  Orders are due April 24.  

yearbook order form 2020.jpg

We miss our students greatly.  We hope to get information soon about what the plan is going forward.  Your child's teacher will then be the main point of contact. 

 If you need anything or have questions, do not hesitate to reach out.  Send me an email, contact me on Messenger, or give the school a call.   I check the school message each day.  We will do what we can to help.  


Louise Johnson


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