Bus students


Students who travel on a school bus must behave in a manner that does not compromise the safety of any occupant of the bus or cause damage to the bus.  Students are expected to:

  • Respect each other
  • Stay in their seat
  • Keep their hands to themselves
  • Keep their voices down

Students whose behaviour could endanger the safety of any occupant of the bus or cause damage to the bus will lose the privilege of traveling on the bus.


ASD-S Transportation Dept. states,”For safety reasons, PLEASE do not send requests to the school asking for your child to go on a different bus after school UNLESS it is an emergency or for an extended period of time.”  We CANNOT allow a child to go on a different bus because they want to go to a friend’s house after school.


Parents/Guardians may request to have their child/children delivered to an alternate address. This request needs to be communicated to the ASD-S Transportation Department via the District Website.  Students MAY be permitted to travel to an alternate address providing all of the following conditions are met:


  • a “Request for Alternate Transportation” form is filled out online; and
  • the service requested is to be applied consistently (e.g. every afternoon to a babysitter); and
  • the request can be accommodated by an existing route and stop; and
  • the school bus has space for extra passengers.

Other Things to Note


·        Bus Zone/ Drop Off and Pick Up

Buses pick up and drop off students in the front of the school.  Parents are to drop off and pick up students at the side of the school in the designated area.  Please do not park your vehicle in front of the school should you have to enter the building.


·        School Visitors: ASD-S and Westfield School policy dictates that all visitors sign in and report to the office to identify themselves to school personnel.


·        Changes in after-school routines:  Occasionally a child’s after school routine may change.  Any changes to your child’s dismissal routine (ie. A relative or friend picking up your child), should be indicated to the teacher in writing.  This lets the teacher know whom the child can leave with. 


·        If you are picking your child up after school, please wait for him or her in the front hall.