September 2021 - update

At present, we are not having Hot Lunch due to changes in our schedule due to COVID 19 Return to School Procedures.  We will evaluate as the year goes on.



As we get ready for another exciting year at school, it is also time to get the Hot Lunch Program up and running.  We will be doing online ordering for all orders, to facilitate accuracy and also to make the process as easy for everyone as possible. **The registration process is required for both new and returning families; this is due to a system reset that is done over the summer months, to purge our system of personal information as students/families leave the school.**


How to get started:

ü  Go to

ü  Click on "Click Here to Register"

ü  Enter Access Code: WSHL

ü  Complete the rest of the registration form.  (Including your email address will ensure you receive reminder emails about hot lunch order deadlines, and your child's hot lunch order for the upcoming week)

ü  Click the "Register Now" button at the bottom

ü  Follow the instructions to add each child in your family who attends Westfield Elementary School

ü  Once your child(ren) are registered, click on "Orders"

ü  Proceed to order hot lunch for your child(ren)


The hot lunch online order system requires a small amount of time for account set-up, as you must register each child you have attending our school, prior to ordering hot lunch.  Once the initial setup process is complete, your hot lunch orders for the remainder of the year should be quick and simple.



Payment Options:

  • We accept hot lunch order payments through PayPal ( 
  • You can either pay with a credit card or bank account as a PayPal guest (Visa, Mastercard or Amex), or set up your own PayPal account.

Ø  NOTE:  Should you experience any issues with your PayPal account, you must contact PayPal directly to solve the issue.

       Cheque or cash payments will be accepted; they must be sent to the school on/before the 20th of each month.

Ø  NOTE: If payments are not received, hot lunch orders will not be processed until payment is submitted.



ALL HOT LUNCH ORDERS AND SUBSEQUENT PAYMENTS MUST BE SUBMITTED ON/BEFORE THE 20TH OF EACH MONTH; late orders, and orders submitted without payment, will not be processed.



We would encourage any questions/concerns to be sent to; you can also contact Cindy MacCready. If you do not have internet and/or computer access, please contact Cindy to discuss alternative ordering options.



Thank you,


Hot Lunch Volunteers


Food Allergy Policy

We have a number of students at our school who have severe allergies to nuts and nut products (e.g. peanuts, peanut butter, hazelnuts, walnuts, pecans, cashews, almonds, nut oils, coconuts, coconut oil, etc.) Any minimal contact with these foods and their derivatives may cause anaphylactic shock (severe allergic reaction) and unconsciousness within a matter of minutes. In such a case, the allergy may even cause the student’s death. 
School staff has been informed of the situation and has been trained in taking appropriate measures in case a student suffers an anaphylactic shock.  In the classrooms of allergic children, we have also taken preventive measures to reduce exposure to nuts or nut products during eating times. However, discussions with medical professionals have indicated that we need to improve our efforts. Because even the slightest residue and in some cases even the odor of these allergens may trigger a life-threatening reaction, we need to make the whole school as allergy safe as is practically possible.  
We ask your co-operation in order to reduce the risk for those students who are allergic to nuts and nut products. Specifically, we are asking three things: 
  • Please do not send any foods containing coconuts, nuts or nut products to school.
  • Please do not send in food for whole class celebrations unless asked by your child’s teacher.  
  • Please make sure your children wash their hands before leaving for school.
Although this sounds simple, it means that we are asking everyone not to bring nut products such as peanut butter sandwiches, baked goods containing nuts or nut oils, granola bars (Please note that even Quaker Oats peanut free granola bars contain coconut products and therefore should not be sent to school ), candy bars, etc. to school. It means that we are asking you to read the ingredient labels of packaged foods so that you put only nut-free and coconut-free products in your child’s lunch bag. Our concern is for situations where cross-contamination may occur through nut or coconut residues left on playground equipment, on water fountains, on washroom fixtures, in the gym, in the library or in other common areas. 
We realize this request poses an inconvenience for you and your child; however, we wish to express sincere appreciation for your support and understanding of this life-threatening allergy. While we can never create an environment that is 100 percent nut free, we are hoping that with your help we can greatly reduce the risk to allergic students.  
Teachers will be discussing the nature of severe food allergies with their class. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact the school.