Sports and Intramurals

bluefoxes.jpgSports & physical activities are organized at Westfield School throughout the year. We have Intramurals at lunch and team sports. We have a huge variety of intramurals for students in Grades 3 to 5 (Indoor Soccer, Basketball, Ball Hockey, Newcomb Ball and Badminton).


Over the winter months K-2 students have the opportunity to sign up for weekly clubs.  These could include LEGO, cars, basketball, ministicks, drawing or something else suggested by older students.  It is the older students with the help of Mrs. Johnson who facilitates these clubs at Recess time.

Grades 3-5 students participate in lunchtime clubs in the winter months as well.  These clubs are offered by teachers in their classrooms.  Some of                                            the ones that have been well-received in the past are scrapbooking, drawing, technology, bracelet making, sewing, and chess.

                                         We also encourage our older students to take leadership opportunities such as green team, tech team and peer helpers. More teams appear as the                                           need arises.